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Bulgaria with children and without: where it is better? The review of the Bulgarian resorts

Bulgaria so close from us that many, being going to foreign resorts, go in fine far at once, and it as though “fly by“. And very in vain: in Bulgaria there is everything that is necessary - both the sea, and mountains, and interesting excursions for adults, and entertainments for children.

the Former country of a socialist camp, in 2007 Bulgaria was a part of the European Union, but not up to the end: the currency still local - Leva and to drive to the country according to the Schengen visa became possible only since the beginning of 2012. With the Bulgarian visa it is impossible to get to a zone of Schengen - some members of the EU object to the final entry of the country into the European Union, accusing Bulgaria and Romania of inability to control the borders. Nevertheless, in that, as for tourism and service, Bulgarians very much try to follow the European standards - and at them it turns out. The prices at the same time - so long! - not so European for this reason the flow of tourists grows every year. Our compatriots are attracted also by lack of a language barrier.

Resorts in Bulgaria work with

all the year round. Length of the Black Sea coast - 378 kilometers - and almost all are covered by wonderful is white - golden sand. And resorts. Let`s begin the review with the South and we will move on the North.


Sozopol - the big city on the southern coast: small and big shops, cafe on rocks by the sea where it is possible to stay eternity, souvenir disorders, speeches of visiting singers that was where to descend in the evening - generally, it is possible to conduct the real resort life here. Only beaches are small therefore new hotels are under construction in a distance from the city.


Some buy by

of apartments on the coast at once. Let`s tell, the French actress and model Laetitia Kasta bought the apartment in Sozopole who conquered it while she acted in the movie nearby, on Saint Anastasia`s island. And in general Russians are the main buyers of the Bulgarian real estate at the sea. What is unsurprising: the prices - the lowest of all European Union countries. The most quick-selling goods - apartments at the price from 40 to 60 thousand euros - such transactions are made the last 2 years much. There is more expensive housing, but behind it the Russian buyers go, probably, further, to the Mediterranean Sea.

not to think of whether there will be a place on the beach, should consider hotels near Sozopol.

of of Arkutino, Sozopol

Hotel of ARKUTINO RESORT 4 * - the cozy and very silent hotel mislaid in dunes - for fans of a privacy, rest and poorly populated beaches. The hotel is ideal for families with kids - environmentally friendly products from subsidiary farm of which owners of hotel very much are proud (and it is fair), fresh air, lack of noise, night discos and crowds of vacationers. Anything, except the wood, a strip of dunes low, overgrown with a grass, and the sea. The only trifle becoming important when on hands the small child - the hotel costs on a hillock therefore it is necessary to climb steps often. And to the sea it is necessary to go on a wooden flooring through dunes. Very romantically and poetically, but with a carriage, we will tell directly, not really conveniently. But all this small cavils, actually, hotel very pleasant and silent.

of of Arkutino, beach and bar

Hotel of LAGUNA BEACH RESORT & SPA 4 * is on the other side of Sozopol on the seashore and will be suitable for those who come around a big family and for a long time. In the main building - 37 apartments of various size overlooking the swimming pool, the small river and the sea. On a roof there are jacuzzis - bar and a barbecue. Still is 3 - floor country houses with apartments, different in size, with kitchen. The hotel territory small for such number of the people, but the VIP - country houses strike with scope - on terraces it is possible to hold a chamber secular reception.

of the Lagoon the Scourge, Sozopol



- the large balneological resort. The Pomor dirt carries on all resorts and SPA of Bulgaria. Israelis go a stream, having disdained the Dead Sea because all balneological services in Bulgaria it is strong cheaper. SPA - hotels offer special 3, 5 and 7 - day the programs including both massages, and face packs and bodies. The combination of mineral sources and dirt is very useful for treatment, rehabilitation and just disposals of a stress - and, not only in the summer.

of of Sanset Rezort, Pomoriye

the Huge hotel complex SUNSET RESORT 5 * where on a reception we were met by lovely girls Petya and Vanya (here such female names at Bulgarians) is the whole city where there is everything for rest. Six cases, six restaurants closed and outdoor pools, bowling, cafe, separate country houses with apartments directly on the beach, big children`s club with a labyrinth - and one more separate - directly overlooking the big beach. Umbrellas and plank beds at room reservation with food of all inclusive are included in cost that in Bulgaria is important because the prices of them in each resort the, but everywhere rather big - 6 - 8 euros for a set.

