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St. Konstantin`s Specialist programme - “at a pipe“

In St. Konstantin is such place, we called it “at a pipe“ where hot water of a thermal source pours out from a pipe in the sea, the place it is fenced with boulders and stones less and there always fully to the people. Ilya was delighted just with “Poti adya“ (warm water), besides there were no waves. He there even dived, considered at the bottom of a cockleshell.

in principle in the resort loads and loads mineral pools, where 4 Leva an entrance, but both locker rooms, and the bigger comfort. The people around generally Bulgarians, meet both Germans, and Russians. It is such club on interests. We somehow came to a storm there in the evening, the company of men with beer, closely at a pipe since cold water from the sea strongly diluted thermal sat there. However, we did not begin to spoil them evening :) Also went to the beach.

But in other days to us just liked to sit in hot water “at a pipe“ and to watch scenes from life. Once we observed the following. There is still a shower with thermal hot water where the people are rinsed before bathing. So one man long and persistently there washed. It so became enraged mylit a face, the head, and other parts of a body that I was surprised - it seems, in Bulgaria there are no problems with hot water as, for example, in the Crimea. What prevented it to do all these procedures of the house for me a riddle. Well, the turn “a bikini zone“ soon reached if it is applicable to this uncle :) And here began...

It with not smaller diligence thrust hands into swimming trunks up to the elbow and there mylit something and rubbed, swimming trunks were respectively bulged in the most interesting places in not less interesting way, the uncle at the same time bent and coiled as. It was taken a detached view just indecently. On me, so it was possible to remove swimming trunks and to do all this in open. This disgrace of minutes 10 proceeded. Then the uncle went to the pipe. And there was already a lady, substituting under a pressure of thermal water the hurting parts of a body. Without thinking twice, the uncle got between the lady and a pipe, grasped special hand-rail that it was more convenient, and began to get healthier. (If the husband agreed to conclude with me a bet regarding the native land of this citizen, then I would put on the fact that he is our compatriot.) Naturally, the lady soon was indignant and though she did it in German, the sense of her speech for anybody did not become a riddle. What the man barked at:“ And che, it not your property“, - also continued procedures.

In the same place in water people got healthier massage, a kostopravstvo, meditation and so forth

Where and what to eat

Now about “where to eat“. In the most St. Konstantin continually loads and loads various snek - bars, restaurants. The menu in them approximately identical, the prices - approximately too. We had dinner three together approximately on 10 - 20 lion, depending on feeling of hunger. Had supper approximately on as much. At the menu there are soups, for children a pileshka soup“ is good “(chicken). Salads are generally variations on cucumbers, tomato and white cheese. For example, cucumbers cheese salad, from tomato with cheese, “meshanny“ - cucumbers, tomatoes and cheese, “ovcharsky“ - tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, onions, mushrooms, ham and egg, rural - the same, but without ham and mushrooms. It is a lot of dishes on a grill (cutlets, sausages, hens), in many institutions - fish on a grill and fried. It was pleasant to us in “Riviera“ that on the coast, overlooking the sea (on a photo a view of “Riviera“ from the sea, in the deep evening).

However, once there was to many people, and waitresses only 2 so it was necessary to wait and remind long. Besides, girls do not understand Russian. But in other cases we were nearly one and it was pleasant to us.

To the bar &ãðèëü Happy and at Shipk`s restaurant of the menu approximately identical, in the first the choice is more. Salads are more various, there are variations besides “cucumbers, tomatoes and cheese“. The fried white cheese in pastry, such pampushkas, with red wine - fantastic memoirs.

it is a lot of

Yes, of wine in Bulgaria. And it is cheap. In wine shop “Druzhba“ in St. Konstantin the prices began from 1. 2 lion for a bottle, for the 8th a lion it was possible to buy smart wine. And for 17 lion - in general from a limited edition in 25 thousand bottles. I was not an admirer of dry wines at all. Kislyatina of kislyatiny. In Bulgaria I changed the principles :) Especially the Muscat for 4 blew my mind. 2 lion, I do not remember firm.


still treated us locally with vodka - raki. I never drink vodka, and it was pleasant to the husband. I tasted - smells of wine, on taste tolerantly.

Who such Dimcho


in general cool man. In the bar (and in the territory of a country house there is a bar more - as I forgot. There a TV set, a video player and little tables) he treated us with local beer. On the occasion of Sergey`s arrival, and then and our departure, the dinner was arranged, we communicated with Dimcho, his wife Vanya, the daughter Maryana and the grandson Nikolay. On the eve of our departure nectarines in a garden - such tasty kept up, it is the fairy tale. I as the judge of peaches tell it :)


Besides, Dimcho met at the airport me with Ilya, and brought Sergey on to the airport, having on the way thrown us in shop that we bought gifts. And refused to take for all this money. I all - insisted that it took $15 for everything not to feel in a debt. When we decided to go to Nessebar, it went to bus station in Varna, learned the schedule, and the next morning threw us to bus station and put on the bus.

generally, sincere he is a man, works as the principal.