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Homeworks - with mother, with the tutor, most. From what class?

of the Teacher have to learn, and school students - to study. Who would argue, but in practice parents are very often involved in educational process today - one are dissatisfied with quality of teaching, others cannot cultivate independence in the child. What there is a successful study at school of?

Independence or control?

“I was very responsible child and studied well, - Anna Minayeva told. - My mother never penetrated into my school affairs. Respectively, when my daughters went to school, I was convinced that study - a personal record of the child, homework - a zone of its responsibility, and parents should not interfere with this process excessively.

Certainly, at first I controlled performance of tasks, directed, prompted, helped to collect a portfolio. But to the third class I weakened control, being always ready to help when they asked me a question. It would seem, such approach has to bring up a sense of responsibility in children.

At PTA meetings one teachers directly said that they wait from parents of active participation in educational process. Others complained of the carelessness, outstanding tasks left at home notebooks and compasses.

Fuel to the fire was added by the parents of schoolmates nonplusing me a question: “In what way you solved a yesterday`s problem?“ I looked away and muttered something, and having come home, first of all rushed to children`s notebooks. If the task was solved correctly, me maternal pride was filled if is not present, - doubts in my parental full value tormented“.

Unfortunately, free from rigid control of the daughter Anna learned to bungle. If the task seemed difficult or unclear, girls left it unfinished. - four numbers on mathematics they could only make of three two, and about the others “to forget“. Once having convinced that subquality work escape punishment, sisters began to repeat vicious practice. It proceeded until at the next meeting Anna did not learn about this outrage.

Anna feels the guilt that the girls who are perfectly prepared for school did not equal her hopes for excellent study - in 4 - 5 - x classes among quarter marks the three began to dawn. Next year to school there is her younger son, and it prepares for “correction of mistakes“.

“I came to a conclusion, - Anna says, - that it is necessary to give to the child responsibility for the study gradually, checking and being convinced that he copes with this responsibility. Apparently, a certain share of control which will not allow them to relax and afford up to the end excessive carelessness in study is necessary for my children. Simple question: “You made lessons?“ it is not enough, from time to time I have to look through notebooks, ask questions about oral objects and communicate with teachers“.

not to learn

, but to bring up

too at first did not come to Vera Ivanova to mind to sit down to do homework with children.“ There were moments at elementary school when I tried to join in process of check of homeworks, - she remembers. - Would not try better: tears, shouts, the spoiled mood at all. The only thing - I constantly lead preventive discussions concerning importance of knowledge acquisition, not estimates! Though to 7 - go a class for the three deprived of the computer for the weekend. Now this rule does not work as the computer should be used often for study. But recently it was necessary to block all social networks, and first of all VKontakte.


In a gymnasium in which my children study to all parents it was told unambiguously:“ They have to do homework. Did not execute - have to answer. Business of parents - to control process of training and to create conditions“. Though at PTA meetings it becomes clear that many mothers literally study together with the children, it is aware of everything that children pass in a class. In my opinion, it is search“.

Vera is not sure by

that she took the correct position on school affairs. But again she does not wish to take a course of high school. Therefore when “absolutely zatyk“ with which they cannot independently deal it causes in her children the tutor.“ Though it is, in my opinion, just a craze, - Vera considers. - Ideally they have to understand independently or ask teachers to explain what they misunderstood. It is a question of motivation - how strongly the person wants to learn and as far as it is important for it. We are parents, our business - to bring up, motivate, direct - and all. To teach sciences is a business of teachers“.

If lost interest


Any training costs on three foundations: motivation, way of supply of material, individual abilities to assimilation of this or that information. That is the possible reasons of lack of interest in study (and them there can be one thousand) will vary in three aspects:

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It is obvious that parents can help with each of these three reasons of school failures. The main thing - in time to see that the school student lost desire to go to lessons and to perform homeworks. A task of parents - not to let matters drift and if there is a feeling that with school at the child not everything develops, in due time to take measures, perhaps, having consulted with experts and school teachers.

“If at school you are told “do not worry, ourselves will make everything“, I would not advise parents to trust such promises“, - Natalya Ivanovna Novikova, the director of “The first school“ is convinced. Marina Nikolaevna Smirnova, the director of the Center of individual training and development “Opportunity“ entirely agrees with it: “When children feel that parents are interested in their affairs, rejoice to progress, help if suddenly started slipping, then they also behave in a different way. And vice versa - everything is very sad if the school student comes home only to have a sleep, be washed and to play on the computer. As if you were busy with the problems, it is necessary to find time for the child“.