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PMS - symptoms and treatment. Who risks also what to do?

the Loving husband suddenly began to seem the heartless egoist, is noisy the playing children - a hindrance, and usual things - annoying routine? And these feelings roll on you approximately once a month, and then recede? Quite perhaps, you fell a victim of a premenstrual syndrome (PMS).


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Of everything Statistically, suffers from a premenstrual syndrome (PMS) to 25% of women. The imbalance of hormones in the second phase of a menstrual cycle causes PMS. Normal to 14 - mu to day of a cycle the level of estrogen in blood goes down, and indicators of progesterone raise. In an organism of the suffering PMS of women everything happens to accuracy on the contrary. As result - problems with nervous and urinogenital systems, hypostases, low resilience to infections. Excess of estrogen causes a depression, aggression, tearfulness, irritability and other psychological problems.

Among PMS reasons not the last role is played by a stress - production of hormones is directly connected with an emotional condition of the woman. On the other hand, manifestations of a premenstrual syndrome affect feelings of the woman, increase nervousness and strengthen displays of a stress. There is a vicious circle which cannot independently almost be broken off. However only a third of the Russian women sees with the problems a doctor. The others are reconciled from PMS up to approach of a menopause.

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, workaholics have to face a stress only. But, as practice shows, women with the standard working day become victims of a stress quite often also. At the same time the peak of “intensity“ is the share of thirty-year age. During this period most of the Russian women should “be broken off“ between cares of the house, a family, education of children and continuation of career. Sooner or later the organism does not maintain and glitches. At a great disadvantage there are also residents of the large cities. The bad ecology, hours-long “traffic jams“, fight for a survival in public transport and too high rhythm of life exhausts organism resources. In a midland of Russia cloudy weather and short light day is added to this standard set of factors.

Abroad most of the people who faced a stress sees a doctor and begins to accept the recommended preparations. In Russia ways of fight against a stress differ a little. The conducted VCIOM survey showed that at a stress of 46% watch TV, 43% listen to music, 19% resort to the help of alcohol, 16% jam a stress, 12% play sports, 9% as the assistant use sex, 2% meditate and borrow with yoga and only 15% use medicamentous ways of treatment.

Advantage of medical examination

Very often PMS is followed and aggravated with various diseases. For example, such as diseases of a thyroid gland. And both the lack of the hormones emitted by it, and their surplus is dangerous. In the first case of people risks to gain tearful weakness, and in the second - irritability and aggression. Diseases of the sexual sphere - uterus myoma, mastopathy and others - are almost always connected with violation of production of sex hormones therefore also cause irritability with a depressive shade and differences of mood.

Medical care

If you noticed at yourself irritability and deterioration in health, at once see a doctor. Only the doctor can specify your independently made “diagnosis“ and to appoint optimum suitable treatment. In certain cases easy demulcents (a pustyrnik, a valerian, “Gomeostress“), will help with some - not to do without stronger preparations.

If psychological problems PMS is the cornerstone of

, then begin to treat it from elimination of a hormonal imbalance. For this purpose most often appoint hormonal contraceptives. They help to counterbalance the level of hormones, are well transferred and suit most of women of reproductive age.

Healthy nutrition

to Normalize hormonal balance, to cope with irritability and fatigue the healthy nutrition will help. If to refuse fats, the main source of cholesterol, then processes of blood circulation can soon improve and decrease manifestations of PMS. Fish, bird or fast beef dishes, abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit will become excellent alternative to fats. The vitamin B which is contained in dairy products, eggs, some vegetables, nuts, yeast and bananas and also the serotonin which is produced at the use of rice and tomatoes is especially necessary for fight against a stress. A and D vitamins improve a condition of skin and prevent emergence of acne rash during PMS, and vitamin E facilitates painful feelings in mammary glands and relieves of a depression. And here from alcohol, coffee and stakes during this period is better to refuse - they strengthen feeling of hunger, a headache and depressive feelings.

Sport from all diseases!

Sport is the most natural way of an exit of the collected energy and promotes decrease in a stress. It is better to give preference to aerobics, dances, swimming and other sports occupations helping to increase the level of endorphins with blood - pleasure hormones. The occupations allowing to train breath are effective: walking, run and swimming. If to carry out such physical exercises within at least 2 months, then they begin to exert the long-term impact increasing resistance of an organism to stresses. It is possible to use also other ways of antistress therapy - such as massage, meditation and yoga. They help to find peace of mind and to cope with a stress and psychological manifestations of PMS.