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How to find the only thing? It is necessary to be always on the ball!

the Beginning

Authors of the book of “Rule“ (The Rules) of Ellen Feyn and Sherry Schneider made revolution in America when demanded from women to forget once and for all about an initiative in the relations with men. They long and carefully selected material, based on experience of happy women, and as a result developed the whole strategy of behavior.

Before beginning to use “Rules“ for achievement of the best, most improbable results - obtaining the offer and marriage with the man of the dream, - you have to become the best. No, not ideal and not dazzling, but just the best, so...

Make yourself the best! Than better you look, especially will be desired for the man of the dream. Perhaps and other men will begin to consider you more attractive and will begin to invite you to appointments. You should not consider any more that the man whom you meet, - only on the earth. You will cease to be anxious and will find self-confidence. When you look good and it is fine to feel, you will not want to violate “Rules“ any more.

We are not nutritionists, but we know how to eat properly - proteins, fruit and vegetables. Healthy food improves a condition of the person. And physical exercises promote release of endorphins which do you happier and more vigorous. Except a healthy diet, you need to be constantly in good shape! Register in fitness - club, buy video with record of exercises or begin to run in the next park (by the way, the excellent place for acquaintance to men who run or walk dogs). Exercises have to be pleasure - be wrung out under favourite music.

the Diet, exercises and “Rules“ have

much in common. You have to set a long-term goal above short-term satisfaction. You should feel a certain discomfort from - for the fact that you cannot eat cake or call the beloved. But you want to be in shape and want it is necessary to marry, so to do what has to. Make friends with the woman who is in the same situation and begin to run, go together to dances and to be uttered each other when the temptation appears to violate “Rules“. You are not obliged to perform this hard work alone at all!

the Diet, physical exercises and “Rules“ have
much in common. You have to set a long-term goal above short-term satisfaction.
If you seriously intend to find

the husband, you need to change idea of satisfaction. The satisfaction is when the man calls you, pursues you and asks to marry it. The satisfaction is not a so seductive ice cream or passionate appointment during which you violate “Rules“!

Self-improvement will help you to catch and hold the man. Try to get rid of bad habits. Forget about untidiness if you want to live with the man. Men like tidy women. They can become excellent mothers for their children - such mother will not forget the child on the beach.

Now clothes. If you go in what got, considering that what is inside, and not that outside is important, then you need to change! Men like women in fashionable, sexual clothes of bright flowers. Why not to please them?

If you do not understand clothes, read fashionable magazines and the corresponding books. Consult to the girlfriend whose taste always admired. Take yourself the consultant for shopping. It is the best of all to address the professional. Experts will help you to pick up clothes which will fit well and will hide all shortcomings unlike fashionable clothes which can be also not the best choice.


Choosing clothes, you remember that you are unique, are not similar to anybody another. You are a woman. Be not tempted with clothes a unisex. Buy womanly clothes which can be carried and during week-end, and in the working days. Remember that you put on for men, but not for other women so always try to look womanly.

you have to go in step with fashion, but not become her slave. Do not whittle away a fortune on what became fashionable in this season. In - the first, in the following all this can be inappropriate, and in - the second, all this can to you and not approach! We know women who put on in own style - wear, for example, men`s suits or huge sweaters of large knitting. They look fashionably, but is not sexual at all. Be a reasonable customer, but not the extravagant woman for fashion. Buy several beautiful classical things and combine them with less expensive objects.

Remember that you put on for men, but not for other women so always try to look womanly.

you Remember

: the fashionable clothes will not necessarily make you beautiful or attractive to men at all. Men not always like a type of “elf“ or long “babushkinsky“ skirts with heavy boots no matter how the similar shape was fashionable. Men like womanly women. You wear short skirts (but not too!) if it your legs allow.

do not consider yourself obliged to wear expensive clothes from the famous fashion designers. Men do not care about labels! You have to be beautiful, elegant and womanly. It is better to buy a usual dress if it on you fits well and hides your shortcomings, than a haute couture dress which will emphasize these shortcomings.

Stop at department of cosmetics and think of a make-up. All of us can look better, than is actually. Many of us do not even understand own potential, will not fall into hands of the stylist yet. Very often in department store it is possible to make a professional make-up absolutely free of charge - for the minimum purchase. Understand what colors to you go as the stylist imposes a make-up. Buy what he will offer (from what you are able to afford), and try to repeat at home. You do not leave the house without make-up. Use lipstick, even going to jog!


Do to

everything to look in the best way. If you have an ugly nose, perform plastic surgery; tint a gray hair; grow hair more long. Men love long hair which can be caressed and ironed. No matter, that your hairdresser and friends think. To you to tempt not them! Let`s recognize that hairdressers adore modest, short hairdresses - working with long hair long and tiresomely. And it is unimportant that it is easier to wash and dry short hair, it is unimportant that they at you thin. We are girls! We do not want to look as boys!

to you it will be simpler to p to look not similar to anybody another if you become the well-groomed woman. The manicure, a pedicure, cosmetics and massage have to become part of your life. Also do not forget about the most seductive spirits when you are going to leave, - but do not go too far!

A now when you learned a role, begin to play. Men love women. Do not behave as the man even if you head own company. Let men open for you a door. Remain the woman. Do not release sarcastic jokes. Do not laugh loudly over jokes, clapping themselves hands on knees. It is so possible to behave with girlfriends. But with the man you have to be quiet and mysterious, behave as the true lady, to sit with the crossed legs and to smile. You should not say too much. Put on black transparent tights and lift a skirt above to tempt representatives of an opposite sex! Perhaps, similar offers will offend you. You will tell that they suppress your intelligence and bright identity. Perhaps even it seems to you that you stop being by itself. But it will be pleasant to men!

be not cynical and suppressed. Do not tell about those who hurt you or humiliated you. Do not do the potential husband by the savior or the psychotherapist. Behave as absolutely happy person. Do not tell about yourself all. You tell “thanks“ and “please“. Behave as the lady with waiters, door-keepers and even taxi drivers. And then it will be easier for you to be the true lady on appointment.

If you never met men incidentally, go where - nibud: on dances, tennis (even if you do not play tennis), in club. Be in the most different places - show yourself!

Post the questionnaire on a dating site, communicate with people. Be not afraid to come for the evening for lonely, believing that men who go to such actions, not in your taste. You remember: you do not need a lot of men in your taste - you need only one! Never forget about it. And then you will forget about those sad days when you were convinced that the true love to you will never come!

Be continued.

From the book “Rules. How to marry the man of the dream“