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As I grew thin for 15 kg without prejudice to health: exercises and food of

Yes, I grew thin, grew thin. And according to the recommendation of the doctor grew thin (not strongly), and from the unfortunate love grew thin (not long), and here is how really grew thin without prejudice to health, now I will tell.


to me, as well as many other people to make changes to the life, needs a push, and quite strong. Here and in this history such push was. Once we with my aunt sorted a parcel from relatives. And there was for me a beautiful white skirt. I, as usual, wanted to measure at once. But not here - that was! Could pull it slightly over the knee. Further - in any way.

my Aunt then by an unctuous voice says that I any more not the girl that she recovered lately strongly and will not be able to lose excess weight etc. And very much it is not pleasant to me when speak such tone moreover and such things. I somehow felt ill at ease, took offense awfully, even told something to it in reply. It left, and I all thought of it, thought... In front of the mirror was twisted, admitted to herself that recovered strongly (82 kg were) and... decided to grow thin by all means.


, decided and began to work. Since the same minute, without postponing till tomorrow, until Monday, till January 1. At once warned the family that I will try to lead a healthy lifestyle that did not laugh over me if I do something unusual.

So, began... Morning. Charging 5 - 7 minutes (then it is slightly more, it is more). Surely walking on buttocks and a raising of legs from the situation “lying on a back“. In the first days I five times could raise quietly legs, but in one or two months could not only lift, but also hold so much how many it is necessary. These exercises help me to fight against my problem zones, is not present, I`m sorry, with features of my figure. Besides contrast shower and rubdown.

was pleasant to Do

exercises to me. In - the first, the husband already left at this time for work, and the daughter slept therefore I quietly could carry out any exercises. And in - the second, I with each new movement approached the purpose - to slowly lose excess weight, i.e. to work by the principle “Small steps to the big purpose“. Yes, I for myself decided at once that I promptly will not grow thin, since if I sharply grow thin, then I begin to sleep badly at night and pressure which at me already low decreases. Thought, let it is better slowly but surely.

Breakfast. + dried apricots (raisin, prunes, etc. at will) to fill in oat-flakes with boiled water, to insist several minutes. To add a little honey to a warm dish. This healthy breakfast was prompted to me by my friend - the paramedic.

Second breakfast. Yes, the second - 1 small cup of tea (coffee) and one chocolate candy. I am a sweet tooth. Of course, sometimes missed this meal, but indulged herself more often.


. Lunch. Surely soup, vegetables. Ate simple food, without fried, sharp, salty. Besides, in breaks between food drank 3 - 4 a glass of well water or mineral without gas.

Evening. Dinner. Porridge on water or vegetables stewed (pumpkins which remained at mother till spring, and the frozen vegetables very much were useful), compote.

Sports occupations (if it is possible to call it so) - several exercises which I remembered from a course of physiotherapy exercises. Still, when was not at home the husband, twisted a hoop, jumped on prygalka. Before going to bed - kefir or apple.

decided to please with

In a month itself and registered in massage. On massage of a stomach. I do not know, maybe, and has to be, but and it was painful to me, and bruises small remained. There was no wish to go on the second year. But considering that I wanted to reduce a stomach with a set of extensions, I did not give up also what only did. For example, smeared with anti-cellulite cream and food wrap rolled up. But these methods did not yield effective result.

In several months of fight against excess weight I grew thin to 72 kg. Weight decreased, stood still. There passed two more months, and by summer weight was lost to 67 kg, probably, from additional driving the bicycle (I on foot go much and quickly) and especially from work on the site.

Absolutely forgot

: somehow found that white skirt in the summer. At first was even afraid to measure. It turned out that it to me just right, it is necessary to truncate only a little. I with such pleasure carried it and was very proud of myself. And still ceased to take offense at the aunt. She is grateful to it for that push which helped me to overcome itself(himself), the laziness and to take care of the own life, the appearance and health. And all who want to get rid of excess weight, think, will approach this remarkable principle “Small steps the big purpose!“.

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