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You prepare for repair? How to make the house of cozy

It is quite possible that in the winter, lowering legs from a bed, you thought more than once:“ And why we still did not make a heat-insulated floor? It will be necessary to be engaged“. Soon the summer, so, is time repairs and alterations - it is a high time to remember the winter promises.

of Missile defense heat-insulated floors was told already much: someone praises them for comfort, someone with their help heats the dwelling. Today the choice of heat-insulated floors is big: it is possible to find different types of heating sections for laying in a coupler, it is possible to pick up a heating mat for all room. But today there is one decision which differs from others in the universality: it is a unique Russian product - system of heat-insulated floors Green Box.

of the Set of heat-insulated floors of Green Box

Created by the Russian experts from environmentally friendly and superreliable materials, they are ideally suited for operation in the Russian electric networks. It means that they will continue to work, creating a comfortable microclimate indoors, even in the presence of various “hindrances“ in the power supply network: power surges or constantly lowered / increased tension. Despite it the term of their use remains invariable - about 50 years, and a guarantee of the producer - 16 years.

What else it is necessary to know about heat-insulated floors of Green Box?

If someone thinks that its laying will require special preparation in the form of a coupler (and it is always very labor-consuming task which forces many to refuse a heat-insulated floor), then owners of Green Box can not worry about it. With this system in the room it will be warm and dry, and it will not be required “to overturn“ the floor basis upside down. Stack a heat-insulated floor directly in a layer of tiled glue, and its efficiency from it will not change! If there is a desire, then it is possible to mount a cable and in a coupler - decide that it is more convenient in your case.

of Laying of Green Box under a tile

of Laying of Green Box under a laminate

will not remain p disappointed also owners of apartments in which a floor the individual geometry (has a difficult configuration, for example, at it up to ovals), or the multilevel device with pedestals and steps. Even in this case it will be possible to solve all problems with receiving with a heat-insulated floor of Green Box additional (or the basic) it is warm. The heating Green Box cable has flexible isolation from PVC that does it rather “pliable“: it can be laid with a small radius of a bend without loss of efficiency of a thermolysis.

it would Seem to

that else it is necessary for receiving comfortable heat? Efficiency, simplicity of installation, universality... But developers went further away and offered an original temperature regulator which is on sale together with the sensor in Orange Box set as addition to the Green Box system. With its help management of a heat-insulated floor becomes simpler: you are free to choose up to what temperature your room will get warm.

of the Temperature regulator for a heat-insulated floor

In words, of course, the heat-insulated floor of Green Box has no defects. However it not only in words, but also in practice. Hundreds of thousands of families, and not only Russian, could appreciate advantages of use of this decision. The heat-insulated floor in a bathroom, in the nursery, in a bedroom, in kitchen or in the hall - Green Box will become good and inexpensive (that too is important) heat source for your family center.

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