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Men and women: 10 major differences of

Physiological distinctions of men and women are not limited to a reproductive system. It appears, the perception of color and smells, ability to see in the dark and to remain sober after absorption of unlimited amount of alcoholic beverages - all this differs at us quite strongly. But give one after another.

1. Brain.

the Man, as a rule, can concentrate on the solution only of one task whereas women most often solve several problems at the same time. The reason in the brain device: women have more neural fibers connecting the right and left hemispheres. Unlike men, at women the language centers are in both hemispheres - therefore we are given languages easier. But to compete with men in spatial orientation it is simply useless - here they are in the lead with a huge separation.

2. Flexibility and bearing.

At women more flexible neck. Therefore to turn back back, we need to turn only the head, and to men - all case entirely.

3. Skin.

of Men not for nothing call thick-skinned: skin at them is really much thicker, than at women therefore on it wrinkles are less visible. At the same time female skin also grows old earlier. This process is directly connected with age changes: after 35 years in an organism production of hormone of estrogen which exerts impact on a producing collagen decreases. That is why expensive creams from wrinkles and continuous visits to the cosmetologist - not luxury, but vital need!

4. Sense of smell.

of the Woman catch smells better and better understand them. There is nothing strange that we love aromatic candles, oils, spirits and a hot bathtub with fragrant foam. And that is why so it is not pleasant to us when on the house dirty men`s socks are scattered!

5. Color perception.

It is, frankly speaking, not the strength of men - and on that is the physiological reasons. Women distinguish up to hundred million shades whereas men are often not capable to catch a difference even between red and green (women - color-blind persons are not).

But men can make out the smallest handwriting and better see in the dark!

6. Intimate sphere.

Surprisingly but exactly genitals of the man and woman have a certain similarity. The clitoris and a penis are arranged similarly - both have a trunk, a head, the extreme flesh and a fold of skin closing a head. Only for achievement of an orgasm we need approximately five times more time, than to men!

7. Sex hormones.

Female ovaries make estrogen - the hormones which are responsible for changes in a body. Estrogen is produced by a man`s organism too, but in much smaller quantities. Estrogen has a set of useful properties: it lowers the level of heavy cholesterol, provides a healthy condition of a brain, promotes adjournment of calcium in a bone tissue, accelerates a metabolism, improves an oxygen exchange, exerts positive impact on health of skin, normalizes work of nervous system. The estrogen chemically identical to natural is used in production of oral contraceptives of the last generation - so-called contraception with “a female formula“. It possesses excellent shipping and can promote maintenance of stable weight. And thanks to the dynamic mode of dispensing when using contraceptives with “a female formula“ exactly so many hormones how many it is necessary in concrete day of a cycle come to an organism.

8. Genetics.

of the Man more often two have hereditary diseases because at them one X - a chromosome, and women. Damaged X - chromosomes are responsible for hemophilia and daltonism, and also - for baldness. Receptors of an androgen, the hormone playing a key role in the course of baldness are in X - a chromosome.

9. Tolerance of alcohol.

of the Woman is not able to be drunk - and absolutely of it not guilty! In a female organism less alcohol dehydrogenase - the enzyme processing alcohol is produced. But and alcoholic dependence at women is developed much less often.

10. Healthy heart.

of the Woman live longer - and too thanks to the estrogen protecting blood vessels. Before the woman`s menopause much less men are subject warmly - to vascular diseases, including a heart attack and a stroke.