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About health of gums for future mothers of

“Plus the child - minus tooth“, - to which of us this popular wisdom is unfamiliar? Unfortunately, reorganization of an organism at young mothers, really, often prevents to keep health of an oral cavity.

In an organism of the pregnant woman serious changes happen. Updating of a hormonal background attracts a number of problems and “failures“ in work of an organism. It cannot but affect a condition of an oral cavity. It`s not just that the kid takes away calcium: there is a change of blood supply of gums, and they quite often begin to bleed. Besides, protective properties of saliva sharply decrease, so, oral cavity diseases progress, inflammatory processes - are gingivit and, in the started case, by a periodontal disease. The first symptom of problems with gums - emergence of blood when toothbrushing - cannot be ignored in any way. In an initial stage process is reversible, but if the situation is neglected, it can lead to loss even of healthy tooth.

we Take measures

it is necessary to Take care of protection of teeth and gums, having provided complex care behind an oral cavity at the modern level.

Motherhood - a great miracle. And let problems with health of an oral cavity do not sadden it.

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