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Preparation for USE: the most necessary skills for examination - tests

Traditional school examinations remained in the past. They were succeeded by SFE and USE, still defiant many disputes. Mysterious abbreviations were proved in a lexicon of teachers, school students and their parents. We discuss new FGOS, we help children to prepare for SFE and we deliberate what will be necessary for entering a higher education institution for USE.

What is it?

Federal state standard of education (FGOS) are systems of requirements imposed to educational process. Systems of these three, they also concern structure of educational programs, conditions of their realization in educational institutions and results of development of programs by school students.

the State (total) certification (SFE) are handed over by the pupils who ended 9 classes, results of this certification are used for receipt in 10 - y a class or establishments of secondary professional education.

the Unified State Examination (USE) - final examination after the termination 11 - go a class, also results of USE are used as entrance examinations in a higher educational institution. To receive the school certificate, it is enough to pass two obligatory Unified State Examination - Russian and mathematics, and here for entering a higher education institution in the form of the Unified state examination necessary profile objects are given.

Main that needs to be remembered, - cannot be prepared for SFE or USE in one day. Questions in tasks concern both the program of younger school, and middle classes, and recently passable material for the senior pupils. Therefore to begin to train the child for these examinations it is necessary much earlier, than before. Besides it is necessary to know how to do it.

Natalya Baranova, teacher of mathematics of SEI SOSh № 176, St. Petersburg:

In general it is the western model of an education system. I consider that it suits the senior classes and higher education institutions more, but in any way not to pupils of all age with 1 - go on 11 - y a class. School education very much became complicated in itself, and a role of the teacher now - not to teach, and to show how to study. The idea is actually good, but demands completion. Present textbooks and tasks are urged to develop logical thinking, but at some children such thinking just is absent, all different. Children anyway need the help of teachers and psychologists.

to What to teach

by preparation for USE?

Tatyana Samokhina, teacher of English of SEI SOSh № 423, Moscow:

of Modern children needs to learn to plan the time, it surely is useful on SFE and USE. Not all this are able therefore I at the lessons ask children near a task always to write down time spent on it. They get used to control themselves. I also advise parents to check how many the child does homeworks.

needs to aim the child at implementation of tests - not in 8 - 9 - m classes, and in 5 - m! to Hand over a subject in a test form too it is necessary to study. Considering new standards of education and a form of the taken examinations, it is necessary practically with 5 - go a class gradually to train the child for leaving school.

I still the child has to have a motivation to study. To pass SFE and the Unified State Examination, all previous school days it is necessary to be engaged honestly, these examinations cover all course of the school program.

Olga Kergentseva, social teacher:

to What to teach

modern children? Everything very thin and individually. Each child studies at the speed and perceives everything not as we, adults. The general recipe “to what teach“ here cannot be. I can tell one - it is necessary to teach them to be engaged independently, on it the education system is constructed now. If earlier fundamental knowledge was given, and final examinations were in a traditional form, then all in a different way now. In recent times pupils took examinations to the familiar teacher before whom they could reveal and tell everything that is known under the ticket. Now the test form, and does not matter any more that it is simpler to someone to answer orally, and to someone - in writing. It is necessary to teach children to study because USE is obligatory for all.

With independence and self-checking was solved. And what we can make, parents? May we teach something in return? It is important to know that - to the senior psychological readiness for the state certifications and examinations is extremely necessary for the pupil. Even if your child studies well, not superfluous will be to be trained on a demo - versions of examination tasks, and also to get sets with training forms of answers.


Filling of forms - an important component of modern examinations, it is also necessary to learn to do it correctly as data in forms are processed on computers. It is possible to ask for the help in filling of a sample the teacher, and to train further on educational sets at home. Also there are websites on which it is possible to see imitation of the USE form and to pass a test online.

of edu. ru - perhaps, the most useful portal for preparation for USE
of edu. ru/ru/main/demovers - demonstration options of USE in various objects
edu. ru/ru/main/blanks - the main information on forms, it is possible to download rules of their filling
yandex here. ru - online - SFE and USE tests (all objects)
of ru/onlineTest. html - demonstration online - USE option on Russian with imitation of the form

Alexey KOZLOV, the parent:

Ya was a pupil in 70 - e. Of course, now absolutely other approach to examinations. First of all the child - the school student needs to be taught attentiveness, concentration, accuracy. As if well you knew a subject, results will be scanned by the car, and it is necessary to learn to fill in the USE forms because the insignificant blot can be read by the computer as a mistake or lack of the answer. It is also necessary to be able to concentrate in an unfamiliar situation.

Vera MALYSHEVA, parent:

It is natural, knowledge of obligatory objects is required. On Russian and mathematics it is necessary to learn and tighten first of all, the certificate depends on them. But my parental experience shows - if all school days the child was engaged on conscience, then it is not necessary to prepare for USE especially. Yes, it is necessary to tighten some subjects, but the catastrophic situation will not arise. If in knowledge gaps, it is necessary “to train“ the child, to collect similar information, to perfect the solution of the USE tasks to automatism, to decide as much as possible standard examples. It is necessary to understand the basic principles and requirements. It is still very important to teach the child to answer accurately the question posed, to understand what is specifically asked, the task can be formulated allegorically.

Maria Syomina, teacher of Russian of SEI SOSh № 1527, Moscow

Even to children with natural, or intuitive, literacy it is necessary to repeat rules - in some tasks it is necessary to explain statement of this or that punctuation mark or to give the characteristic to the offer.

How to choose a profession and higher education institution?

Results of USE already replaced with themselves entrance examinations in higher education institutions. Of course, additional tests at receipt exist too, but they concern generally creative specialties. And if to return to subject USE, then it is simple to understand - it is necessary to decide on future profession in advance too, to the child still to choose additional examinations and to prepare for them. How not to be mistaken also what here can be taught?

Alexander Solomonov, the physicist`s doctor - mathematical sciences, professor, the dean of faculty electronic engineers Sankt - the St. Petersburg state electrotechnical university:

to have knowledge to learn and to learn something - it is necessary to read. As at Vysotsky: “Means, you in the childhood read the necessary books!“ A lot of things in training and in the subsequent ability to work depend on a family. I consider that parents have to teach the child to work. If in a family - laziness and a sofa with the TV, then and the child grows up same. There has to be a motivation!

to what to teach

A modern children? All objects are in own way good and necessary. And USE in itself is good too. It is necessary only “to lick into shape“ this system, to correct errors. Also it is necessary to teach children to choose the necessary professions. School students continue to go to study as lawyers, economists, managers, and so there is a lot of them. And there have to be demanded knowledge, there has to be responsibility for the choice, for result. It also needs to learn.