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Repair in the apartment, in the house, at the dacha. What is better to choose a floor?

to Any hostess who wants to save the family budget and at the same time to create a comfortable situation in the apartment or the house, in the course of repair it is necessary to resolve the mass of issues.

What wall-paper to choose

to make the room is lighter and to clean feeling of the constrained space? What floor covering to lay that it was indoors warm, and at the same time it should not spend a lot of time for cleaning? To make a ceiling hinged or to paint?

I for some reason so it developed p that when the speech comes about the floor device, the choice is necessary between materials: linoleum, parquet, parquet board, tile or laminate. But there are among us women who at own will or on the advice of the designer go further away, and together with a floor covering choose also what actually will be a floor in their house or the certain room. There will be it usual, how at all, or modern warm?

If to speak about a usual floor, it on that and usual what does not bear in itself any supernatural qualities - it is just a surface on which the floor covering is mounted. Nothing, except convenience of movement on the apartment, such surface assumes. Meanwhile the heat-insulated floor is broader concept: it represents not just a surface, and the surface which is warmed up. Respectively, its functional purpose significantly extends as such floor can be used as the additional or main source of heat in the room.


the Word to the Russian producers

at the Russian market presented Until recently only import sets of heat-insulated floors. These are the qualitative modern systems having long service life. But they have two essential shortcomings: the price in some cases not available to ordinary Russian buyers, and not adaptedness to our service conditions when the power of systems is calculated on the European indicators of 230 - 240 Volts, but not on domestic 220 Volts.


In aspiration to make a heat-insulated floor available at the price and suitable on quality especially noted the Russian company “Special Systems and Technologies“. The good example combining in itself high quality, functionality and safety are heat-insulated floors of the Russian production “Teplolyuks“. They are economic, simple in laying - they can be mounted in a coupler or directly on tiled glue, and at everything at the same time convenient in use because they are not required to be served. At the set price from only 2000 rubles the producer gives a guarantee for heat-insulated floors of “Teplolyuks“ of 15 years. It is only nominal service life whereas actually heat-insulated floors can regularly serve up to half a century!

the Heat-insulated floor for the room or all house

As a rule, “prime“ rooms for laying of a heat-insulated floor were always and remain such rooms as a bathroom, a toilet and kitchen. But use of heat-insulated floors of “Teplolyuks“ is not limited only to these rooms. They can be mounted in a hall, then you will manage to remove the “cold bridge“ going from an entrance door to the main rooms. Very often heat-insulated floors mount in a nursery - that can be more pleasant for the kid, than an opportunity to creep freely on a floor. And you should not worry that your child will chill legs or will freeze. It is possible to assign a heat-insulated floor and in a drawing room - in the room where the family behind viewing of the TV or behind tea drinking gathers, it will be always warm and comfortable. If you want to warm in addition a loggia, then the heat-insulated floor can be used and there.

If you live in the private house and want to make the additional room in a penthouse, then it is not always possible to carry out pipes with heating there. In a similar situation, perhaps, heat-insulated floor will become the only decision. Just calculate the volume of space which is required to be warmed, and pick up a suitable set of a heat-insulated floor of “Teplolyuks“ from several possible options.

In houses of seasonal accommodation, for example, at the dacha, the heat-insulated floor of “Teplolyuks“ will become good alternative to the main central heating. You will save on purchase of pipes, a heating copper, on the fireplace device. It will not be necessary to overpay for heating which you simply do not use. And if there is a need for heating, you always receive it - just include a heat-insulated floor, and in a few minutes in the house will become much warmer.


the Heat-insulated floor - it is simpler, than it seems

As you can see, the heat-insulated floor of “Teplolyuks“ is universal in use and is suitable practically for any rooms. With its installation there will also be no problems. The producer provided it: it is possible to mount a heat-insulated floor in a coupler or on tiled glue. The first option is suitable for new apartments with draft finishing or for old rooms in which it is planned to carry out capital repairs. The second option, that is laying on tiled glue, - more universal and less labor-consuming.

of Installation of a heat-insulated floor under a tile

of Installation of a heat-insulated floor under a laminate

Both the first, and second option of laying have the advantages. You look: laying in a coupler assumes at the same time warming up and the bases that is even if you switch off a heat-insulated floor, warmly will not disappear anywhere - it will be gradually allocated from a coupler therefore you will be able to save on electricity. If the heat-insulated floor is mounted on tiled glue, then heating of the room will quicker happen - besides, economy of precious energy resources.

the Heat-insulated floor is a “safe“ electricity

the Safety issue, perhaps, one of the main for each woman, especially, if in the house there are children. With a heat-insulated floor of “Teplolyuks“ you can not worry for safety of the kid. The baby can quietly creep on a floor because the heating cable has several levels of protection that is provided with the modern materials isolating PVC.

Management of a heat-insulated floor is brought by

to a special temperature regulator by means of which it is possible to set a certain temperature of heating. After its achievement the heat-insulated floor will cease to heat up.

the Heat-insulated floor - it very comfortably

Use of the Teplolyuks system will allow to fill with comfort and heat any house. Despite of vagaries of the weather and for unstable work of municipal services, you can be always sure: floors of “Teplolyuks“ will protect you and your family from unpleasant cold.

Unlike heating radiators, heat-insulated floors heat air on all volume of the room, and not just in its separate parts. The established in a bathroom, heat-insulated floor will allow you to forget that it the underdried and slowly drying things or wet, cold footwear on which it is so unpleasant to put, going outside.

And just it is pleasant to p to go barefoot on a heat-insulated floor and it is useful: stress is so removed and blood circulation improves.

can Argue on advantages of heat-insulated floors infinitely, but it is fully possible to feel that heat and comfort with which they are capable to fill the house only after their installation.

More detailed information on heat-insulated floors you can receive

on the website www. teploluxe. ru or having called by +7 (495) 989 - 23 phone - 73.