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Elena Vorobey is the optimist and strict mother:“ The nurse - not an exit“

Changing images and characters on a scene, Elena Vorobey surely bears a rank of the queen of the parody of the Russian platform. In life at it there are a lot of roles too. Elena told us about herself, a family, rest and work, and also about why grandfathers need to put a monument.



about the childhood and the parents. What you were a child?

Was born strong and I grew up in the city of Brest, in the west of Belarus, in a simple family: the father is a plumber in ZhEK, mother - the mounter and the seamstress. Since eight years I conducted vigorous creative activity. In the yard. Bothered to sing in a bathroom and at an entrance I - wanted public. With girlfriends hammered together domestic crew. Composed the fairy tale, cast. Such simple dramatic art: the prince, the princess, the Baba-yaga, hepp - and it is obligatory. The first statement was shown in kindergarten. Nurses, tutors sat. It was pleasant to all. Children accepted enthusiastically too. I inspired with success told: “Little girls, we do a variety concert now!“ Studied fables and verses, made suits, someone played an accordion, I sang. And we went on the yards. Shouted: “Leave, people to watch a concert! Actors arrived!“ Who treated with cookies, who candies. Worked for barter - for food.

the Sense of humour and virtuosity are congenital talents? You since the childhood dreamed to be the actress of a comic genre?


to me got Sense of humour in inheritance from the father. The actress of a comic genre, nevertheless, dreamed never to become. On the contrary, I went on this way contrary to the dreams. Role of the parodist is only one of my sides. My purpose was to become an actress, and I began with a theatrical scene. In Buff theater Mrs. Hudson played, Annuntsiatu in the play “Shadow“ of Evgeny Schwartz and in the comedy “Blaise“ of the French playwright Claude Manye - is a lot of interesting. And then there was a change, I got up before the choice: theater or platform. Also it decided “to be thrown“ on a platform. Now, to great happiness, I come back to a theatrical stage.

Why as a scenic pseudonym you chose

“Sparrow“? How it characterizes you?

my real name Lebenbaum that means “a life tree“. But when an opportunity to try the hand in role of the comedy actress was presented, during collaboration with Vinokur we remembered about Edith Piaf (“Piaf“ - from French “sparrow“). Vladimir Natanovich told: “About! Vorobey! Look at yourself: precisely - a sparrow!“ . Really, Vorobey - very much approaches my character and the relation to life. But despite my pseudonym I do not lose the roots, I know history of the family and immensely I respect. And parents support me and all understand.

Elena Vorobey is a variety actress and the parodist. Graduated from musical school in Brest, and then the Leningrad theatrical institute - LGITMIK on a class the actor of theater, a platform and Isaak Shtokbant`s cinema. Since student`s years began to work in the Leningrad State theater “Buff“. Repeatedly became the winner of the All-Russian competitions of performers:“ Hit - parade of Ostankino“ - 1995, “A humour cup“ - 2002. Since 2000 passed to a platform and began to act in the Notice program and other popular television projects, and also acts in at film. In 2012 “The honored actress of Russia“ was entitled.

you is fairly called the queen of the parody and what you houses? You are strict mother?

On life I am an optimist. Even if there are any troubles, grow old to it great value not to attach. Smiled, shook off and went further. In our family there was always a positive spirit, in the house jokes, jokes sounded, there was a place to draws.

Despite it, I am able to be strict. Sonechka knows it and feels when it is necessary to stop in the whims. I am able and indulge. It is pleasant to me that we have with the daughter the most gentle, confidential relations. We always consult on it and we argue on life.

In our family I am a head and the strict critic. Are afraid of my control most of all. Therefore prepares for mother`s arrival of Sonechk with the report: what received at school what progress in dances, what is coming performances.

