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Finger-type games. Deduction of a pose of a hand of

Finger-type games

Source: E. Seleznyova, “The mother`s book“, M.: MSP publishing house, 1997.


Those exercises which are done one hand the child has to learn to carry out
each hand, at first serially, then two hands at the same time.
can precede Performance of each exercise by the poem or a riddle.


of the Palm are sent to

the BOAT

Both palms are delivered to


Both palms are delivered to


of the Palm are vertically delivered to

the RING

the Hand leans on an elbow, fingers are fisted. At first big and index fingers become straight, connect in a ring. Other fingers are straightened and get divorced in the parties (fig. 1).


at an angle, finger-tips adjoin, the middle finger of the right hand is raised (pipe) up, tips of little fingers concern each other, carrying out a straight line: balcony (fig. 2).

That the house to construct

Reserve tes oak,
Bricks, iron, paint,
of the Nail, tow and putty.
A then, then, then
Begin to build the house.


the Thumb of the right and left hand together with the others form a ringlet. To bring ringlets to eyes (fig. 3).

On a horse top
Sits the Groin,
of the Book reads,
A of the diploma does not know.

the TAG

Four fingers (index, average, anonymous and a little finger) together, big is lowered down. The palm back to (fig. 4).

the tag,
Burns with

on the sun
As though I Fire lit
of A. Bartho


on an edge, thumbs are pressed to palms as a bucket (fig. 5).

the Boat floats on the small river, Leaving to
on water ringlets.


on an edge, little fingers are pressed (as a bucket), and thumbs are raised (fig. 6) up.

Engine Without wheels!
Here so a miracle - the engine! whether
it descended from mind -
Directly by the sea went!


Left palm vertically up. To its lower part the cam is put (a thumb to itself). If the child easily carries out this exercise, it is possible to change position of hands alternately for the account of “times“ (fig. 7).

it Has a back,
A never lies,
Is four legs,
A do not go also three. But always it costs
All orders to sit.


the Left hand is squeezed by

in a cam. From above the palm falls by a cam. If the child easily carries out this exercise, it is possible to change position of hands: the right hand in a cam, the left palm from above a cam. It is possible to do alternately into the account of “times“ (fig. 8).

was born

In the wood,
In the wood grew,
came To the house,
of All around itself put.

the RAKE

the Palm down, fingers are bent, “row“ (fig. 9).

Leaves fall in a garden,
Ya their rake I will rake up.


Big and index fingers of the left hand are connected by

in a ring. Through it ringlets from fingers of the right hand are alternately passed: big index, big average etc. This exercise can be varied, changing the provision of fingers. All fingers (fig. 10) participate in this exercise.

Fingers we touch
I a chain we receive.


against each other, little fingers are pressed (as the boat), and thumbs are bent inside (fig. 11).

the Starling lives in a nesting box
I the song ringing sings.

the BALL

All fingers of both hands are squeezed by

in “pinch“ and adjoin tips. In this situation we blow on them, at the same time fingers take the sphere form. Air “comes out“, and fingers accept a starting position (fig. 12 and, b).

the Sphere inflated two girlfriends
was Taken away the friend at friends -
scratched All!
Burst a sphere, and two girlfriends
Looked there is no toy,
Sat down and began to cry...
A. Shibayev


of the Palm on themselves, fingers are passed among themselves (palms at an angle to each other). Fingers are exposed forward. Lokotki do not nestle on the case (fig. 13).

blossoms in the Spring,
yields a fruit in the Summer,
does not wither in the Fall,
does not die in the Winter.


of the Palm on themselves, fingers intertwine and lokotka get divorced in the parties. Palms as if part, and between fingers gaps are formed. Big fingers form the handle (fig. 14).

In the wood a basket I take
I mushrooms in it to a treasure.


the Backs of hands are turned by

up, fingers of both hands are crossed. The middle finger of the right hand is lowered down, and the child freely swings it (fig. 15 and, b).

the Hand bell of blue
Bowed to us with you.
Hand bells - flowers
are Very polite... And you? E. Serova

the DOG

the Left palm on an edge. The thumb up, is slightly bent. The forefinger is bent, average and anonymous together. The little finger alternately falls and rises (fig. 16).

Four chetyrka,
Two rastopyrka,
Seventh vertun,
A the grumbler.

the CAT

Average and anonymous fingers rest

in big Index and are raised a little finger (fig. 17) up.

the Animal in a satin fur coat,
Near the furnace is heated by

At our Anyutka
Without water washes.


Average and anonymous fingers rest

against big. Index and a little finger are bent in arches and are pressed to average and anonymous fingers (fig. 18).

the Small ball
Under a floor rummages.


Fingers in a cam. To expose up index and average fingers. To move with them in the parties and forward (fig. 19).

On a lesochka pryg - pryg,
On a snezhochka tyk - tyk.

of Predyduyushchaya chapter
is farther than