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Formula of happy marriage. The most sensible rules from British of

Today at us an unusual practical work of family life: these councils were published in 1936 in England - and did not become outdated at all! Though the alignment of forces in a family strongly changed since then, nevertheless, these obvious and simple recommendations are often so sensible and logical that it is worth adhering to them also to us.

at the heart of partnership and behavior in marriage kindness and tolerance have to lie. You remember Shakespeare`s words: “Not appearance in the woman, and kindness of my love is worthy“? (“Taming obstinate“, M. Kuzmina Lane. - Primech. lane)

According to a golden rule of family life, only absolute unselfishness of both parties makes their union happy. In this case each of spouses makes a maximum of efforts to meet desires and aspirations of another, of course, if these desires are reasonable and competent.

at the same time should not expect

that marriage from the very beginning will be ideal. After the termination of a honeymoon of the relation will return to new, quieter normal. At this particular time you will begin to open in each other the shortcomings which are not noticed earlier. Perhaps, you suddenly will understand that the husband is far from perfect. It is not excluded that it will force you to feel deceived.

But, on the other hand, look objectively at yourself and ask: and what such surprising qualities you possess to become object of love for the ideal man? And then, whether you are ready to live all life near perfection and to conform to high requirements which are imposed by such neighbourhood?

the Husband will not always see things from the same point of view, as you. Believe, sometimes it is very useful to put himself on its place and to understand what needs to be changed in itself. Moreover, a little healthy criticism will never prevent.

Never abuse the husband in the face of other people. To people around from it it will become awkward, not to mention the husband - for his advantage it will be humiliating. Restrain, wait a little, let`s fit of anger settle. Over time all business will probably seem absolutely insignificant. Anyway, any your indignation, save face and continue to smile.

do not try to sort out the relations when someone from you is strongly busy, tired, upset or hungry. From it it will only be worse! Especially it concerns the moments when the man wants to eat. “Have a bite“, and both, and after a lunch you for certain with surprise will notice that the problem disappeared by itself.

Krom other, never resort in disputes to awful argument: “I spoke to you“. Many men react to it as a bull on a red rag. They consider that thus you try to approve the superiority and to take everything in the house in hand. And in general, as we already advised earlier, do not remember to the husband of his last mistakes and failures. Calm down, be not tormented on the fact that already passed.“ Let bygones be bygones“.

do not dare to lose self-control at those moments when the husband becomes angry. It will only aggravate a situation. Try not to do it remarks and not to tell frank causticities. In this case to the man it is necessary either to keep silent, or to be humiliated before to enter skirmish and to answer in a manner unworthy the gentleman.

you do not reach similar meanness and never you speak with each other in free tone - alone, in the company. If you behave so on public, to people around as it was already told, it will be feel ill at ease. To raise the voice on the husband - a sign of bad education. It is admissible, only if in the house the fire or you was overtaken by other danger of death.

be not late when you are going to go together with the husband somewhere. The idea as if it is necessary to keep waiting for the man, is thought up by near women. Not punctuality irritates, and the irritation is incapable to develop into passionate love and fidelity to a coffin.

Whenever possible try to be interested in p in what is interesting to your half. For example, if it is occupied by policy, try to understand these questions too to have an opportunity to keep up the conversation as equals. On the woman who cannot act as the worthy interlocutor, most likely, will look as at a doll, than as at the equal partner in marriage.

at the same time do not try to agree with the half in everything and always. Hold the opinion if, of course, it is proved. If you only assent, will never respect you. Obedience on which the strong family keeps never assumes loss by one of her members of the identity.

Always emphasize

that you wait from the husband of the same address for, as well as from other, unfamiliar man. It has to be so delicate and valid with you, as well as with any woman. The neglect from its party is simply inadmissible.

do not laugh at an old precept of obedience on which patriarchal marriages were based. Do not consider these laws of joint life old-fashioned. Words of Tennyson considering that the obedient wife latently directs the husband are very close to truth.

At the critical moments do not even think of running up. As soon as there is such temptation, remember happy days of love. Even if inquiries of the husband sometimes also tire you, hardly they so are intolerable to run from him on the world`s end - the main thing, to serve each other with pleasure and open heart.

