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Finger-type games. Automation of movements of fingers of

Source: E. Seleznyova, “The mother`s book“, M.: MSP publishing house, 1997.

of Exercise consist of a series of consecutive movements and are followed by verses, poteshka, counting rhymes which rhythm corresponds to a rhythm of the carried-out exercise.


the thumb Tip consistently touches tips of other fingers. Exercise is possible weed five differently: brushes of both hands are lifted up and turned by palms to each other, fingers are divorced. Fingers serially of the same name adjoin, tapping with each other.

It is thought up by someone
Simply and wise
At a meeting to greet:
- Good morning.
- Good morning! -
to the Sun and birds.
- Good morning! -
- to Smiling persons.
- And everyone becomes
Kind, trustful...
Let good morning
Lasts till the evening.
N. Krasilyshkov


Index and average fingers “run“ on a table. Exercise is carried out at first by one, then other hand, at last - two hands together.

of Veins on light of people,
the Crooked legs,
I it walked the whole century
On the crooked path.
A behind the crooked river
Lived In Crooked House
in the summer and winter
the Crooked mice.


Fingers are fisted. Each finger becomes serially straight and taken aside as flower petals, the thumb and a little finger become straight at the same time. This exercise can be carried out differently: palms of both hands are lifted up and pressed to each other by finger-tips and the bases of palms - the flower is closed. The fingers of the same name on both hands are at the same time taken away back - the flower blossomed.


U us blue
Pansies Grow in a front garden
Near a terraska
They are dismissed
Quickly, as in the fairy tale.
3. Alexandrov

the PALM - the FIST

of the Hand lean on elbows, palms are turned to each other. The palm of one hand claps about another, then clenches in a fist and easily strikes in a palm of other hand. Then position of hands changes. Gradually the rhythm of performance of exercise increases.

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