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My pregnancy and childbirth, or I Go to get the child!

Tatiana Day, on January 25. I go to a drugstore, and in the head: “Saint Tatyana, let it will be the truth! If I give birth to the girl, then will be Tatyana! And if the boy, then I call the following girl of Tanechkaya...“. Test. Two stripes. Them waited for three years - here it, happiness!

of ultrasonography in 12 weeks. “Oh, what kid pretty!“ I ask again: “In sense?!“ The doctor repeats, says that the kid beautiful, deploys the monitor... I hear cheerful screaming “About - about - oh!“ - it appears, it is my voice.

24 weeks. A floor is still not known, but lyalik put out the tongue - well though language was seen. In 12 weeks of an admiring the photo from last ultrasonography suddenly understood that a profile - the copy the father.

I cannot be registered in a maternity welfare unit - do not prescribe in a passport office, to native - that to the husband. Speak supposedly 2 houses stand on one piece of the earth, the grandmother`s consent - co-owners is necessary. And the grandmother - that not against. Was. Did not wait for the notary any 2 days that permission to issue officially. And the son will be able to come it into inheritance only in half a year - that is in 2 months after my childbirth. Without consent do not want to register - are afraid to restrain the rights of the grandmother. And it is not important them that houses behind fences, and even gates from different streets.

I Am going to give birth itself - I read books. Very much the niece - a chetyryokhletka pleases - uses my navel as the microphone during communication sessions: “Lyalenka, piivt!“ “Lyalya, we love you“. We love - all but the state, to register not the person interested.

of 30 weeks. Same procedure. The kid as sat down on a bottom in 24 weeks, and sits in a lotus pose facing me - or in me. SMS from the girlfriend working at “ambulance“: “Be not afraid! Today on a call delivered“. At someone happiness.

suddenly passport answers

In 2 weeks in the affirmative. The registration is - run behind the policy and to get registered. Analyses. Great happiness! The therapist in zhk heard noise in heart, told to make ultrasonography. I went to show the heart. The kind doctor told:“ And you know, heart disease - that indeed is“. To live almost to 30 and to learn about feature of a structure of own heart - here cheerfully. Doctors say that it is impossible to give birth, a rodorazresheniye - Caesarian... I do not want, it is necessary to try most - will sustain my heart!

of 37 weeks. Relaxed: documents are normal, the last on Wednesday morning to make the test also beauty! For now the sofa bothered - costs not so, I will move... No, heavy - the sister I will ask to help. The husband will come from work - a surprise, in the room all in a different way. And the day after tomorrow session begins - rather, missed on all the. Just from September 8 to September 26 I will close session, and 27 - go - to give birth, ideally coincided!

“You cottage cheese ate

?“ - the husband`s voice in the receiver. I hate cottage cheese! Perhaps to throw out? It is a pity and not in my habit to throw out products. “No, did not eat yet, decided to make syrnichok. You want?“ Of course, wants! Cottage cheese the whole kilogram, and even less so is more than test... I fry. Was tired - the husband fries now, and I sit and I admire... Happiness - that what!

So, a bit earlier to go to bed, by 8 in the morning in zhk, to fast hand over dab and to 10 in University! The stomach twists something... These are cheesecakes - it was necessary not to eat, cottage cheese, probably, perelezhat. I awake the husband: “And estimate if it is fights?“. Both we laugh.

I Try to sleep farther... but cheesecakes nevertheless not fresh. Perhaps coal to drink? Or but - to a shp. Well, I do not love cheesecakes - but so he tried, fried them for me, it was necessary to eat. Here morning. I go in zhk, I smile with the doctor, we discuss something, then I say that intestines somehow twist... The doctor slowly turns to the assistant and speaks:“ Marines, cause - “ambulance“ - we to give birth we go“. Means, these are not cheesecakes...

How to give birth? I did not agree with the doctor still! The destiny predetermined everything: the nearest maternity hospital - on a sink, TsGB closed a week ago, one more was closed in the morning - I already from the paramedic of “ambulance“ learned it. We go to “five“. Long do not admit to maternity hospital. I say that with fights, - silently wave the head and ask to wait. I wait. Hour through one and a half I am made out in pathology, give a piece of paper with a surname and speak: “Tomorrow you will paste on a glass“. “What glass, I give birth!“ I am answered:“ Discuss it with the ward doctor“.

I Go to look for the doctor that to discuss everything. As a result we discussed that I already in labor. Masha the pieces of paper about heart also I say that I should be kesarit, - say to me that it on a discretion the manager. office. Survey at the manager: the child goes a bottom and one leg, speak far not to leave, the operating room is free, 10 minutes on preparation and forward - we discuss anesthesia.

I Get phone from a pocket - it is discharged, as always at the most necessary moments. I call the husband, he asks that doctors how many I will lie on preservation told... Ha! Naive! “I will be not long here... I already all... generally, I go to get the child“.

“Everything we remove

from ourselves, we unplait the hair and we put on this“, - in hands at the anesthesiologist of steam green a bakhilok. “And dressing gown?“ - “Too to take off a dressing gown“. Here those time. I stamp in one bakhilka on a table. It appears, I still forgot to put on a hat!

the nurse Resorts and says that I have no one analysis that it urgently needs dab, and it by all means will take it. The anesthesiologist with a smile turns to it and asks whether this dab will affect the course of events? And then the doctor - the fact that it is the manager came. office, recognized by dimensions. And then everything is a little vague - looked in the face of the doctor and assistants, caught itself on thought that it has very beautiful eyes - here at my kid would be same...

Later how many - that minutes of chekryzhashchy sounds and voices of physicians distinctly I distinguish the word “girl“ and I see krokhotulyu which was located on a palm of the doctor. “What small!“ At first showed me that it is the girl, but I already trust. “Show a face!“ . And here watch two small eyes at me... directly in soul look! One eye winks at me, and I hear soft “meow...“ and she continues to stare at me and at all around. I continue to be distressed that it is very small. The anesthesiologist says that for my term even large.

I Calm down. I try to find room into the head that this little man is that Lyalya who lived in a stomach. The feeling is interesting. Suddenly I understand that did not see, in how many it was born. I begin to look around hours - probably, it is such attempt to distract consciousness while I am sewed. I continue to lie and joke, I tell something... Unmask me, clean a sheet which hid from me the events, - I see the hollow stomach of color of ochre and a wide strip of an adhesive plaster.

we Go along a corridor. The nurse stops a wheelchair, comes into the room, leaves with my baby and allows me to look once again at it, brings this tiny face to my lips. I kiss it on a cheek. And the rebyatyonok chose date to itself amusing - 08. 09. 10.

I Go to chamber with the scary name “reanimation“. On a bed - my dressing gown, in a pocket - phone. If only it was not discharged ahead of time. I call the husband: “The subscriber is...“ I call mother, she instantly lifts a tube. I tell one word: “Tanusha“. I hear in reply a mother`s smile and the name “Tanechka“. Treacherous peep of phone: it was discharged. I understand that charging in pathology, I am going to descend behind it - and then I understand that I will make it later. For now it would be advisable to have a sleep. The main thing - transferred to mother, and she will inform of this light news... “Saint Tatyana! Thanks to You!“. Thanks - for my Tatyana!

Now our Tatyanke 2,5 years. The strange cheerful baby with an adult look. And eyes at it and the truth beautiful.

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