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Healthy sleep of young mother: how to cope with overfatigue?

to Mother as nobody else, needs tranquility and steadiness - to children and other family members are often transferred its state. And the healthy sleep is necessary for strong nerves and good mood. There are several simple rules, following which it is possible to cope with the loosened nerves and sleeplessness.

Sleeplessness (it is an insomniya) became very widespread phenomenon presently. It is expressed differently: someone painfully turns in a bed in the evenings, not in forces to fall asleep, and someone easily goes off to sleep since evening, but sleeps all 2 - 3 hours, and the rest of night loafs as the sleepwalker, on the apartment. Both that, and another - the classical displays of a sleep disorder arising from nervous overloads and physical overfatigue.

Especially often young mothers who, apparently, so are tired in a day that have to fall in a bed as knocked down suffer from similar violations and right there to go off to sleep. But the increased fatigue, alas, does not promote a healthy sleep. Moreover, from a constant stress “goes racing“ and all nervous system, suffers immunity, often even digestive processes are broken.

In this case not to do without assistance any more. However to resort to drug treatment somnologists (the doctors studying sleep disorders) do not advise. It is the best of all to use natural soothing, for example, grass tinctures. However it is often simple to drink for the night to tea with a melissa or to accept tincture of a pustyrnik it appears insufficiently and you should not self-medicate.

Experts recommend to address the natural means checked for centuries, it as an elixir from 13 herbs of Klosterfrau MELISAN. It vodno - spirit distillate of essential oils which unique composition is found in the empirical way. Its recipe is thought up many centuries ago by nuns of the Bruxelles order of carmelite sisters, and since 1826 this natural medicine is made by the enterprise founded by Maria Clementina Martin. Modern production and the ancient recipe in a combination gave an excellent soft sedative which helps to find a healthy sleep, to get rid of concern, irritability, intestinal frustration of a nervous origin, to kill headaches.

Any medicine will be more effective

if to support him by the correct way of life. And for a healthy sleep there are too rules which all need to observe and always, and especially that who is tormented by sleeplessness. Somnologists advise - create own evening ritual which will help to calm down, reduce stress and it is easier to fall asleep.

Approximately in 1 hour prior to a dream leave to
  1. all household chores (it is all the same impossible to redo them all!) switch off the TV and the computer. It is not recommended to read before going to bed too. It is important to exempt the head from “day“ thoughts, to be adjusted on a dream.
  2. If an opportunity is, walk at least of 20 - 30 minutes. If is not present - just sit in silence, “meditate“ behind a cup of herbal tea (a camomile, mint, a sage). It is possible to add 1 - 3 to tea spoons of an elixir of Klosterfrau MELISAN which basis is the melissa, and a honey teaspoon. Klosterfrau MELISANA removes spasms, improves blood circulation, calms nervous system, softly influencing it.
  3. Take a bath with the calming essential oils. Best of all for this purpose lavender oil approaches. It is also possible to put a sachet with a lavender under a pillow or on a regiment with bed linen.
  4. Lying in a bed make simple respiratory gymnastics. Inhale a full breast - not bronchial tubes, but lungs, feel how they finish as oxygen fills them. The stomach at the same time is slightly inflated. On an exhalation pull in a stomach. If you made everything correctly, then already through several breaths - exhalations will feel ease and slackness. All cares will fade into the background and “will disappear“ from the head - and you will easily fall asleep.

For a healthy sleep it is very important to equip a bedroom correctly: it is desirable that in it there were no switched-on electric devices that light from the street or from other rooms did not get. Bright color spots and exotic details in design of a bedroom absolutely to anything - the are simpler and quieter an interior, the better. The bed linen should not be bright - white - otherwise the reflected light will prevent to sleep. Choose clothes for a dream loose fit from natural fabrics. Near a bed the aromalamp can put with several drops of the calming oils. Just before a dream it is possible to accept Klosterfrau MELISAN`S elixir (1 - 3 spoons on the double volume of water) - it the natural means checked for centuries gives to an organism natural and effective protection.