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How to grow up seedling of a petunia and lobelia from seeds. Councils of the flower grower

it is not too simple to Grow up seedling of flowers, sometimes it is necessary to tinker. But spring cares are worth it: you will strive now - on a July bed multi-colored petunias and nebesno - blue lobelias will flash. How from seeds to receive healthy seedling of these plants, the flower grower - the fan tells.

From crops before blossoming of a petunia there pass approximately 3 - 3,5 months, this culture to frosts blossoms. I sow seeds in March. Some days before crops I water the soil with the preparation “Fitosporin - M“ for prevention from a black leg.

In a flat dish of 5 cm in depth I fill soil mix, I level, slightly I condense and I water. Then I mix nedrazhirovanny seeds with a small amount of river sand and evenly I scatter on a soil surface, I do not powder them with the earth. Drazhirovanny seeds evenly I display on distance 1 - 1,5 cm and I press them to the soil for the best contact.

I Cover a flat dish with a transparent package so that it did not adjoin to the soil. I puncture with a spoke openings for ventilation and I put capacities on a window sill. In each flat dish I sow seeds of one name. Throughout the entire period of cultivation of seedling I maintain temperature 18 - 20 º C. When there are mass shoots and cotyledons will be developed, I raise edge of a package.

Shelter I remove

later of 4 - 5 days: it is already noticeable by this time that plants clung to the soil backs a little and got stronger. While they are under a film, it is important not to allow formations of a mold on a soil surface. “Steaming“ of plants is also dangerous. Therefore in a sunny weather at a window I pull a gauze and slightly I raise a film from one side.

At an early stage of development of seedlings watering I carry out

to the pallet. I carry out the first sword-play to boxes of 5 cm in depth when plants let out the two first presents of a leaflet. I place seedlings in chessboard order at distance of 5 - 6 cm At sword-play of a plant I bury to cotyledonous leaflets. The first three days after sword-play seedling pritenyayu from direct sunshine.

the Soil for raspikirovanny seedling I do

to more nutritious, than for crops of seeds. I use peat soil, well ripened compost or humus and sand (in the ratio 3:1:0,5 volume parts). I carry out the first top dressing through 10 - 12 days after sword-play by weak infusion of the granulated chicken dung or suitable liquid organomineralny fertilizer. Further I feed up seedling weekly. If when landing the soil poor in organic chemistry is used, then top dressing it is necessary to carry out two times a week. I water plants regularly and moderately.

of the Plant I replace

in pots when they are closed. Dwarfish grades of a petunia are content with pots 9 × 9 cm, for a petunia of the average size I take capacities 12 × 12 cm, for especially powerful hybrids - 15 × 15 cm. I do the soil for change to even more nutritious. The ratio of peat soil to compost or humus makes 2:1, if necessary I add a little sand. I bury plants to the first couple of real leaves.

the Petunia is very photophilous

, even insignificant shading leads to lengthening of interstices and thinning of escapes. The seedling is filled up and becomes unsuitable. If such trouble nevertheless occurred, it is possible to try to rescue a situation. Remove the top part of plants at the level of lower of 4 - 5 leaves. whenever possible give to the Remained lower part of a plant horizontal position and accurately pin to the soil. Place pots with the cut-off plants in the light and warm place with a temperature of 18 - 20 º C. Through 10 - 12 days from bosoms of leaves lateral escapes will begin to develop, and the good magnificent bush is soon formed. After disembarkation of such seedling to the constant place the horizontal part of a stalk can be powdered with the soil or to leave pinned. It will exclude an otlamyvaniye wind of all plant from the stalk basis.

it is important to p not to allow a zagushchenny arrangement of plants. Intensively growing lateral escapes, for example, of an ampelous petunia have to grow horizontally and hang down naturally. If the seedling grows densely, then the plant gets a form of “the Beijing cabbage“. Lateral escapes and leaves are lifted up, and any more not to correct it, it is necessary to fence various props that they did not break off from wind and under own weight.

Seeds of a lobelia I sow

similar to a petunia. After emergence of shoots I reduce temperature to 14 - 15 º C. Throughout the entire period of cultivation of seedling of a lobelia in house conditions I try to keep temperature in limits 15 - 16 º C. As well as the petunia, a lobelia is photophilous, blossoms approximately in 90 days from crops and very long remains elegant.

the Soil for sword-play of a lobelia I do

same, as for sword-play of a petunia. If it is impossible to raspikirovat on one seedling at once, then I do intermediate sword-play. I use boxes of 5 cm in depth in which I place seedlings on several pieces together in chessboard order with a step of 4 - 5 cm Slightly grown up plants I dive again in pots with a diameter of of 10 - 15 cm with distance of 2 - 4 cm they grow In these capacities before landing to the constant place.

If a lobelia to dive bunches, then escapes grow at thinner and flowers turn out more small. I feed up a lobelia moderately, otherwise the plant can zazhirovat to the detriment of blossoming. I prishchipyvat tops of escapes to create magnificent bushes.

the Petunia and a lobelia quite easily transfer sword-play and change, perfectly grow both in pottery culture, and in soil. The main problem for the beginner - to master the first sword-play of small seedlings.

E. Shutova