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Little little mouse and big piece of cheese. The fairy tale about greed of

the Little mouse Peak lived with mother in a small cardboard box in the cellar of one of town multi-storey buildings. How and when this box got to the cellar, nobody because both the Peak, and his mother, and mother of his mother were born in it, in this box knew. The box was in quite big concrete room what a huge set in any cellar.

And still this room differed in

from others. In it what outside of this room was not visible at all was remarkable! Several small passes in the bottom of a wall, enough small that there the adult cat, and enough big that the adult mouse ran could not make the way were the only way to get there! Therefore, naturally, there lived not only Peak with mother, but also other mouse families. It was the whole mouse yard, the city or even the whole world!

From the pipes passing under a ceiling heat went, and it was rather dry and cozy in this world hidden from public eyes. Mother Mysharilla - quite so called mother Pika - every evening brought it something tasty for dinner. And every time, leaving, it it is strict - strictly punished:“ Peak, I leave to get to us something for dinner, and you be a clear head, sit in our box and do not go outside one. And the most important, never, do not leave for anything the concrete room - it is our protection. There live only mice, and there, beyond her limits, the world full of dangers begins - only one cats of what stand! Sometime, when you will become adult and strong, I will take you with myself and I will show where it is possible to get food as it is necessary to hide from people and what tracks to go not to meet cats. For now remain in our box and wait for me, I will return soon“.

Then mother kissed

Pika and left, and the Peak closed a door and sat quietly - quietly. Sometimes, missing in loneliness and with impatience expecting when mother at last returns, it represented this mysterious, frightening, but scary interesting world there, outside their concrete room. Then they had supper with mother, and she allowed to go to play Pika with friends - a little mouse Klats and a small white mouse Pippa.

By the way, Pippa`s grandmother was an unusual mouse: once long ago she ran away from the strange, mysterious country which was called Laboratory. Pippa`s grandmother not really liked to remember those times, but sometimes when she managed to be found in good mood, from her stories it was possible to learn a lot of interesting about People.

One night mother Mysharilla brought to

for dinner incredibly big, just huge piece of cheese! And moreover, it was, in representation Pika, ideally fresh - only on the one hand slightly overgrew a green mold. It exhaled such wonderful aroma and was such big that occupied nearly a quarter of space of a box in which there lived a little mouse with mother.

Who knows what is cheese for a mouse? It is more, than a bone for a watchdog! It is better, than to find candies which were hidden from you by parents! It is even better, than to drive in the winter from a hill or to tell terrifying stories in dark - the pretemny room!

Yes, of such holiday in life Pika was not yet! He ate and ate, much, to satiety and even more, and mother told that you should not eat very much at once because the tummy can ache. But the Peak was still too small, did not obey and bit off on the quiet two more or three times, precisely he did not remember, but precisely it is no more than five or seven times! And, naturally, all evening was tormented with a tummy...

the Peak felt

For the morning much better, the tummy ceased to hurt, and cheese remained very many. From it at Pika the mood was at once lightened, and after a breakfast - this time already very moderate - the happy little mouse ran to play with the friends - Klats and Pippa. And the first that was made by Peak after greeted friends, - it told them about cheese.

you remember what is cheese for a mouse? Ah, as Klatsu and Pip there was a wish to call on to Pika exactly today! Ah, as they wanted to see this miracle - a piece of cheese the size more little mouse! To feel its attracting aroma!. To stick the sharp small teeth into its pulp!. Well at least to bite off a small piece... Well at least to eat this small piece in half... And friends asked to tell Pika to them about cheese again and again, and the Peak with pleasure told, sglatyvy saliva from time to time...

of the First did not stand Pip - it was a girl, and to girls a lot of things are pardonable. “Listen, Peak, - she told, - we are friends, however, and time so, you could not treat us with Klats well though small, at least a tiny piece of your remarkable cheese, you have it much, a truth?“

It, there was a lot of cheese, but some strange, unknown Pika earlier the feeling rose from depth of his small tummy, stopped somewhere in a throat and hung silence on the edge of language. He did not know what to tell because cheese though there was much, there was no wish to share it at all. With anybody. Klats and Pip were watched at it silently and waited. The peak stiffened, looking somewhere in legs before itself, and could not neither move, nor answer friends.

“Let`s go from here, Pip, - Klats told after minute silence, - you see, his toad smothers!“ Klats and Pip were developed and silently left, and the little gray little mouse was motionless also for a long time, and then trudged home, sad and hung. What is “toad“ and why she smothers someone, the Peak, of course, did not understand, but at heart was so as if in cold autumn day it, still sleepy, threw out from its warm bed in cold and dampness of the street and silently slammed a door. It was bitter and offensive for a little little mouse, and tears somehow by itself slid off his eyes, leaving salty smack in a mouth...

in the Evening mother called Pika to have supper, but having not felt hungry at all. There was no wish for anything. Even cheese.

“You did not get sick with

at me, the sonny?“ - mother asked.“ No, mummy, everything is all right“, - the Peak sadly answered and trudged in the bed. But there was no wish to sleep too. It was again and again remembered how friends as Klats look waiting at it speaks about a toad who for some reason it, Pika, smothers and as they leave him, his closest friends. He lay in the dark and remembered, remembered...

- Mother... Mummy! - whispered Peak and carefully trifled the sleeping mother for a shoulder.

- What happened, the Peak, dreamed you a bad dream?

- Is not present

, I did not sleep at all. Mothers, well all this is for a toad such and why she smothers me, and?

- You to pant, you got sick? - mother did not understand half asleep.

- Well, mothers, I did not get sick, it is simple to pant to me because the toad smothers me and what is it and why it smothers me, I will not understand in any way.

- What toad? What does it have to do with a toad in general?

- I do not know, so Klats told.

Mother seated a little mouse to herself on a bed.

- Well, tell what at you happened? - mother told, tenderly embracing him.

I the Peak told it everything as was.

-... and now I have no friends at all, and there were I one - odineshenek, - sadly concluded the story Peak. - Here and you, probably, will not love me now, huh?

- my Silly little mouse, - mother tenderly spoke, embraced him even more strong and kissed on the top, - I will always love you where you were and whatever created because I am your mother. To pant to you from tears and offense, and “the toad smothers“ is just such expression. So speak about those who are greedy and do not want to share with anybody. But time you regret for the act, so not everything is lost and we will return your friends! Tomorrow make here that...

next day the Peak made by

I everything exactly as mother advised it: he found the old friends - to Pip and Klatsa - and asked for them forgiveness that he was such greedy person. Sincerely and heartily told that they are dearer than any cheese and promised from now on always - always to share everything that it has.

Pyotr Bobkov