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My diet and set of exercises - minus of 11 kg in one and a half months of

Comes nearer summer - that time to which each girl looks forward. Everyday walks, sun, beach, beauty. “My God, what horror“, - I thought, looking at myself in a mirror. “It not I... I cannot look so. Shame!“ - these are my daily thoughts after the delivery. Weight before pregnancy - 52 kg, but during incubation of the daughter who in a puzika very much loved sweet I gathered decently. As a result weight after the delivery +11 kg. To take care of the own life, so far the daughter small, it is just impossible. Any diets! On sport there is no time categorically!

“I have such beauty the daughter as in the summer we with it will walk, mother - a keg, it is a shame to me with itself“, - I thought, and from these thoughts got it together. Each reader, of course, waits for council which allows to eat, lie well on a sofa and at the same time to grow thin. I will afflict you - without will power, the huge desire and love to itself nothing will leave.

I began


C of what? First of all I refused the elevator. Yes. And with bags from shop, and with the child - all the time on foot on a ladder. But the main thing is, of course, food, it is necessary about - about - very much to limit itself. I made it so. Breakfast: 100 g of skim cheese. Lunch: chicken breast or white low-fat fish (in we wash a case it is a flounder) plus vegetable salad, in structure surely cabbage, any (in we wash a case Savoy). An indispensable condition - to eat grapefruit, 1 - 2 pieces in a day, effect very good. And any flour and sweet products. Everything, dear, further only at strong hunger of 1% kefir or green apple.

One hour a day - physical activities, my program is as follows:

  1. we Swing a press (we begin with 25 times on 3 approaches);
  2. Being on all fours we raise legs serially 15 times each leg 3 times and all in 3 approaches;
  3. Lying on a stomach, we raise legs up (20 times on 3 approaches);
  4. Lying on one side, moves legs (25 times on 3 approaches);
  5. Costing to
  6. moves legs (20 times on 3 campaigns).
All this

occupies all - navsy 1 hour a day.

my result in 1,5 months - minus 11 kg. I am happy! Further it is possible to eat everything, but not to eat too much to a dump, and to leave from - for a table with easy feeling of hunger. And periodically to do fasting days. Love yourself and everything will turn out!

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