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We grow thin in a month without diets, fitness - the centers and expenses of

Ya - mother 6 - monthly the kid. After the delivery there is almost no extra kilo left (well, maybe, of 2 - 3 kg), but I did not go in cycles, for me the main thing was - a tummy which wanted to be taken away and to pump up a bottom, to make more elastic.

the Husband at me the military, us were redistributed to the small town so all relatives at us it is far, by us here absolutely one. Therefore going to fitness, and the speech could not be - to leave the child there is nobody. The husband constantly at work, comes late when everything is closed and the period at small such came - teeth are cut, constantly cries, demands a breast... The father just will not cope with him.

Began to swing a press - at first every day, then every other day, and as a result there was a laziness or forgot, and everything came to naught. So I tried to achieve 3 times a flat stomach though I understood what exercises on a press will be here insufficiently, run is necessary. To run on the street for me too not option, here it is honest, I am an idler. I will find to myself 1000 justifications that only not to do it (a rain on the street, bad weather, God forbid I will get sick, also I will infect the son, or, for example, the sports suit after washing did not dry yet, there is nothing to run...) .

the Decision came unexpectedly when went to check a mailbox on the first floor in the evening. To tighten a bottom, to pump up a press and to grow thin a little, the movements - run or, for example, a step - aerobics which principle - occupations on special a step - a platform are necessary. And what is a step - a platform? It is an ordinary step. At us is in the house of 9 floors. I ran on ladders in the evenings not to face with neighbors, up - down, with 1 - go on 9 - y. Began with 3 times to and fro, now I run on 5, sometimes 7 times every day. I spend for this at most half an hour.

Month of my trainings comes to an end, already the tummy is not so stuck out from jeans, the bottom was tightened, but the most important - a waist minus 2 cm. Hurrah! By summer I will be just young sexy mummy, it was only necessary to buy a cool bathing suit - and on the beach. In parallel I do not sit on any diet, I eat cakes, pizza, sometimes at night - of course, all in moderate quantity...

So, little girls, dare: expenses monetary any, lay the kid - and forward on ladders. It is not necessary to go anywhere, if something happens you near the apartment, and bad weather not a hindrance! And if there are questions with motivation, can pm to me, I will tell you how every day to force itself to run and not to halyavit (it already another story altogether). Yes, forgot, the husband - wash that - goes bananas from my progress, to men at work all the time brags!