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Drawing with the kid: first games and occupations. When to begin?

If you decided to be engaged with the kid in drawing, remember that in the first years of life the little man actively learns and opens for itself world around. And drawing for it is a peculiar game, experiment, a way of the embodiment of his children`s imaginations too.

can be played not only with cubes and dolls. It is possible to think out and draw interesting stories on paper, to do paper clothes, a bed and furniture for the same paper dolls, to draw maps of roads for toy travel etc.

Show to the child as much as possible ways of drawing, and you will notice manifestations of his own imagination already soon.

What is given to the child of occupation by drawing?

When to begin occupations with drawing?

Interest in drawing appears at children very much early. They see how the senior children and adults draw and write, and try to imitate them. It is possible to stimulate this interest and not to wait when the child himself asks for you pencils or paints, and to suggest it to draw specially.

Let at first he only observes

how you draw. Its handles are still quite weak to hold a brush or a pencil. Approximately from 4 months it is possible to suggest the child to draw paints fingers and palms. And when handles will get stronger, that is is closer by second year of life, offer it at first a brush, then pencils and felt-tip pens.

you do not hurry to learn to draw the child from the first occupations. Just allow it to remove an amusing scribble on paper. It is the first stage of drawing which there passes your kid. Experts call it a maraniye stage . Approximately till 2 years your little artist will play a pencil, just striking it on paper and not creating concrete images.

At this stage of development of the child you can teach

the kid :

How to teach the child it is correct to li to hold a pencil?

the Correct, three-manual successful fellow needs to be formed gradually. And it is possible to begin long before the kid begins to draw a pencil.

At first the child learns to take

objects big and index fingers. This skill is formed approximately in of 9 - 10 months. its special games Will help to develop.

When small fingers will make these manipulations with ease, begin to form three-manual hold. For this purpose take the following advice:

we Choose by

pencils and felt-tip pens

So, short and trihedral pencils will teach the kid to hold them correctly.

Besides, the first pencils for drawing have to be very soft that without strong pressing to leave a mark on paper. It can be wax and plastic pencils, pencils on a water basis. They are easily sharpened by usual sharpeners, leave soft and equal strokes, drawings turn out saturated and bright. Such pencils do not soil hands, easily wash off from clothes, have no smell.

I of course, your kid without effort will be able to draw felt-tip pens. Now on sale there are harmless felt-tip pens with the ink based on food dyes. Also felt-tip pens which are easily washed away from hands and from clothes are on sale.

With what to begin with


At first show

to the baby as it is necessary to use a new subject correctly. Draw something simple and clear to the kid - the line, simple figures, a lodge, a cloudlet, the sun. After that give a pencil to the child and surely praise it if he draws at least couple of strokes or points.


the handle of the kid in the hand and slowly draw together with it at first direct and wavy lines, circles, ovals, then gradually complicate the image. So you will help the child to master quicker the main movements, involve his muscle memory.

Occupation will turn out interesting and informative if you read verses or to sing a song and at the same time to draw what you speak about or sing. The more songs, verses, fairy tales, humourous catchphrases you know, the it will be easier for you to think up a drawing plot.

do not forget

about Suteev`s fairy tales “A little mouse and a pencil“, “A rooster and paints“, “A whimsical cat“. These fascinating fairy tales in pictures are loved by all kids without exception. Besides in them on steps it is shown how to draw, for example, a cat.

we Learn to draw lines

That the kid could draw that he conceived, it needs to learn to remove a pencil the most different lines - straight lines, wavy, to sphere them, an oval etc. And if to us, adults, it is possible to draw a pencil any line, then for the kid it is the real work. The child did not learn to control the movements of a hand yet and it is still difficult to it to cope with writing-materials.

Therefore one of the first receptions to which you can teach the young artist is to draw lines. For this purpose suggest it to play the following games.

of “Soyedinyalka“. This game not only gives the chance to be trained in removal on paper of straight lines, but also develops logical thinking. It is necessary to be prepared for it in advance. Draw or paste on a sheet of paper of the image and suggest the child to connect them lines, following a certain logic. It is possible to give to the kid such tasks:


can Gradually complicate tasks.

“Finish drawing the picture“. Suggest the child to finish drawing missing details. Let at first it will be just straight lines, for example:

Let the kid will connect heads of flowers to a vase, balls with the little man`s hand.

Draw with

a cloudlet and together with the child a rain. Draw the earth, and the kid let will draw a grass.

Cliches. Teach to draw the kid by means of a cliche. Now in shops a wide choice of cliches on different subjects - animals, vegetables, fruit, sea inhabitants etc. is presented. As cliches it is also possible to use cube sides - a sorter.

It is occupation trains muscle memory. Leading round cliches, the kid learns to draw the closed lines and figures.

“Lead round a subject“. Put glasses, cubes, a framework and inserts on a sheet of paper and lead round a colored pencil. Then combine the corresponding subject with the figure drawn on paper. This game learns to lead round flat figures, and also to correlate the plane image and its contour.

I of course, do not forget to lead round handles of the kid - it occupation gives big joy to little artists.

of “Path“. Draw on path paper - two parallel lines. Suggest the kid to lead round at first them a finger, and then to carry out on them by a pencil.

the Finger needs to be led round that the kid understood a task. It also develops muscle memory. If you remember, at school pupils at first write letters and figures with a hand in air and only after that - to notebooks.

That the baby it was interesting to

, think up a plot. For example, at the beginning of a path draw a ladybug, and at the end - a lodge. And now together with the child help a ladybug to reach a lodge. It is also possible to help the truck to reach to garage, to the ship - to reach the island, and to a butterfly - to reach a flower.

we Learn to do to



Shading helps to develop skill of the continuous letter. It always becomes from left to right, the same as we read and we write.

“Cat and mouse“. For occupation needs a toy cat. Draw on paper lodges, and in them - mice.

Din - ding - Baume, ding - ding - Baume,
Goes a cat with a bell.
of the Mouse uslykhat at once,
Quickly ran away into a mink.
Close rather windows,
You will save mice from a cat.


to the kid how to hide mice from a cat, shading them.

For the first occupations draw small lodges that the handle of the child was not tired, and to it did not bother to draw. It is possible to use other characters - hares and a wolf, chickens and a fox. And it is possible to rescue nobody, and just to play at hide-and-seek.

As you can see, it is possible to teach the child to drawing elements even if you it are not able. There is a set of receptions by means of which it is possible to create original works, even without having any abilities to drawing.

If the child refuses to perform your tasks, do not insist. Let the kid draw, anything and somehow. It is much more important to support his imagination and independence, but not to teach technology of drawing.