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How to prepare balabushka? Recipes of the Belarusian remote place of

Why “are more tasty than a balabushka from the grandmother“? And in general, what balabushka such are? If it is short, then balabushka - an ancient Belarusian dish which is prepared long since in fast days by keepers of national traditions in villages near Osipovich.

of Osipovichi - the regional center of the Mogilev region, outside Belarus known in the basic as a large railway junction. But around steel highways in the territories won from bogs usual Belarusian villages which residents store were stretched and transfer original recipes of a local cuisine from generation to generation.

Balabushki - a simple, fast, but nourishing dish which is prepared not every day. In my opinion, not because wait for a holiday or a post, and because of not absolutely usual recipe. For preparation of balabushka use a flax seed.

Lyon for Belarusians - a traditional commercial crop. Local manufactories long since were famous for linen fabrics whereas cotton on the Belarusian fields never was. But it developed so that once prospering branch gradually fell into decay. In recent years the lnovodstvo though “rises from knees“, but very slowly.

For certain in old times when flax sowed fields near each village, the seed of flax was more popular, than today. Today this food product is almost forgotten, it was forced out by other products which are simpler and more favorable for making. It is forgotten lyon absolutely unreasonably, considering its nutritional value. The interest in a flax seed which is waking up in recent years is caused it by useful properties which value was noted still by Avicenna and Hippocrates.

The seed of flax is rich with protein, on structure similar to soy. Except protein in it to 40% of fats, 22% of carbohydrates and 8% of cellulose. Oils from a linen seed receive twice more, than from soy, and biologically active fatty acids, that well-known the Omega - 3, in linseed oil is one third more.

Except a linen seed balabushka require a “strategic“ Belarusian product - potatoes. The ratio is approximately following: on 5 average potatoes use a quarter of a glass of a linen seed moreover salt to taste. That`s all ingredients.

With potatoes everything is simple, it is cleaned and cooked, as usual. In the village - often in the old manner, in a chugunka and in the furnace, and in the city - in a saucepan on the gas stove or in the modern crock-pot. Boiled potatoes are pounded in mashed potatoes without any excesses, like butter, milk or sour cream.

With flax it is more difficult. Today it is difficult to find a seed of flax in sale. But in villages which - where lyon raise still “for themselves“, overworking on ancient technology, as well as ancestors.

The linen seed for preparation of balabushka is necessary istoloch, and then to sift through a sieve. For crushing peasants use a wooden mortar and the pusher. “Constant dropping will wear away a stone“, - a saying just for such a case.

However, the modern kitchen equipment gives the mass of opportunities to facilitate this operation. Using the blender or the coffee grinder, it is possible to receive linen flour of any degree of a grinding.

The crushed and sifted linen seed is added to pounded potato, added some salt, mix weight and mold from it oval pies - cutlets of the size of a half of a palm. That “dough“ did not stick to palms, they are oiled vegetable. The longer and more vigorously to roll balabushka, the more exactly and more densely they turn out.

Ready balabushka spread on a frying pan and send to the heated furnace “on lyogki spirit“. In the city they are baked in a usual oven on a baking sheet within 10 - 15 minutes. There is enough that balabushka were just reddened.

Bon appetit!


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