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Pregnancy signs, exact and not really: the test, ultrasonography, a delay and others

In life of each woman comes the moment when the answer to the one and only question is most important than the rest. Tormented with doubts and hopes, she begins to look for origin signs in its belly of new life. And, certainly, finds though not always they are reliable.

In general all signs of pregnancy can be subdivided into three categories conditionally: possible at which pregnancy is not excluded, probable when it can be considered almost proved, and exact , speaking unconditional “yes!“ to future little man. Today we will consider each of them, having made a peculiar guide to the road from conception before its actual confirmation.

Possible signs of pregnancy

the delay monthly which do not come to the necessary time forces to Suspect the future changes the woman first of all. However pregnancy - its not only reason. The stress, excessive physical activities, an illness and reception of medicines, excess and insufficient weight, change of the mode of life, proximity of a menopause and actually its approach, the wrong calculation (also concern to those at an irregular cycle).

Sometimes failures in a menstrual cycle happen: it becomes longer or shorter, begins sooner or later usual, is followed by more expressed or poor allocations. All this can also demonstrate the come pregnancy. But similar violations are observed also at some gynecologic diseases therefore it is necessary to see surely a doctor - or for confirmation of the fact of conception, or for diagnostics and timely treatment of an illness.

In the first days of possible pregnancy many women feel uterine spasms and even pain which are very similar to premenstrual feelings. Sometimes after that regula begin, but in some cases pain gradually abates, and the periods do not come.

One of the most widespread signs of pregnancy is morning nausea . Usually it begins on 5 - 6 - y to week, but sometimes meets earlier. Certainly, vomiting and nausea can be observed also at many diseases which are not connected with pregnancy, however at these cases there are also other symptoms of an illness.

Nausea and vomiting happen also at gastritis, stomach ulcer, enteritis, an enterokolita, migraine.

After conception the organism begins to prepare for feeding of future child. There is a morbidity or hypersensibility breasts, increase its sizes , darkening of nipples and an areola, release of colostrum. Though similar changes can be observed also at some endocrine diseases.

From early terms of pregnancy desires to an urination become frequent. There is it because the growing uterus presses on a bladder, reducing its volumes and ability to accumulate urine. But the speeded-up urinations meet also at cystitis, uretrita, diabetes and other diseases.

Change of flavoring preferences is one of symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. At the same time to 70% of all future mothers also begin to test unusual addictions in food up to a pikatsizm - desire to eat something inedible like chalk or starch.

the Frequent sign of pregnancy are hillocks of Montgomery - small shishechka on an areola. In general skin future mother as a result of the hormonal and mechanical changes happening in her body, sometimes considerably changes . There can be a so-called mask of pregnancy, the dark line along a stomach, acne rash, vascular asterisks, extensions, an eritema of palms and some other changes. However, each of such changes perhaps and out of conception.

in process of development of pregnancy the uterus and a stomach increase in sizes , though these signs can accompany other diseases.

the first baby mother feels

of Stir approximately on 20 - y to week of pregnancy, the second and the subsequent - on 16 - 18 - y. However, some mistakenly take for them a swirling in a stomach from - for problems with digestion.


At certain mothers already on early terms after conception from mammary glands emits colostrum. If to exclude catarrhal and infectious diseases, it is possible to speak about pregnancy really.

Such sign as increased fatigue , has the weak diagnostic value as the feeling of fatigue can be result of an illness, the wrong way of life, chronic sleep debt.

From - for hormonal changes in an organism the woman sometimes has a decrease or increase of sexual desire . However the question is too delicate so as a sign of pregnancy it can be considered only in the last turn.

the Woman during pregnancy becomes emotionally labile. Her mood can change so quickly and is unpredictable that it is difficult to people around to adapt.

Probable signs of pregnancy

the Most probable sign of the happened conception is emergence of two strips on the test. the Test for pregnancy determines the level of a horionichesky gonadotrophin in urine which concentration gradually increases within the first weeks of pregnancy. However, the test not always shows right results, and the HGCh high level is observed also at some tumors of a uterus.

Increase in volume of a stomach
can be already noticeable

on 2 - 3 - m month, and after 12 - y over a pubis already probe weeks a uterus. By the way, a shape of a uterus changes too - it can confirm ultrasonography or survey of the obstetrician - the gynecologist.


at the end of the I trimester faltering painless reductions of a uterus with an interval of 10 - 20 minutes can be observed. they are called by Braxton`s reductions - Hicks, or training fights. They differ from patrimonial in smaller intensity, duration and a regularity. When the woman lays down and relaxes, training fights usually stop.

Exact signs of pregnancy

At late stages of pregnancy can probe a fruit through a stomach. Obstetricians do it for definition of position of the kid in a uterus.

Heartbeat of a fruit
is listened by

by means of an obstetric stethoscope since 20 - y weeks of pregnancy. By means of an electronic stethoscope the small heart can be heard already on 10 - 12 - y to week. Average frequency of heartbeat of a fruit makes 120 - 160 beats per minute.

First ultrasonic research is usually recommended to be passed between 7 - y and 12 - y for weeks of a gestation. However by means of ultrasonography it is possible to define pregnancy existence much earlier - since 2 - 3 - y weeks of pregnancy.


Certainly, for definition of pregnancy it is better to rely on exact methods. If approach of conception is not excluded, then at detection at itself possible or probable signs it is necessary to address the gynecologist who will make the correct diagnosis.