What changed in your life with the advent of the daughter?

a lot of things Changed at me inside. The daughter - my big gift. I became a mother! It is possible to understand and experience it, having only become the parent.

the Daughter is similar

to you? What does she like to be engaged in?


studies strong in lyceum with profound learning of foreign languages and literatures. The second class it finished only with two fours, one of them on Russian, other five. Very well it is given mathematics - it is one of the most favourite objects. It lacks assiduity a little, and it is absolutely a little bit lazy. At such age there is a wish to play dolls, to run about, jump in classics - especially on summer vacation. But Sonya has a big loading, she takes dancing classes, music, swimming and English. Time for walks it does not have at all.

you work hard as

, go on tour much that it is enough - it is heavy for the woman who has a daughter - the schoolgirl. And what future you see for Sonya? You that it went on your feet would like?

to Each person was given the talent which should be seen and developed. The sleepyhead - very romantic nature, it likes dances. I try to impart to the daughter also love to music - it plays a piano. To speak about manifestation of actor`s abilities so far early, time will show. But Sonya knows all my numbers and with pleasure takes part in family representations. On my birthday Sonechka pleased me with the song. There were such words: “Ah, you, mummy my, flying. Your life tour bothered me. I will fill up you with the five. I am such, I can!“ They with my little sister thought up it.

Who helps you with education of the daughter when you on tours also cannot be near it?

Yet me does not have

the house, Sonya with the grandmother, the grandfather and the aunt. I hold the opinion that nobody can be closer to the child, than dear people. The nurse in this case - not an exit. We had difficult moments of misunderstanding and jealousy from the daughter, but having matured, she saw that mother provides not only all the family, but also on-stage performance group, and understood that it is difficult. Now it changed the point of view and releases me in trips.

it is not casual in some European country put a monument to the grandmother - a brilliant idea. In my case I would put a monument and the grandfather because together with the grandmother they look for the child, are engaged in Sonechka from morning to the night. The grandfather also learns to draw, and checks school tasks. Still drives on additional classes. The child always under control.


Besides, my sister Natasha helps, she is a physician by training. Natasha is the godmother of my daughter therefore not incidentally Sonechka makes a reservation and calls her mother when I am absent. And the sister`s son I call “ours of starshenkiya“. It already has big plans for the future - wants to become the surgeon. The sister is my right hand and left too.

the Ideal man - who is he in your understanding?

I will not be original

Ya and I will tell: as any woman, I appreciate in men decency, fidelity, sense of humour, generosity and kindness, and not only in relation to me. It is possible to call it the positive relation to the world in general.

you really love fishing? Than this type of rest which is considered to be man`s attracts you?

the Father always took

me with himself and taught to fish. Now I already have the real fishing box with good tackles, baits and a feeding up. On fishing I not only have really a rest, but also I can that ­ to compose that.

As often at you manages to have a rest and how you with the daughter prefer to do it?

it is not frequent therefore we spend all free time together with a family. If there is no opportunity to leave, can gather at a big table at home or descend on shopping, at cinema, in the museum, in theater. We prefer active lifestyle, we do something everything together, then all this can be discussed behind evening tea drinking.

you act in at film, play in theater, participate in television projects, go on tour and give concerts. From where you scoop energy?

Actually for energy would be be desirable by more. Sometimes there come the moments when there is a wish to be too lazy. Also you think: everything at you is good - both the apartment is, and the car, and parents as it should be, and children. And you should run, fly, float, go, to climb uphill... And how to have a rest? And this laziness begins to get into my thoughts even more often. I am afraid of this state and in every possible way I drive it.

That for you success?

For me the most important - happy eyes of the audience! I go over the country much and I see how hard people live in regions. Roads is not the most terrible trouble in Russia. I am happy that at my concerts people at least for a couple of hours forget about the problems and efforts. They approach and speak:“ Thanks, you prolong to us life“. I practically do not earn from such concerts as ticket prices small. Often approach me on streets, express the opinion on my numbers, thank. It is very pleasant... And it is still pleasant that people investigate many performances on quotes and use as jokes in the everyday life. Probably, it is the highest praise for the actor.

I of a wish to our readers...

I Want to wish to

optimism. Despite everything, believe in yourself and dream - dreams come true. And still I want to tell many thanks for love. It is mutual. And I very much wait for a meeting with you.