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Vegetarian recipes: what can be eaten in a post? 4 dishes from bean and grain

How to diversify a vegetarian or lenten menu? Recipes from bean, cereals and vegetables will come to the rescue. Today we managed to collect the whole lunch from vegetarian recipes. However, strict vegetarians or observing a post should refuse cheese in pesto sauce and as seasoning to soup and to change the recipe of cutlets from chick-pea a little (it contains yogurt, egg and butter).


to the Color minestrena with pearl barley and green pesto

It is surprising, but the recipe to the minestrena - this world famous Italian soup - at all and not the recipe, and it is rather a guide to action. And all because it is necessary to train him from seasonal vegetables - what now can be bought in the local market or to bring together at itself on a site. The main thing that these vegetables were various, and soup turned out dense and rich.

In our recipe we suggest to strengthen advantage of this vegetable soup addition of pearl barley. This grain from barley contains invaluable material for creation of proteins in an organism - amino acids including irreplaceable, and still the impressive list of minerals and vitamins. to you it is required by

to p:

For pesto:

a green basil 1 big bunch
  • garlic 2 cloves
  • pine nuts of 2 tablespoons
  • olive oil of 4 tablespoons
  • salt 1 pinch
  • parmesan of 25 g
    1. Pearl barley we presoak
      • in cold water for 10 hours. Next day small we slice carrots, onions and a stalk of a celery. In a big pan for soup we pour olive oil and we put the crushed vegetables there. We brown till golden color.
      • Pearl barley is washed well out and we send to a pan to vegetables. We mix several minutes, and then we fill in with warm water, we salt, we add bay leaf, we close a cover and we cook 30 minutes.
      • During this time a cauliflower we sort
      • on small inflorescences, we cut sweet pepper small cubes, zucchini is cut lengthways and then - thin slices, we scald tomatoes boiled water, we husk and we cut cubes.
      • When pearl barley is almost ready
      • , we put the cut vegetables and we prepare 15 more minutes. We add salt and pepper and we leave to be drawn at least a couple of hours. So soup will gather taste and aroma.
      • For pesto we mix in the blender all ingredients, except parmesan, to uniform mashed potatoes. We salt and implicate small polished parmesan. Before giving in each plate with the minestrena we put a spoon pesto and we strew from above with grated parmesan.
    Spicy lentil salad Lentil is known to


    since the most ancient times - Babylonians, Greeks and Romans prepared from it different dishes which as was considered, are capable to present to the person “health and composure“. And there is no wonder, lentil belongs to bean, so, in it there is not enough fat and a lot of protein.


    another Is surprising: it appears, and our ancestors “respected“ lentil - but then it was forced out from their tables by potatoes and other new products. Time to come back to sources came! to you it is required by

    to p:

    • French green lentil 1 of the Art.
    • salt 1 of h l.
    • cucumber average 2 pieces
    • red sweet onions of 1 piece
    • garlic 3 cloves
    • ½ parsley greens; bunch
    • greens of a coriander (cilantro) ½ bunch
    • red wine vinegar of 2 tablespoons
    • balsam ½ vinegar; h l.
    • lemon juice of 2 tablespoons
    • olive oil of 2 tablespoons
    • granulated sugar 1 pinch
    • dried peel ½ a lemon
    • fresh ground black pepper 1 pinch
    1. we Wash out lentil in cold water and we lower in the boiling water. Again we bring to boiling, we diminish fire, we cover and we leave to cook on slow fire approximately for 40 minutes. Lentil has to become soft, but not boil soft (green lentil well holds a form therefore it is so often used in salads). We salt at the end of preparation and we throw back on a sieve that water flew down.
    2. Cucumbers if necessary we clear
    3. of a peel and we cut on small cubes, in the same way we cut onions, we crush garlic and greens. We put vegetables and greens in a deep bowl and we add lentil.
    4. we Mix vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil, we add a sugar pinch, a polished lemon dried peel and properly we shake up everything (it is possible to use a can with a cover).
    5. filled in lentil salad with gas station and is carefully mixed. We salt, we pepper and once again we mix. We close and clean in the refrigerator to be cooled. We serve salad cold.

    of the Cutlet from chick-pea with saffron-yellow rice

    Bean and cereal on one plate is a pledge of the fact that you receive the maximum quantity of useful components and they will be acquired in the best way. Why not? Especially as this such tasty combination.