Throw out the words “to me all the same“ from the lexicon. This council equally concerns both the husband, and the wife. In - the first, demonstration of such relation demonstrates the coming trouble. And in - the second - usually it is a lie: only in extreme cases of action of one half are absolutely indifferent another.

do not forget

that the clever woman is able to act dexterously and imperceptibly. She in most cases tries to obtain the, forcing the man to believe that the idea belongs to him. Probably, those who claim that the wife it becomes very frequent the main engine pushing the man forward on the way to success are right.

Remember that the small and graceful flattery can serve good service. Popular wisdom says that in the relations between men the flattery not always allows to achieve goals. But here the woman thus for certain will be able to achieve the desirable.


that the husband will hardly spend at home evenings if you are constantly busy with anything, only not his precious person. Pay it attention: give his favourite cozy dressing gown and convenient slippers, seat in a chair at a fireplace, sit down nearby and chat with it about everything on light that is interesting to both of you.

Clothes and personal care

Remember that faultless appearance, as a rule, testifies to faultless manners.


Choosing clothes, be guided not by tastes of other men and definitely not on preferences of the women surrounding you - do not try to outdo them at any cost. Put on what will be pleasant to the husband. Pay to a toilet the same attention, as well as to a wedding. If to your half it was especially fallen in love some of your dresses, from time to time put on it even if it got out of fashion. Do not forget that most of men are quite conservative in questions of the choice of clothes. Your spouse will be always glad to see you in that squad which calls at it pleasant memories, and the last Parisian collections to it not the decree.

it is silly to p to try on a thing of a certain style only because all carry it around. Choose what to you goes - here the main criterion by drawing up clothes.

Should not dress up too for a visit of restaurant or for a dinner in a narrow circle of friends. In this case there is quite enough dress for cocktail.

When you go for several days to the country, do not take only one output blouses, skirts with frills and dresses with an open back. The husband will be upset if you are not able to make with him a sortie in a picturesque, but hard-to-reach spot on the river bank or just to come for long pleasant walk on vicinities only because at you yourself only shoes high-heeled.

That who has no big savings should not be fond of purchase of the extravagant orders representing the last peep of changeable fashion. It is better to get something more classical, but qualitatively sewed, than to be fond of the superoriginal, but quickly outdate models.

Never you put to

cosmetics, being in the public place. It should be done only houses, in a bathroom or a bedroom.

Remember that the smile rejuvenates a face better than any cosmetic procedures. Thanks to its shine wrinkles disappear. The woman happy and happy with life for a long time remains attractive.

needs to Care not only about “ceremonial“, but also for a daily look. Such “trifles“ as the dirty head, the worn-out slippers and the faded linen, can kill all romanticism of the matrimonial relations. Since the morning, be already at breakfast fresh and elegant - it will load all family with optimism and energy for the whole day.

one rule of a good form which it is always necessary to remember Exists. The hostess of the house cannot be dressed more magnificently, than her guests. If nevertheless there are doubts that exactly to put on in this or that situation, make the choice for simpler dress - then definitely you will not be mistaken.

Take care as well of the husband`s clothes. The man`s neglect to own clothes became the talk of the town so you should see to its image (consider that on its background and you will look more respectably).

here should not take

A the half with itself in long raid on shops. You are interested in his opinion concerning this or that thing? Then at the very beginning of shopping look together at a subject of your general interest, and then release blessed ““.

do not make mischief and do not swear if the husband decided to put on something that it seems to you inappropriate. Let`s say he chose a tie with bright red and blue strips and decided to combine it with a brown suit. Neither to deride, nor it is not necessary to saw it. It is necessary to correct softly and unostentatiously its choice, gently to prompt the best option.

do not laugh if the husband suggests you to make changes to your clothes style. The good wife tries to look as the husband wants. And then opinion as if the stronger sex understands nothing it, mistakenly. On the contrary, men have the special view of fashion, and they quite often have interesting and unusual ideas. Pay attention: most of eminent fashion designers - men, but not women.

Be continued.

From the book “Rules of Private Life“