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Formula of happy marriage. Education of children in English

the Beginning

Today - the new publication from the practical work of family life which left in 1936 in England whose councils were pleasant to many readers 7i. And it is unsurprising: these recommendations are so sensible, logical and ironic that it is worth adhering to them also to us. In the first articles authors with the advantage appropriate to British learned to communicate with the husband, now it will be a question of education of children.

the Main duty of parents - to teach children to love life, to see its beauty and greatness in any circumstances. It is very important to impart them ability to appreciate the simplest and ordinary things. Then in their life there will always be a place of the pleasure inaccessible to that who does not know that happiness consists of trifles, of small insignificant pleasures.

Someone wise told that the kind word addressed to the child sounds as a divine melody. It is very truly noticed! It is necessary only to sympathize with parents who forbid something all the time. There are mummies, on ten times in the course of the day repeating what cannot be done, and only once - that is possible. Do not forget: development new and novel - the natural aspiration helping the child is correct to develop. Reasonable mothers help kids to move on this way, but do not make difficulties. You do not want that your child assimilated to that boy from a joke which, what is his name, answered a question:“ Charlie Nelzya“.

Stop complaining to

that you had to offer much for the sake of children infinitely. Your parents gave you a lot of things, and now you repay this debt, but to already next generation. Whether yes there is some calling above and more perfectly, than to bring up the little person and to make of it the worthy and independent personality?

Try to devote

to children at most of time, but nevertheless you remember that you have also a husband who needs to pay a little attention too.

Never repeat a mistake of wives who meet the tired spouse who came back from work and right there, in a hall, with bitterness throw out on it the detailed description of all offenses made by unreasonable children in a day. Let`s the man have a rest, feed him, and then start conversation about “younger generation“. Perhaps by then all event during absence of the husband will not seem to you so significant any more?

we Hurry to warn also against another, peculiar to many women, an extreme. Nobody prevents you to consider that your offspring - the most marvelous child on light. Just you should not draw attention of people around to this fact constantly. It is quite natural that it seems to you as if such unique person never was, and still constant stories about advantages of your child will cause in listeners at best a skeptical smile or yawning.

do not forget

that not only the school, but also a family has to learn discipline. As envisioned by the Creator the family becomes the main institute forming the personality.

Show hardness. Children should not poor-mouth eternally and to elicit something. Once you slightly give in, and they will begin to press stronger, demanding more and more. From the earliest age they need to let know that your word unshakably. Do not give a reason to think that you can be tried to persuade or other ways to force to depart from already made decision.

do not appropriate all powers on education of children, and divide these duties with the husband better. Call it to the aid in difficult situations, consult on it. On the one hand, so you support the actions by the additional authority, will consider one more opinion and show big objectivity. On the other hand, it will help to emphasize once again that the husband in the same measure otvetstven for their destiny, as you.

Most of mothers are ready to give to

a lot of things for the sake of happiness and wellbeing of children. And still you do not go too far in the aspiration to self-sacrifice. For example, try to dress always well to be in it an example for the child. He has to look at you with admiration, but not with confusion or contempt. Mother who wore out a dress nearly to holes only to buy the child the next new thing will achieve only one - a crumb - the son will become the finished egoist.

Should not give to the boy the same name, as to the father. Time will come, and they will begin to be confused inevitably.

Since early years you teach boys to respect for women whose number also their sisters treat, by the way. The young man with manners of the gentleman will be well accepted in any society. Ruthlessly eradicate, alas, the thought which is very extended among young men that the woman can be ignored - “that does not matter, and so will descend“.

Encourage with

participation of children in the general conversation at a table. Do not repeat the doubtful statement as if children “it has to be visible, but it is not heard“. Without allowing them to express, we interfere with their development. However at the same time you watch that they did not draw on themselves all attention and did not reduce everything to empty chatter and infinite tiresome giggling.

Under no circumstances do not allow them to call into question your authority and yours “royal situation“ in the house. They always have to behave validly. Impart to boys a habit to gallantly open before you a door even in an informal house situation.


to Children needs society of the father, but nevertheless reasonable restrictions will not prevent here. The reasonable point of view assumes that it is necessary to provide them exactly so much time for communication that the man did not lose interest in the offsprings. The argument as if it does not need to communicate with own children that those did not cause it trouble, does not maintain criticism. And at the same time do not allow the child to exasperate the father when that was tired or with something it is anxious.

When the father takes away the tidy kid - an angel on walk, and then returns it to you happy, but dirty as a pig, resist lawful desire to tear to pieces both. Eventually, the father and the son, seemingly, not bad spent time and, most likely, for this short period strongly approached.

Explain with

to children extremely important rule of joint life: whatever were disagreements between family members, they cannot be taken out “from a log hut“. It is necessary to be loyal sacredly to interests of the surname and to uphold its worthy reputation.

Continuous disorders for children reduce a century of the woman, kill her beauty and lead to the fact that she grows old to term. Do not forget that you need to care not only for them, but also for yourself and the husband. However it is not an occasion that it is too frequent to consign supervision for kids by the stranger. Weigh, can sometimes it is worth refusing walk or entertainments to spend more time with those who so need you?

Punish only when you do not doubt that the child is really guilty. Make short and concrete reprimand instead of being let in long morals. Never carp on trifles - only in this case you will be able to keep love of your children for many years.

In any circumstances including behind a usual family lunch with participation of children, observe the proprieties and behave politely and kindly as if you are visiting.

all has to surround with

of Children the best and worthy. Each of them when grows as if the echo, will repeat to the world everything that heard and absorbed in youth.

the child never has to have a feeling that you do not trust it. If he feels that you doubt it, then by all means he will descend from a way on which you wanted to direct it. With sympathy and understanding you treat younger generation, communicate quietly and surely, and then the little person himself with pleasure will direct on the correct path.

do not allow youths to mature too quickly. You do not hurry to explain them serious questions of life, prolong the serene and solar time called by the childhood.

do not forget

: with the birth of children family life finds the new purposes and new sense. To you is for whom to live and for the sake of whom to work. Parental responsibilities - a holy duty which can be executed with pleasure. Conforming to the rules of education and going on the reasonable victims, you actually work on yourself, improve own character.

Motherhood - wonderful gift, it is also necessary to use it with gratitude. Of course, times children bring upon us a lot of trouble, but for certain you for all treasures of the world would not refuse that happiness which you test when small handles gently twist your neck.

Be continued.

From the book “Rules of Private Life“