    to you it is required by

    to p:

    1. Chick-pea we presoak
    2. for the night in cold water. We wash out it, we fill in with water and we salt. We bring to boiling and we cook minutes 40 until chick-pea becomes soft. We merge liquid from cooking.
    3. Seeds of caraway seeds and a coriander we calcinate
    4. on a dry frying pan during of 1 - 2 minutes. we Fray in a mortar or we grind in the coffee grinder. Tremendous aroma is provided to our cutlets!
    5. In a frying pan we pour oil and 5 - 10 minutes we fry onions, garlic and green pepper. We add spice, we mix and we brown a minute more.
    6. Boiled chick-pea and a fresh coriander is crushed by the blender - the main thing to stop in time: we need not paste, and “impressive“ forcemeat. We shift in a bowl, we add the browned vegetables, yogurt and lemon juice. Carefully we mix and we season with salt and black pepper.
    7. we Shake up egg. From forcemeat we mold small cutlets about 1 cm thick, we dip everyone into egg and we roll in chick-pea flour (it is possible also in usual or in breadcrumbs). In a frying pan we heat vegetable oil and we fry cutlets approximately on 1 minute from each party, before emergence of a golden crust. We spread on tissues to get rid of surplus of oil.
    8. we give
    9. To a table, having decorated with fresh leaves of a coriander, and as a garnish it is possible to prepare saffron-yellow rice. The saffron is filled in with 2 tablespoons of boiled water and we leave to be drawn for 15 minutes. We heat oil in a frying pan, we add rice and we mix it carefully that each kernel of rice became covered by an oil film. We pour in the filtered saffron-yellow water and 2 more glasses of boiled water. We salt, we mix and we prepare under a cover on weak fire of 15 minutes. We remove from fire and we allow to be drawn 10 more minutes.
    the Baked pumpkin with a stuffing from a bulgur

    In this pumpkin is hidden by

    an unusual stuffing - whaet groats bulgur with spices, herbs, olives and nuts. It is nutritious, fragrantly, it is useful and it is tasty. What else to wish?

    to you it is required by

    to p:

    • pumpkin round whole weighing about 1,2 kg
    • garlic 2 cloves
    • salt 2 of h l.
    • rosemary 2 branches
    • flakes of Chile ½ h l.
    • nutmeg grated ½ h l.
    • ground cinnamon ½ h l.
    • olive oil of 3 tablespoons
    • red sweet onions of 1 piece
    • of olive, cleared of stones of 100 g
    • bulgur 1 Art.
    • of a pistachio cleared ½ Art.
    • dried peel of a lemon of 1 h l.
    • lemon juice of 2 tablespoons
    we Cook for
  • by
    1. pumpkin for a farshirovka: well we wash and we dry, we cut off and we postpone a top, a spoon we scrape out seeds and fibrous parts, and also we remove part of pulp from walls (we cut it on small pieces and we put still aside).
    2. In a mortar we pound a garlic glove, big shchepot salts, a half of the crushed rosemary leaves, flakes of Chile, a half of a nutmeg and cinnamon. If paste turns out dryish, we add a little olive oil. We grate with this paste pumpkin from within.
    3. In a big frying pan we warm olive oil and we lower in it pulp of pumpkin, the crushed onions and a garlic glove cut by circles of olive and the remained rosemary. We prepare on moderate fire of 10 minutes until pumpkin is softened.
    4. we put
    5. To mix on a frying pan bulgur, we salt and we mix. We add largely cut pistachios and a polished dried peel, the remained cinnamon and a nutmeg. We mix and remove from fire.
    6. we Warm an oven to 220 degrees. We fill pumpkin with a stuffing, we pour in warm water so that it slightly covered bulgur, we add lemon juice. We close an opening in pumpkin the cut-off lid. Before wrapping pumpkin in a double layer of a foil, we oil its peel olive. We put pumpkin in a foil in a deep heat resisting form. We bake not less than 1 hour, checking readiness a wooden skewer: if it easily pierces a peel - means, pumpkin is ready.
    7. we Take out a form with pumpkin from an oven and we cool. When laying we cut on segments and it is accurately displayed on plates.

    From the book “Vegetarianism. The best recipes“