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Diet of ``6 petals``: how to gather in a stomach and the excess weight of

My name is Tatyana. During pregnancy I dreamed that excess weight after the delivery will not hinder for me as all free time I was engaged in physical exercises much (earned additionally in a gym), and it brought me real pleasure! But hormonal failures made the business... Total excess 20 kg “beremenyushny“!

I Will tell


at once: till two years we were on breastfeeding, and after operation of Cesarean section year I did not do any physical exercises and did not keep to diets. There was a fear that the seam will not be created. I understand that after half a year it is already possible to be engaged, but the fear is fear! In January of this year we finished GV, and I actively undertook the figure. At once decided that I want the second kid and therefore hunger not for me, health does not want to be spoiled.

the Most vulnerable point at me after the delivery is a stomach, it was very big during pregnancy and after too. By itself in two years only 5 kg chipped in together! For herself chose a diet of “6 petals“. I will tell honestly, it was heavy the first day, after transition from usual food on unicomponent. The essence of a diet is in what 6 days you eat by one type of food (protein or carbohydrate) serially: fish, vegetables, chicken, cereals, cottage cheese, fruit. Incentives to finish it until the end of it at me was much: to be slender mother and the wife, the exit to new work planned in September, a favourite plashchik doberemenny - therefore to be given I did not even think.


To my astonishment, me very much it was pleasant, the feeling of hunger was not, it is important to cook food only in advance that in the morning at once to eat. Also the feeling was real that subcutaneous fat is spent. Did physical exercises minimum, plus a hoop. In six days I threw off 5 kg, minus 5 cm in waists and 4 cm in hips! For me it was the stunning result.

After March 8 sat down on one more circle. Result: minus 3 kg and 2 cm in a waist and hips. Nearly a month I eat in the usual mode of healthy food, and weight does not increase! Here my such first stage of experience of weight loss after the delivery and breastfeeding of the kid.

of Good luck to us, dear mummies! The main thing in our life already is - it is its sense, our children. And we will achieve symmetry! I should throw off 8 more kg to the weight of my ideas of a sound body, but so far I have a respite and fixing of the received result.