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We do not know what is jealousy. Stair-steppers - and their younger sister of

Ya - senior in a family. When I was 6 years old, my sister was born. Parents said in advance that will bring me a live doll. I very much waited for a gift.

When in September I went to school, epidemic cutting began there depriving. Almost all had in a class including I. And here at the height of my illness brought the sister from maternity hospital. I was not even allowed to approach it. I very strongly was upset since the gift was promised me. With the sister of the relation did not develop. I decided that with my children it will not be.

Ya always dreamed of twins, but understood how it is heavy. As a result I gave birth to stair-steppers. To the daughter was 1 year 3 months when brought from maternity hospital of the brother. She approached a parcel at once and put from above a mold from a sandbox - shared. Of course, she also does not remember how there was one. The brother was with it always. While it was still chest - all of us - all did together. Sat down to feed: I am a son, and it - a doll. Often it brought books, and, feeding the son, I read it verses and fairy tales. And as it became cheerful when the brother grew up and learned to creep! The daughter remembered that she too so is able!

At our place it was never boring for

. Children played among themselves, giving me the chance to be engaged in affairs. Children grew up, became absolutely adult, and mother wanted to nurse again. They for fun often said that they would like the younger brother or the little sister. And here mother gave them a surprise, having reported about fast appearance of the new family member.

First few months children, probably, digested this news since I did not notice changes in their behavior. But here the stomach began to grow, and children quickened. More and more talk was about the kid, about a name, a dowry. They talked to a stomach and kissed it for the night.

Especially often children began to ask

about themselves. I told them everything. It was especially pleasant to remember the cheerful moments. They told something to me. I learned a lot of new about their pranks too. Everything was very interesting to the daughter, up to the smallest details how she was born as the brother. So imperceptibly at us there passed lessons of sex education. The son became more tender though did not give even itself to kiss earlier.

We with the daughter started preparation of a dowry. Pulled out things which managed to be kept since their childhood. How many children had pleasures to touch tiny jackets and panties! The daughter helped to wash everything and itself ironed. We got the sewing machine and sewed still jackets, bed linen and it is a lot of different trifles.

the younger daughter here was born

I. Senior was in hospital at this time. I to it threw off every evening a MMS - ki with the sister which it it is proud showed all in chamber. The son came to meet us in maternity hospital. Inside allowed to come only to the father. The son wanted to pass too, but he was not let. The aunty on watch told that it only for fathers. The son answered: “Then I will grow up and too I will be a father, and I will come to you for the child!“

the First days children were afraid to approach

the sister and to take it on hands since it appeared much less, than they imagined. But soon they already skillfully changed clothes of it and calmed. The daughter learned the first. Being small, she did not play dolls - right there decided to have a really good time. On the first shout the daughter rushed to the sister. The son, having sustained a pause, too began to cope dexterously. Now they very much help me, I can quietly leave the baby with them and go to have a sleep hour or so - another.

A jealousy? What can be jealousy? In the 11 and nearly 12 years the senior children understand that the little sister very small, they very much love her. When they were small, mother was near too all the time. Actually still it is pleasant to them that mother now always houses. Correctly psychologists say that one child grows at the egoist, two are competitors. And here the birth of the third brings balance in a family.

the Birth of the younger daughter united us. Not the beloved child of mother and the father, and the child loved by all was born. The senior children really feel like adults, feel the responsibility to the sister which in reply gives them the smiles. I very much hope that when my children grow up, at them such cordial relations for the rest of life will remain as now.

aunt Katya