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Manicure and pedicure in salon and houses - as it is correct

When we at last get rid of gloves, warm clothes and woolen tights, at once we pay attention to the hands and legs. They now always on a look - means, it is a high time to be engaged in them properly, and also to try something from novelties of the cosmetic industry. Manicure and a pedicure - simple, but important rules from the expert, and also the review of interesting means on a manicuring and legs.

Now, after winter, the main problem is a dryness of skin, dryness of nails.“ Who even had good, strong nails earlier, complain that they break, and skin dries, - Natalya Seleznyova, the nail technician of Dreams of Victoria salon tells. - Here good, careful leaving is necessary: it is desirable to choose cosmetics where many oils - creams contain, masks with oil of a calendula or jojoba very well help from dryness“.

at first apply to

In salon liposomny gel which promotes the best penetration of the subsequent product, then - a mask, bags put on then, and then put on warm mittens or socks - and action of a mask amplifies under the influence of heat.

Should look after and behind a cuticle - there are special pencils softening it between procedures which can be carried with themselves and to use at any time. When soften a cuticle, also the nail root is at the same time softened - as a result the nail grows healthier.

For care of skin of hands the Austrian La Ric brand has unusual and very effective remedy - “a liquid glove“. It is transparent gel with the batcher which is easily put, it is quickly absorbed and long keeps.“ “ It is good “to put on“ liquid gloves in the morning before an exit from the house or before beginning household chores - and they will protect skin from harmful effects thanks to addition of silicone and oil of a peach.

Manicure from La Ric are an and light massage, and a fragrant peeling which is put with a piece of a lemon or petals of roses. The main feature of procedures from La Ric are an aromavorotnik on shoulders and the warming soft boots. The soft pillow filled with rice with aroma at choice - mint, mango, a lemon with cinnamon - is warmed up, and then while you do manicure or a pedicure, relaxes tight muscles and shrouds in a pleasant smell. It is possible to achieve the same effect and at home, or having bought a collar in salon, or most having thought up something similar. In general, where you did procedure - houses or in salon - it surely has to be not only useful, but also pleasant.

hands needs to look after more in the winter, and legs - in the summer.
“If to speak about a pedicure, then by that who has a dry skin the hardware pedicure - it more sparing is better to choose

. It is good to process strong natoptysh an edge or special files. But it is anyway obligatory to avoid load of legs one or two days after all superfluous is removed, and to apply nutritious creams while skin breathes and did not coarsen“, - Natalya explains.

the Pedicure needs to do

once a month, then to support his houses by means of pumice and special cosmetics. Experts advise manicure to do time in 2 weeks.

Varnish or Shellac?

Having done all necessary manipulations and having achieved soft, well-groomed, healthy skin, it is possible to think also of beauty: it is time to choose a covering. But what of them the most harmless?“ Any varnish dries a nail plate, - Natalya Seleznyova tells. - And, of course, the longer the covering keeps, the it influences a nail stronger. Let`s tell, Shellac can “live“ 3 weeks - at the expense of the acids which are contained in it. Therefore it is impossible to put Shellac constantly, sometimes from it it is necessary to have a rest. On nails it is visible when it is necessary to give them rest, and instead of a bright covering to choose a special medical varnish“.

the Relative novelty of the Moscow salons - MINX stickers. The American invention, these stickers strike with a variety of coloring and drawings: on nails there can be everything that you want - the British flag or a leopard pattern.

For singularity of MINX were especially fallen in love by the stars which are eager for constant attention to themselves: really, such manicure will absolutely draw attention of people around. But at all shock value this way is absolutely harmless: any acids, any harmful effects on nails - just glue which is linked to a surface when heating. MINX by means of a special infrared lamp therefore procedure can be done only in salon are put.

According to promises of producers, stickers stick to of 4 - 8 days, but that who wants longer effect can be covered from above with shellac. But also after its drawing MINX all the same remains the most sparing type of a covering. Procedure cost - about 2000 rubles.

If your choice - a classical varnish, then now in fashion Christina Fitzgerald varnishes - very many Moscow salons began to work with this American brand, and it is possible to understand why. In - the first to select color of a varnish is a separate pleasure. Shades - the sea, everyone is good in own way, and at everyone the character - and even a name. Christina calls them and on association with some impressions, and in honor of friends and acquaintances. Let`s tell, one is called Margaret, another - David, and the third - Toy box (“a box with toys“).

Already well-known.

She calls it “manicure on the fan - Shui“: the middle finger is responsible for career, anonymous - for love, and, excreting them with a contrast varnish, it is possible to activate also that, and other zone.

Varnishes of this brand are known to

for special firmness. Before drawing a covering bond is surely used - it is the company Christina Fitzgerald base which is on sale together with a varnish. After a varnish it is necessary to put a fixer - it adds gloss and protects a varnish. The manicure differs in the fact that it bezapparatny and bezobrezny - everything becomes by means of an individual disposable nail file to which 4 stickers are applied: for a cuticle, for a nail - generally carefully to process everything that is necessary. But here experience of the master that procedure was painless and effective is important.

Safety of manicure is a separate subject. As try if for hours to wipe a plate or to cut vegetables, it is difficult to expect from a covering of special firmness. Therefore experts persistently recommend to get convenient economic gloves for homeworks.

Well, and, above all in personal care is to find for everything time. For those who have children and there is nobody (or there is no wish) to leave them, in Dreams of Victoria salon there is a nursery (500 rubles an hour), special procedures if the child decides to be tonsured together with mother - and even a big red parrot.

Galina Kasyanikova