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Schooling to a pot since 1 3 months and stark naked. An easy way of

Perhaps, you think that process of schooling to a pot - it is very difficult and terrible? My experience shows that it not so. I am mother of three children - Solomiya (4,5 years), Matvei (2 years 3 months) and Veronika (11 months). My senior children already passed a schooling stage to a pot. With little Veronika we did not begin yet.

Having three children, I do not feel in myself forces to be engaged in jumping of absolutely small children on a pot. I chose for myself easier way. I wait until children mature. I am adjusted that I will accustom to a pot since one and a half years, but my children were ready earlier. For me an indicator was the fact that they refused to put on diapers, and I had to finish them. Somewhere since 1 3 months Solomiya and Matvei began to refuse disposable diapers. Of course, up to this point they not always were in pampers though if we left somewhere, then could be in pampers the whole day.

the Pot we bought

a little in advance and the most usual. The pot is not a toy. Therefore I do not recognize musical pots or pots - toys. Did not allow to play a pot to the child. Why to accustom to what then it is necessary to disaccustom to? Happened, younger crept in a bathroom (we have a combined bathroom) - and to a pot. I took away the child at once and spoke:“ The pot is not a toy“. The only thing that I resolved, - it so far the child sits on a pot, to read the book.

Ya tried that it was warm in the apartment at the time of schooling to a pot. Because at the initial stage held children stark naked. Very difficultly for the small child to combine two such difficult processes - to descend on a pot and to take off from itself clothes. In 1 week children understood what from them is required. Solomiya ran stark naked and when she wrote, I showed her on a pot and explained that it is necessary to go to a toilet there. I tried to put after a day dream her on a pot at once. Was once enough, and she understood what I want.

Then I left to

a pot in a visible place. Even at night she refused to dress pampers. I put a pot about a bed, she woke up, wrote on a pot, laid down back and fell asleep. Of course, accidents at us sometimes happened. But I did not abuse Solomiya. She very much worried from - for it. We agreed with Solomiya that next time she surely descends on a pot.

we put on

In several days little cowards. Gradually increased clothes volume. The daughter learned to call me if it was difficult for it to remove something. And once, when she was 1 year 9 months old, I forgot to put for the night about a bed a pot. Was already very late, I sat in kitchen in front of the computer and here I hear that the door from a nursery opened. I quietly looked out and I see - Solomiya turned on the light, descended on a pot and returned to a bed. She did not notice me. From that day I did not take out a pot from a toilet any more.

When Matvei, Solomiya (she was 2 years 3 months old) was born

learned to wipe a bottom herself. Happened that I feed Matvei, and she runs on a pot. Then calls to wash it a bottom, and I shout that it is busy, and I ask that she waited. Solomiya is very bright, there is no time to wait it. It began to wipe a bottom herself. I only had to show few times that it did it well.

When the brother grew up, we released a pot for it, and Solomiya began to go to a toilet bowl. She refused a nozzle. As she got skilled at not to fall, and to hold a stenochka, I did not insist.

to Matvei we already a pot did not take out

from a toilet. To it it was a little simpler, he saw how the sister goes to a toilet. But the clothes had to be taken off too. Very much pants disturbed. Happened, sat down on a pot in pants and terribly was upset that it made everything correctly, and all the same wet. Were gradually accustomed to clothes.

the Truth sleeps in pampers still at night. And in the afternoon dry. By the way, I read that a schooling indicator to a pot - day dream. If the child wakes up dry, he is ready to a pot. At Matvei was not so. He already freely went to a pot, and in the afternoon still slept in pampers. Only when Matvei began to wake up almost always dry, I removed pampers on a day dream. In the morning we still wake up with wet pampers. I do not worry, he is not two and a half years old. In total gradually.

When the younger child was born

, Solomiya often began to wipe to Matvei a bottom herself. For the same reason, as little. When I feed Veronika and I ask to wait a little bit. But my children have no time, they always hurry further to the affairs. Now Matvei asks to allow him to wipe to himself a bottom. I patiently teach it, a little bit I help, and then we surely wash hands.

we wait for summer Now to begin the same process with Veronika. I hope, with it it will be also easy for me, as well as with the senior children. It seems to me that if we began schooling to a pot later, it would be more difficult for children. Therefore I watch children. I try not to pass the moment when they want to study, but also I do not force them if they do not want yet. On extreme to a measure, at us this process took place quietly. We did not quarrel with children. I hope, my experience will help someone. - do not endure the main thing. It is not so difficult. Good luck all.