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How to feed the husband that he never left

the Beginning

Today we continue a retro - a practical work of family life. In spite of the fact that these councils were published in 1936 in England, and the alignment of forces in a family strongly changed since then, these obvious and simple recommendations are so sensible, logical and ironic that it is worth adhering to them also to us.

Food and cooking

It is known that the way to heart of the man lies through a stomach. The old English proverb confirms this truth, though covers a problem a little in other foreshortening. It says:“ Powder on a face helps the woman to entice the man in the networks, and icing sugar on the cakes made by it - to hold it“.

First of all, you remember that the food cooked for the husband and guests has to correspond to circumstances. Hardly anyone - that will be pleased by cold mutton in frosty winter day or the smoking lrish stew in summer heat.

Given it has to be hotter than

always rather hot, but not to hardly warm. It is simple, but important council, and it will do you good. Many will tell you thanks that you follow it also in a gratitude rush, perhaps, will not notice other small culinary flaws.

do not forget

about new tendencies of dietology. For example, that now it is not accepted to serve red wine with any hot dishes or together with sour sauces.

your culinary motto has to become “Down with routine!“ Whenever possible make the menu various. All products have to be fresh, ready dishes should not be stored long. The imagination and enterprise - very valuable qualities not only for the artist and the businessman, but also for the cook. Dietary cutlets on couple, of course, are very useful, but why the husband and all family have to eat only them? Try to give more often house pleasant surprises: let`s tell, try to master some refined French recipe.

Think up something original for a Sunday dinner. Guests with tears of emotion will thank you if you refuse the stereotypic menu consisting of cold veal, salad and a biscuit with whipped cream.

the minimum set of products for a feast is always better to have

in a stock. Somebody can appear suddenly on a visit unexpectedly, but if the hostess “is always ready“, nobody will take her unawares.

be not a bore and do not believe when someone says that cold meat appetizer - it is always simple meat and nothing more. You create, experiment, give habitual food not as always even if for the sake of it it is necessary to make more efforts.

do not forget

that the cookery is an art in which there are no trifles. However, it does not mean that a small delicacy has to be on a table during each meal.

Of course, it is impossible to forget the rule claiming that a foremost task of any housewife - “to feed an animal to satiety“. This rule is old as the world, but did not lose relevance. The food has to be freshen first of all, but, besides, plentiful, various and well balanced. Health of digestive bodies of the husband and children - in your hands. What family happiness if they eternally hungry or eternally suffer stomachs is? As Smith (the English writer and the preacher of the 19th century) truly noticed Sydney, “the burned slightly cheese crust can destroy old friendship, and the put too much salt meat - to bring to suicide“.

Always you study new, broaden culinary horizons. Devotes to food of people considerable part of the time. The management skill the house the little is simpler, than a management skill all country. Pay enough attention to one of the main control levers - to “Ministry of Internal Affairs“, that is kitchen.

Very often hostesses do not take the trouble to lay the table “at full scale“ if nobody, except spouses, it is expected. And graceful laying and observance of certain rituals when giving dishes lift the simple meal urged to satisfy hunger, on inaccessible height - so the usual dinner can turn in pleasant and with impatience the expected celebration.

Even when husband does not have

the house, take care of own healthy food. The lunch consisting of rolls and tea not only will damage to a figure, but also will impair a little to you mood and digestion. Yes, infinite tea drinking calm, but, in addition, they distract from affairs and impede the implementation of planned.

the Breakfast on the run - it is frivolous. Try to give to morning meal at least half an hour. Train him with the same care, as well as any big feast. You know that it is necessary to work at this “fuel“ in the first, most fruitful half of day. If the organism did not receive good “recharge“ since the morning, it is impossible to wait from it for much.

do not discuss any gloomy and unpleasant subjects at a table. Wait for the termination of a meal, and therefore talk about what became painful. Experiences prevent digestion. Having got agitated, you will definitely not be able to derive pleasure. It is necessary to try that any meal turned into happy and carefree action.

Follow in this case advice from an old song:

Recipe of happiness of family
Prost surprisingly:
Season with laughter and pleasure
All dishes on your table...

It is representable that you are rather wealthy and you have a housemaid who prepares for all family. Nevertheless, not her mind to solve business as when you eat. Your husband pays its service so try to specify by it what to prepare, and consider at the same time tastes and preferences of the head of the family.

do not take

very much to heart if the husband as - nibud praises the dish prepared by his mother. Better then call it, learn the recipe and make a surprise to darling.

Should not get rid of a habit to do house preparations, to preserve, cook jam. Let now it seem to much old-fashioned; let the cost of own jam will turn out almost same as the price bought in shop. And all - what is made with own hands always seems more tasty and more qualitatively. For certain all family members will support this your undertaking!

Be continued.

From the book “Rules of Private Life“