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Inoculations and analyses without tears. Mother`s cunnings of

Yesterday we with my little little son Sasha (to us year) went to policlinic. It was necessary to make tests (including blood) and to do vaccination. Of course, I in advance (as, probably, and many mummies) was puzzled with a question how to prepare the child that this visit did not influence its mentality, and the son with ease treated similar procedures further. It any more not that kid who understands nothing. And to use force as some medics advise, I did not want at all. And I decided to use other receptions, including to speak with the son as with the adult.

Even in the evening I told

to Sashenke that tomorrow we will go to policlinic, we will communicate with the doctor, we will make tests etc. But, in my opinion, short “instructing“ just before a prick was the most effective. We came into an office, and so far the nurse prepared all necessary, I told my little man that now it will be a little sick, “komarik will bite“ that should be suffered a little, and then it will not be sick any more. As a result at blood donation we managed slightly - to begin to whimper slightly - when the nurse already squeezed out it from a finger. And as soon as this procedure stopped - synulya became silent.

it was more difficult than

In an inoculative office, it was necessary to give two injections - in both handles, but we coped. And Sasha cried at the time of a prick and at once ceased as soon as the nurse removed the syringe. I consider that the main cunning was to distract attention here during a prick, to try that it did not look at procedure. We very much love machines, and I started talking to the son about what interesting cars pass behind a window. It seems to me, it is very successful when in medical offices any pictures with fairy tale characters or multgeroyam hang. It is necessary just to draw attention of the child at midpoint to these pictures.

After each procedure I praised my kid and surely patted him on a back. I somewhere heard that psychologists advise to pat the child on a back not less than 30 times in a day.

I still is very simple rule about which, it seems to me, not all mothers know or forget about it. The child - your reflection. If you smile - that and he will laugh, and the look of mother here frightened, upset can frighten yours the baby, and he will surely begin to cry even if to him it is not painful. Therefore be always quiet and confident in policlinic, talk with the little man by an equal or cheerful voice more - then your kid already on the way to an office will not be capricious, cry or just to refuse to come on an inoculation.