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Weight loss: how to lose weight and to tighten skin. Secrets of beauty

Not always our words: “Soon the summer, is time to grow thin...“ mean that it is necessary to dump a large number of kilograms. There is a wish in the summer for ease and perfection therefore even slender women sometimes seek to dump from 1 to 5 kg. Each of us has the arsenal of means, the secrets of beauty which are picked up depending on specific features of an organism and the reasons of a set of “unattractive“ kilograms (the postnatal period, an overeating, unhealthy having a snack, hormonal problems, an inactive way of life).

For myself I chose by

the following rules, somewhat a diet which allowed me to get rid of an excess fatty layer - I think, in the summer it is not useful to me! So:

were realized by

After New Year`s holidays of the rule, except for holidays. In one and a half months 3,5 kilograms left. But... here expected me big “but“! Weight was lost, and here skin in my case appeared obviously not for its demonstration on the beach. It is good that till summer still there was time.

I used

For reduction of volumes of the drooped skin:

as a result of my efforts within a month skin was tightened, decreased in volumes, shoulders and hips began to remind that soon summer! Did procedures daily, a srub - time in two - three days.

my mistake that during weight loss there was no care of skin which with loss even of insignificant kilograms loses external attractiveness. On mistakes study and, perhaps, my experience will be useful to you to achievement of summer perfection!

Katerina Vyyushina