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What is a helsizm?

In a Russian-speaking segment of the Internet this term to very few people is familiar. The word a helsizm (English healthism) is formed from the English word “health“ - health, and designates the different ideological currents built on a subject of health and medicine.

It is concept it was for the first time formulated in 1980 by the political economist Robert Crawford. It is considered to be that the helsizm as ideology was formed in 70 - x years 20 - go centuries in the USA. However, in spite of the fact that such concept then did not exist yet, something close to a modern helsizm practiced in such totalitarian states as nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

The concept of a helsizm is close to concept of eugenics, but the eugenics is engaged in fight against hereditary diseases by the termination of reproduction of people with congenital defects, the helsizm is, in fact, medikalizatsiy human life. The right for health is supposed to be replaced with a public debt about preservation of the health, at the same time the impression is made that health in principle is impossible without continuous supervision of doctors.

Radical options of a helsizm justify racism and discrimination of people with congenital defects of health as “healthy“ becomes a synonym, positive, and “unhealthy“ - others, negative (and subject to elimination). As deviant behavior not only consumption of legal and illegal drugs, but also “unhealthy“ food, refusal of passing of regular medical examinations, lack of interest in physical culture and active types of rest is considered already.

Its moderate versions are shown not so frankly. Helsizm begins with replacement of public informing concerning health medicine promotion of certain norms of “healthy lifestyle“ and its presentation as the only objective knowledge. Also its manifestations are introduction of obligatory medical examinations and the additional taxation of services and goods which are considered “unhealthy“.

In modern secular society the helsizm acts in a role an ersatz - religions with “precepts“ and “rituals“ which will lead to “rescue“, with “teachers“, with “brothers in faith“ and “strangers“. And also with an opportunity for the government “to put the clamps“ under a specious excuse. Periodically discussions about become more active whether have to drinking, the smokers or people having obesity to receive medical care on an equal basis with “healthy“, or they have to incur higher expenses as did not find time to fight against the addictions. About whether to consider smoking someone from parents by child abuse. About whether to consider smoking, alcohol intake and the pregnant woman`s drugs as “criminal negligence in relation to a fruit“.

The figure of the doctor in public consciousness is engaged not only treatment of sick people now, but also acts as the expert distributing councils that it is “healthy“, “normal“ and “natural“ and that - no. If was norm to see doctors in case of real need earlier, then now it begins to seem wildness and irresponsibility as it is accepted to pass routine inspections periodically.

Well and as the doctor is also considered as the dealer, and health - as goods, the picture “the seller whose not purchase of goods is socially condemned act“ - it is extremely unfavourable.