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How to grow thin in house conditions: twist hulakhup!

Ya always weighed 45 kg with a height of 160 cm and never faced problems of excess weight, did not give birth the son yet. It seems also gathered for pregnancy a little, and after the delivery at once grew thin, but from the compelled sitting of the house with the child (there was a severe Ural winter) the arrow of my scales promptly spread up. The husband began joking to call “donut“. I understood - it is necessary to change something.

of the Opportunity to visit a gym or to be engaged in any sport at me was not. I began to think what to do. The old plastic hoop caught sight, tried to twist it - but the effect was not. Went to shop and as in the movie, took an interest: “At you is not present same, but with nacreous buttons?“ . The competent consultant got to me, and home I came not one, and with hulakhupy in an embrace.

of A lot of things had to be worried before I made friends with this stock, - “everything to throw both bruises, and pain, and desire“. But the coming summer attracted smells and the beach. Here what advice I can give that who wants quickly enough and in house conditions to lose weight:

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Torsion of a hoop is useful also that blood circulation in the field of a basin improves, problems with digestion vanish. Turn on the music or the movie, I so do, and twist - time will pass quickly!

my sporting achievement - grew thin for 8 kg! The waist became 5 cm less, and I am glad that could win against the laziness.

Darya Polukhina