Long distances in the territory of hotel allow not to forget

about physical activity, and nearby shops - to be bought by products to prepare in apartments.

of of Sanset Rezort, Pomoriye

Near this hotel complex, on the second line, is hotel of Festa Via Pontica Resort with magnificent family numbers whose area expiates some remoteness from the sea. In the same place - winery of Via Pontica : having opened in 1932, it still accepts tourists, bragging of huge barrels and the wines - red, white and pink. On tasting under a light meal and different grades - for example, a traminer with a rose smell - tell stories: that pink wine becomes because at several o`clock add cake and stones to a wine mash and that 2 glasses of wine a day - it are simple - norm, obligatory for health.

the Solar coast

Is the biggest Bulgarian resort town extended on 5 kilometers along beautiful beaches. There is everything: shops, restaurants, discos, casino, night bars on the beach where it is possible to lie in hammocks under the star sky. Two huge aquaparks - so strong competition that persons interested to drive from huge waterslides through all city are brought together by free buses - enough only to find a stop with the bright poster.

Resort youth and very democratic. Such feeling that got to the campus which was forgotten to be dismissed for vacation: the main crowd is the European school students and students.

of Helena Park, the Solar Coast

But is places and for public is more exacting. For example, hotels of HELENA RESORT 5 * . That that slightly far away from the sea - of HELENA PARK 5 * - works on the all inclusive system. The fact that all inclusive is ideal for rest with children should not be told, probably. And for uncharged juvenile children of couples and the companies perfectly will approach hotel of HELENA SANDS 5 * where the price of number included a breakfast and a lunch. First-class SPA hotel offers special local procedures: with the Bulgarian herbs and sour milk.

of Helena Sends

Absolutely near the Solar Coast - the most visited city of Bulgaria - Nessebar . The old city is located almost on the island - to the continent it is connected by a thin isthmus - and is under protection of UNESCO. And though the territory absolutely small about 40 churches - and later, nevertheless, there are located the 13th century. The movement of cars in it is forbidden, but traffic jams form tourists, crowds walking on narrow small streets. They are met in city gate the musician with delay, towards evening - different ensembles and orchestras, and all day - sellers of uncountable souvenirs and cozy restaurants. Often festivals take place under the open sky. The island looks extremely romantically and is full of small hotels and private apartments in which it and attracts to come around together with the husband when the season ends, and everything will calm down around.

of Nessebar

of the Eager strong impressions is waited by folklore excursion to nestinara. Nestinara - the people dancing on coals in glory of the Virgin, the ceremony representing a surprising alloy of paganism and Christianity. Now there are no presents a nestinarok any more, but there are professionals ready to amaze you with the dance on the heated coals. Even carries children on hands if parents not against - to clear of all diseases. And as all are warned: do not try to repeat. The tourists trying to prove that coals - that, for certain, not hot and that they so too will be able, took away with burns.

of Nessebar

a season Novelty - it opens in May, 2013 - there will be an amusement park “Heppi - Lend“, more than 30 thousand m of 2 . In its territory will be and “Pass - Bulgaria“, and the street from westerns for little cowboys, both the island of pirates, and the fortified city Camelot, and an attraction of “Gulliver“ where in the artificial lake Gulliver`s adventure in the country of Liliputians is recreated. Park is in 23 km from Varna, in close proximity to tourist complexes of Kamchiya and Shkorpilovtsi.

Gold dust

the Limit of dreams of the former Soviet tourist, now Gold dust with great strides make up for the resorts of Turkey and Egypt, building big hotels, but leaving for feeling nostalgic pieces of our general past - overgrown ladders and cypresses from the Crimean childhood. For those who have not enough sea and the infinite embankment there are 2 real casinos - only do not forget to take the passport, without it do not let.

