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The first birthday: the scenario of a holiday, competitions for kids and adults of

the First birthday of Maryanochki was successful wonderfully well.

I Began

with invitation - to everyone nominal, made itself in a photoshop, unpacked and dispatched by mail. Made a photo - a collage about the first year of life of Maryashki and an engine, each car - 1 month of her life. Mounted the movie even from my pregnancy and about its 1 year. Oh, how many forces and nerves I killed on this video, but it was worth it - it turned out very touchingly and interestingly. Stuck together the poster “To Whom Marisha Is Similar“. Also it is possible to enter inventing of entertainments, the menu, the order of cakes, balls, caps in a preparatory stage...

In the first day the holiday for relatives and friends of the family was p>

. As generally all sat at a table and ate, it was necessary to dilute the atmosphere. So I prepared a quiz “Who knows the birthday woman better“. Questions were such:

  1. of a full name of the birthday woman?
  2. As call
  3. Marianna`s parents?
  4. In what year Maryana was born
  5. ?
  6. In what month?
  7. What
  8. of number?
  9. In what day of week?
  10. In which to hour was born?
  11. What
  12. at Maryanka zodiac sign?
  13. With what weight Maryasha was born
  14. ?
  15. With what growth?
  16. What?
  17. In what maternity hospital Marisha was born?
  18. What
  19. of color at it eyes?
  20. At what age the first tooth got out?
  21. When Marisha spread?
  22. When Marisha took the first independent steps?
  23. What Marisha already tells?
  24. , How many teeth now at Marisha?
  25. What she likes to eat?
  26. Hobby?
  27. What
  28. of firm carries diapers now?
  29. What
  30. of the size diapers carries?
  31. What
  32. growth now?
  33. What
  34. weight now?

For the correct answer - a candy. And to that at whom upon termination of a quiz more candies turned out, - the first prize from the birthday woman: an author`s picture which she painted the palms.

Still guessing “Was p>

what life waits for the birthday woman“. She had to choose some subject. On a tray I took out different objects:

my hare, of course, chose by

  • the favourite book... But as I previously imperceptibly connected all objects, after a book on a thread all other objects hung. So life will be happy!

    the Following stage of entertainment program. All guests put sticks opposite to inscriptions about parts of the face. From results I was a little in perplexity as it is well the copy the father, a nose and ears only mine... And by results it turned out: father of 49 points, mother 46.

    Birthday cake was big, beautiful and very tasty! But it was for guests as Maryanochke in a year it still is impossible... I made by it an individual small cake of children`s cookies with cottage cheese.

    Only with a candle in big cake it did not develop p... Girls, do not take plastic cheap candles. At us such torch turned out! Slightly the fire was not started...

    the Final stage the movie about the first year of Marisha was p>

    . But as it goes an hour and a half, there was an interval. In an interval our father ran on the street and started to us two most beautiful fireworks! We watched all this beauty in kitchen through a window, and guests jumped out on a balcony. Guests looked through the movie and dispersed. So our first day of celebration of the first birthday ended.

    every other day we arranged to

    A a children`s holiday. There was a girl - the animator in an image of a kitty - it very cheerfully played with children. Also there was a viewing of the movie about our year, but this time I put it not in the end, and included throughout a holiday. And cake was too, but with other stuffing - a biscuit with a cottage cheese layer, it it was possible for children and the feeding mummies.

    Children ran, played with the animator, ate up delicacies from a table... Also at us was three absolutely makhonky children (4 - 5 months), I unburdened the heart, having snuggled all of them and having remembered Maryanochka at this age. By the way, she for all holiday especially was also not capricious, so it was interesting to her!

    in the end I carried out by

    a lottery under the name “That Guests Did Not Go Ungifted Away“. On children`s plastic vegetables previously pasted checks, guests extended them and received suvenirchik - children`s toys according to number.

    Here Maryashkin a holiday, and with it and the whole year of her life also flew by... So quickly... So imperceptibly... It seems, and it is sad that so time quickly flies. But at the same time, having looked at the matured happy daughter, I understand what so has to be. She studies every day something new, something for itself opens. Everything is so interesting to it, all new, all for the first time. Also it is impossible to brake this time how there was a wish. There passed the first year, but ahead the second, third... whole life!

    Elena Chernyakhovskaya