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Best “greasing“ for the matrimonial relations or That spoils the woman of

the Beginning

“Slovenliness - the harmful enemy of many housewives. Need to watch itself does not disappear at that very moment when you registered marriage. To a wedding any girl tries to show herself in the most favorable light. To cease to conform to this rule right after marriage it is unfair to the husband“, - authors of a retro - the practical work of family life published in England 1936 consider. Today we drop to this source of wisdom again, having chosen 20 councils for young wives.

the Woman who leaves by a breakfast in a faded pajamas and shabby slippers will strongly lose


in comparison with some pretty employee of the husband, always cheerful and perfectly dressed.

do not forget

that to smile to the husband at breakfast - a holy duty of the married lady. Since the morning we set to ourselves and surrounding a spirit for all day. It is necessary that leaving for work, the husband carried away warm and optimistic memories of the house. But what will be its feeling if it is always seen off by a sad physiognomy of his better half.

stop to endure

I infinitely on trifles. If the husband did not return from work strictly to usual time, on the dot, it does not mean yet that he was run over by a car or ran away from you to the mistress.

you should not become a uniform of life and the daily schedule. Let`s say the husband suddenly invited you to walk. Do not refuse only because planned clear-out for this time.


that the woman sets rules of conduct of the house. If she got used to put on carelessly or carelessly is, vicious practice will soon take roots and will become a habit at all family members.

Affability and courtesy - invaluable qualities. Forget about sensitivity. Do not consider that all only and think of that, as if to cause to you an insult. For certain you met such hypochondriac persons. They think that all neglect them. If someone greets them, they squeeze out from themselves only: “And I - that thought you and will not start talking to me!“ Trust in good intentions of people close to you - they for certain are indeed glad to see you and to communicate with you.

Should not worry about that in the house there was an ideal order too. Naturally, the wife has to try to maintain purity and a cosiness, and things have to be on the places. However do not fall into rage if the husband suddenly one incorrect movement breaks the harmony created by you. Treat it with humour or just quietly return everything on the places. Eventually, he earned it on all situation in the house, isn`t that so?

If the apartment allows

, equip a cozy drawing room where a family it will be regular, and not just on holidays, to gather around a table and to cheerfully spend joint evenings. This drawing room has to attract, the most pleasant memories for all family members have to be connected with it.

do not turn into the inveterate stay-at-home. Happy evenings in the family circle - it is fine. But they can bore with the monotony. The repeating events become boring to us, such is human nature. The husband is not obliged to forget about the barchelor hobbies and friends of youth at all at all. Allow it to go to a bachelor party from time to time, give it freedom drink. It is very probable that after that it with double pleasure will return to the favourite house. On the other hand, do not refuse sometimes to keep it the company. You should not be boring. You watch what occurs in the city and in the world. Only the few men dream to turn the wife into the housekeeper or appreciate her only “beautiful eyes“. They want to see a number of the partner, partner, the girlfriend with whom it is possible to spend time interestingly.

at the same time it is unconditional to p to be in the momentary fashion too would be a mistake. It is possible to be modern, without going into extremes! Moderate conservatism will damage to nobody. Let`s take for an example a manner of many women to smoke on the street. Such behavior of unworthy true lady, it testifies to bad manners. Sometimes and people around can consider such woman too available.

the Moderation is necessary to

also in the use of cosmetics. Men, as a rule, do not approve too zealous female attempts to improve what is given by the nature. “The fighting coloring“ looks unnaturally and vulgarly, and at the stronger sex it generates associations with representatives of the most ancient profession.

Try to see always things from a positive side. A great luck if you since the birth possess such ability. Gloomy outlook on life made nobody happy yet. You remember the well-known saying:“ Life is a mirror. Smile to it, and she will smile to you in reply“. If all the time to pull it faces, everything around indeed will become ugly and sad. Do not forget also that the woman more needs to watch the mood, than the man. Alas, sometimes the look or tone of a voice can wound more painfully, than some offense.


To the fair sex impose strict requirements because the role of the woman in a domostroitelstvo is very big. Let it do not afflict you. Judging from the fact that Kipling tells in the works, women possessed the leading role in these questions in primitive times: they the first complicated life and at the same time made life of more comfortable. As the classic considers, the weaker sex forced men to be proved in caves, having turned them into housing. Women suggested to veil an entrance a horse skin to create a cosiness.

you Approach

everything with humour, you joke, laugh together. Someone very well told that the love to fun is the natural “greasing“ supporting in working order the mechanisms moving us forward. The joke does our “course“ softer and quiet, does not allow to grow old and lower hands ahead of time, having been tired of life.

do not give to people around the slightest reason to consider you windy and superficial. Such reputation is pasted easily, and to get off here it very not easy. You store in heart of the word of the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca, actual to this day:“ Levity kills all kind and noble in the person“.

Try to be

in a tone all the time (in every sense this word), keeping the same vivacity of perception of the world and freshness of feelings, as well as in days of the first love. Whenever possible you leave elegantly dressed for dinner and accustom to it the husband.


: nothing so quickly destroys beauty as nasty character. Any woman has no right to show the quarrelsomeness. This property leaves a mark on everything including on appearance: the rage can “disfigure“ even the most charming face.

Should not be blown about the sensitivity everywhere. Perhaps and does not come to your mind that thus you recognize the weakness and imperfection. Sensitivity is closely connected with such defects as vanity, vanity, egoism. Emphasize other qualities, for example, cheerfulness and optimism better. Smiling to others, you to yourself create good mood.

do not spend yourself on trifles. You should not row and be upset from - for some insignificant incident which you in a week will get rid. Keep forces for something necessarier better.

do not forget

that on character of any person the great influence is exerted by its circle of contacts. We, without understanding that, we adopt habits and we copy qualities of people which daily we face. Therefore be attentive in the choice of friends.

do not assimilate to those who are not able to make decisions quickly. Some people can judge and ryadit infinitely, but in any way I cannot make a final choice. Do not follow this bad example! Be always collected and reasonable, analyze any subject from the different parties, and then you take out judgments. And having accepted some point of view, try to adhere to it further.

From the book “Rules of Private Life“