Saul Melia the Hermitage, Gold dust

in the middle of the noisy embankment is located

of hotel of the known Spanish chain of SOL - of SOL Melia Grand Hermitage 5 * . Big and new, it costs on an eminence, providing tremendous views from a balcony. And still there beautiful numbers - even you do not hurry at the sea, so there is a wish to luxuriate excess hour or so among pillows and in convenient chairs.

of Number in Saul Melia the Hermitage

the SOL Hotels which are divided into just SOL and more expensive SOL Melia segment support the European quality standard and watch that guests were satisfied with visit. For experienced tourists in hotel there is level even higher - THE LEVEL is a separate reception, the guaranteed view of the sea, separate restaurant, the small fenced territory to lie down in silence, and the entrance to SPA.


the Main pride and a tourist bait of this small town - the Botanical garden, the former residence of the Romanian queen Maria, woman of interesting destiny, the follower of religion of the bakhaa which retired here to 20 - e years of the last century. Except really impressive and intricate garden where there is even an avenue of cactuses (more than 250 grades), show to tourists the house, a chapel, and tell romantic legends of the cheerful queen.

of the Romanian queen Maria in the residence in Balchike, 1920 - e years

On a small eminence directly in the territory of a garden of the palace are winery - Queen “s Wine House. Her hostess - Anna Koleva, young and very keen girl - as she calls herself, speaking on mix Bulgarian and Russian - “the mad sniffer“. Anna makes unusual wines: she mixes grades to receive an unusual bouquet. On tasting she not only opened winemaking secrets, but said about how support of the beloved husband when you are engaged in something that takes away all the time and forces is important.

Oh yes food!


Bulgarians very tasty Feed. And it is inexpensive: it is simple to have dinner - 10 euros from the person, to sit at fish restaurant with a tremendous view of the sea - of 20 - 30 euros. the Well-known shopsky salad and other vegetable different herbs and seasonings salads, hot meat dishes - a kavarm, gyuvech, kebab. Infinitely there are a lot of dishes with cheese and sheep cheese, for example, of sirens on - shopsk - the eggs, cheese dish, tomato baked in a pot. Or a bannitsa - roll from puff pastry with sheep cheese, spinach or still something. If there is a wish for exotic, it is possible to taste milk soup from giblets - a shkemba of a chorb of which Bulgarians very much are proud. - kiset one more unique product mlyako - in fact, the natural yogurt made by milk ferment a special bacterium as locals explain “living only in the Bulgarian climate“. We have it and was called - “the Bulgarian stick“. The world famous biologist Ilya Mechnikov who published several articles about the Bulgarian yogurt because considered it as the main means in fight against aging was her great admirer. Do fine cold soup of a kisel of a mlyak a tarator with cucumbers, fennel and garlic. And what tasty dessert from a kisel of a mlyak - it can be eaten with a green fig for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, without being afraid for a figure and fading with happiness!


about food, it is impossible to bypass also the Bulgarian wine. Decent Bulgarian wine - the dry red wine which is made only here - mavrud, a ruby, from the international grades - white wines a traminer, Chardonnay. The majority of the Bulgarian wines - high-quality - are called on the main grade of grapes of which wine is made. Also let you low prices do not frighten: inexpensive good wines are the rule for Bulgaria, but not an exception. For fans of what is stronger, except all than the known raki, there is the Bulgarian drink with the name “mastic“ frightening for the Russian hearing - 47-degree anisette - it is bought on souvenirs to men.

A of women are waited by other dangerous pleasures - shops of cosmetics on rose attar and water. Why dangerous? Because there is a wish to spend all money. And different - gastronomic, cultural and esthetic pleasures in Bulgaria so many that it is necessary to choose what to spend for.

Plans for summer

“Booking of summer rounds to Bulgaria already began

, and it is possible to assume with confidence that the forthcoming season on this direction will be successful - at least at the level of last year. And according to optimistical forecasts, growth of a tourist`s stream will make of 15 - 20%. Popularity of Bulgaria among the Russian tourists increases every year, - Valeria Hramova, the head of department of Europe says the Transaero Round companies. - Some hotels will prolong early booking till April, but upon purchase of rounds to popular resorts it is better to hurry. The Transaero Round company will traditionally offer all options of hotels from 2 * to apart - complexes“. Also the company reserves exclusive rights on flight by a class of the increased comfort (business - a class) Transaero airlines. And in 2 - 3 days prior to a departure of flight the action - flight draw business - a class is regularly carried out.

the Program of charter flights of Transaero airline to Bulgaria starts on May 31 and will last till September 16. Weekly departures to Varna and Bourgas on Mondays and Fridays from the Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports are planned.

Be continued.