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You do not trust in cream from wrinkles?

When you for the first time became interested in ways on rejuvenation of face skin? When were disappointed in anti-aging care? When the cosmetologist advised something “more radical“? Or when reflected whether you should not smile less often, considering the going deep “goose“ pads in corners of eyes? There is no occasion to refuse a smile - to us to the aid revolutionary means hurry.

Skin is our shape, our beauty and... protective barrier. And environment - a source of continuous attacks. Stresses, smoking, smog, sun and frost... Skin of our person daily is exposed to bigger attack, than any other sites. She is always open, is not protected by clothes moreover and suffers under a make-up layer. As a result protective functions of skin weaken, it loses moisture, becomes thinner - and wrinkles develop. It can occur even till 30 years. And here you tried all anti-aging means, and there is no notable effect. And you are already ready to venture injections, a scalpel and the laser?

do not hurry! There is means, by efficiency comparable with procedure of laser rejuvenation, but considerably surpassing it in comfort of use and at cost. And, above all is a cosmetic leaving.

After long years of researches experts L “Or é al Paris created the means like the fractional laser getting into deep layers of skin and accelerating regeneration of fabrics and synthesis of collagenic fibers. All achievements were embodied in the new line of anti-aging means Revitalift the X3 Laser from L“ Or é al Paris which entered day cream, serum for updating of skin and leaving for skin around eyes.

For comparison of efficiency of this line of means with laser rejuvenation of skin, 50 women divided into 2 groups for participation in testing. One group underwent procedure for laser correction of wrinkles, the second - for 8 weeks used scale of Revitalift the X3 Laser. Results impress. Restoration of skin, reduction of wrinkles, smoothing of wrinkles around eyes in the group using of Revitalift the X3 Laser , were comparable to results of those who underwent laser procedure. to

the Basis of an innovative ruler use of record concentration by scientists (3%) of a phytogenesis molecule - about - a xylan became p>

. At influence about - a xylan the amount of the fibers forming a collagenic network grows, skin becomes more elastic and elastic, wrinkles are smoothed. About - a xylan to hold an opportunity in skin of a molecule of hyaluronic acid allows it to remain longer humidified and fresh.

I to use this anti-aging line, unlike laser influence, it is possible constantly, rejoicing to the looked younger face skin. And the gentle texture of cream and refined aromatic composition will make daily leaving pleasant procedure.