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How to become the millionaire`s wife: Recently psychologists even more often advise 5 important rules

before starting any business, to decide on the purpose. It, certainly, is justified in business, but whether it is possible to transfer this rule to family life?

any woman can Make the husband the millionaire. Sounds unexpectedly? But it so, the woman, the wife defines strategy and the direction of development of a family. To make the husband the millionaire, the woman has to define what wants for himself and the husband, for children and relatives after receiving big financial resources. The woman`s task - it is true to choose the direction, and the loving husband - he always seeks to make happy the darling. For this man work and gain income. But how the man will be able to make happy the wife if she does not know in what her happiness, and is not able to enjoy life?

I will list to

Ya the list of desires of the thinking wife here, and you try on them on yourself.

1. Corporal health of spouses and children. It means, are necessary to a family:

we Draw a conclusion: the family needs the house with a site, and the family estate that children grew healthy and strong is better, receiving a silushka from the earth native, but not from asphalt. That it was possible to zdorovet every day, but not “to hang on a hook“ chemical drugs and genetically modified products.


still need means and time for physical development of children and parents - for occupations by yoga, swimming and martial arts, this the best that is thought up for health of a body and spirit.

2. Spiritual health of a family.

Smothering families - it is the woman. Imagine that it goes every day to work, and in the evening, tired, makes a dinner from semi-finished products. The tired organism of this woman staying in a constant stress is not capable to develop additional energy on cogitative activity for development of the family.


Now that the wife does not work “for the uncle“ - it has the business bringing it joy. The income of a family is completely provided by the husband. The wife spends the main time in the house, and her it in pleasure.

She knows

what food will be useful to the husband and children. She knows what situation will promote increase in positive, light energy in the house. This woman has time for planning and performance of the actions developing creative thinking and taste to life at children. It has free time for supervision to understand what abilities and talents her child possesses, and to develop these abilities at full capacity.

That such spiritual health of a family? This tranquility and clarity in minds and souls of family members, this continuous creative development of everyone in this family, and by all means - the woman.

3. Communication with adherents.

First of all depends on the wife with whom the husband will or will cease to communicate with whom children will communicate. Therefore the wife has to look for the open, positively adjusted and kind people, seeking to be on friendly terms families, deriving pleasure from joint rest.

the Wife acting consciously always allocates for

the husband from the company of friends - the drinking companions and losers complaining of life. Children of the thinking mother will never get to the bad company because they will be busy with other interesting, useful and creative occupations.

the Large role is played by as what the wife of the spouse feels that she thinks of it and as treats him. The wife is influenced by her environment: parents on both sides, relatives and girlfriends, and not always these people support a family. The woman should not make a compromise in communication with such people, should not agree with unflattering comments on herself and on the husband silently. It is necessary to think of the husband always with love and gratitude. Not to listen to foreign opinions and bad examples, and it is better to reduce or exclude communication with negatively conceiving people.

4. Fullness of life - travel, contemplation of beauty (in clothes, in an interior, in world around) and the consumed information.

to become the millionaire`s wife, it is necessary to dare to have a lot of things already today. Dare to look beautifully, dare to live in a harmonious situation. Just dare to dream of travel, of beautiful and comfortable things. At the same time dreams and desires have to be in mind, and in heart there has to live the love to relatives and world around. Then everything will come true.

to Many women greed, meanness prevents to fill the life with beauty. They buy a heap of unnecessary trifles and knickknacks to fill space of the house and to feel though small pleasure from purchase. To become richer, it is necessary to eradicate greed and avarice, and it is necessary to learn to share what is.

Pay the attention to information consumed by you and the husband: books, movies, music and TV - transfers. Include the internal censor who will choose for your development only suitable words, sounds, drawings and shots because their energy materializes in life of your family.

5. Impression about your family.

Think of what impression about you and your spouse is received by the people surrounding you. Analyse feedback on their acts and words, on their relation and degree of respect for you.


image at your family in society? Appearance, manners, skill to communicate - what they at you? And what it is necessary to change in the image that people felt your wellbeing?