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Children`s holiday - the hands: the scenario, competitions, a suit

Usually to birthday of my daughter we with friends went to park, an aquapark, went to mountains etc. 5 years wanted to be celebrated on - special. Finance did not allow to invite actors, decided to think up the scenario, to become both the director, and the actor, and the costumier.

One week prior to a holiday I began to sew to myself a suit: took an old T-shirt and a skirt, the dress combined and turned out. Every evening, when the daughter went to bed, sewed bows to a dress - it is a surprise for her. I decided to become a clown. The wig to me was borrowed in the children`s magazine. Long could not find in shops a nose for the clown - it was necessary to make with own hands from foam rubber and to paint with pink paint.

Carefully approached

preparation of competitions - there was a wish that there were no offenses. My competitions differed from traditional. For example, the simplest - a string who will quicker wind. All participated in it at me at the same time, I thought up a magic string: put 3 ropes, connected in the middle, and already 6 people participate in a competition, it is not necessary to wait and stand aside.

also intellectual competitions Were p>

. Took a huge sheet of paper, in it did a hole. Substituted the picture, and girls had to guess what the fairy tale is. Very much all liked the competition “Sekretik“: different objects are hidden in a sack, and it is necessary to feel and to blindly guess what the subject is. To each competition selected music that approached both on a subject, and on speed. Long looked for the good song for a start at once to load all with energy and cheerful festive mood, and found the remarkable song “Birthday!“ performed by Barbariki group.

the Cake ordered

in the form of a doll - princesses, in general all birthday was on princesses - a napkin, a plateau with princesses. We had special invitation cards too. I made design itself on the computer. On a tracing-paper printed the text, and then beautiful bows tied to the most invitation. Drew with silvery glue asterisks there - it turned out very beautifully!

At last all preparations ended with

, and our holiday came. In the evening with the father inflated balls, all night long did figure 5 from balls and florets, everything left remarkably. For a holiday table baked pies and sweet, made fruit and a cake.

When guests began to come slowly, I left to change clothes and be painted. We had a father as the DJ, and we agreed that he turned on the music in 10 minutes. And here music began to sound, I jumped out, all guests were assembled, and I pulled out all at once to dance. Angelinka, such happy: “Mother, it you?“.


was successful the Holiday wonderfully well, girls with pleasure participated in competitions and had fun. After competitions there was a sweet table, then began to be photographed for memory. After sweet arranged a disco, raged to exhaustion, it was very cheerful. Parents were connected to a holiday and cheerful mood too, and one grandmother even offered and held the competition! Angelinka was happy and repeated: “Mother, is the best birthday!“.

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