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Pillows for pregnant women and not only: the good dream is provided to

When in the middle of pregnancy at future mother the tummy begins to grow, it becomes inconvenient to sleep. How to return itself a good dream? To buy a special pillow for pregnant women which allows to be arranged with the maximum comfort almost in any situation. This pillow is useful to the feeding mothers too.

the Sleepy alphabet

At first we will deal with a pillow form. Quite recently, when these goods belonged to the category of exotic, it was most often possible to meet a crescent-shaped pillow (them still call - figurative). But for several years “alphabet“ significantly extended.

U - figurative. the Big pillow allowing to be arranged most comfortably to all parts of a body of future mother. Most often keep within so: the letter U is overturned, lay down the head on core - a perekladinka, and two long “legs“ use as substrates under own legs and a tummy. It is good to use such pillow in a wide bed because it is rather volume.

G - figurative. Already described crescent-shaped pillow, the boomerang or a Latin letter L - to what it is only not compared! She is much more compact, but allows to nestle during a dream also, as well as U - figurative. And two such pillows (one big, in human growth, another is less which can be put on knees) allow to sleep almost in feeling of zero gravity.

C - figurative. It is valid a letter C in which mother nestles: the back - in a letter bend, the head on top “perekladinka“, and lower is clamped between knees.

of I - figurative the pillow - simple and laconic, is just the “sausage“ in human growth filled by an elastic sintepukh without bends and cunnings. Clasp it with hands and legs as a bear a birch, and you sleep with pleasure.

the options of pillows made as though by of two letters I connected from above by a crossing point from fabric Meet. At the same time the place of a joint is deprived of a filler, and both parts of a pillow are independent. Such pillows still call “maternal“. Sometimes mobile parts are equipped with fasteners which allow to model a pillow in the most fancy figures, providing support for a stomach, a lower back, a neck.

for future and feeding mothers can be used also everyone, even to fathers. The matter is that thanks to a form and a filler they provide the most physiologic position of the head and neck during a dream, help to accept the correct pose. As a result such ergonomic pillows will relieve of osteochondrosis and infringement of nerves in cervical and lumbar departments, will help to cope with sleeplessness and to improve quality of a dream.
What they are filled by


Usually pillows jam polystyrene granules, synthetic fiber a hollofayber or a natural filler - buckwheat pod.

Polystyrene “balls“. the Easy and elastic filler is not rumpled from the growing weight of future mother. It gives the chance to fall in embraces of a pillow and to relax perfectly, giving rest to muscles of a stomach and a back. Loose granules under fabric are very nice on the touch. It is easy to cope with a pillow, modeling from it almost any reliefs: more thinly - for a foot and knees, is thicker - under a tummy and a neck.

Hollofayber. This fiber represents elastic balls too, but they a little bit others to the touch. Often do usual pillows of a hollofayber, use him and as a filler for the winter warmed clothes as it perfectly holds body temperature. The filler the fact that it is absolutely hypoallergenic is good, and still things with it can be washed in the washing machine. And even as a result of repeated washings it does not shrink, shrinkages with spillage.

Very often modern synthetic fillers also improve

. For example, by means of special impregnations give them antibacterial properties.

Synthetic winterizer. On the qualities it is worse than the previous fillers as from chubby the sinteponovy pillow quickly turns in flat and inconvenient. But the synthetic winterizer is cheaper.

Foam rubber. In pillows for future and feeding mothers it is not used - consider it and when you choose ready “support“ and when you think of sewing a pillow most and you will be busy with searches of a possible filler. Foam rubber at long use and heating emits harmful substances which can become the reason of different skin and allergic reactions.

Buckwheat pod. It is to no - Hau of domestic producers. Material environmentally friendly, does not cause an allergy. Additional benefits - micromassage which is received by the body zones contacting to a pillow. But the peel has three minuses. This filler cannot be erased, it is necessary to remove a pillowcase and to erase it separately. The pillow filled by it is heavier than the synthetic analogs (and the more a pillow, the it is more monumental and the more difficult to cope with it). At last, the peel rustles at each movement. It can seem to someone persuasive.

From what them is sewed?

it is the best of all than

if the pillow is sewed from natural dense material - flax or cotton - which well holds a filler and does not allow allergic reactions. It is important also that the pillow possessed a removable pillowcase. It is necessary to erase it often, as often as you change bed linen. However, the pillowcase can be not obligatory from coarse calico or a chintz. Pillows meet pillowcases from plush and fleece, a velvet and even fur fabric. Coloring too the most different - from quiet pastel tones, modest florets and children`s drawings to the bright Scotswoman and unusual prints. The choice depends only on tastes and preferences of future mother.

It is important that the removable pillowcase had fasteners. Ideally - a lightning, it is also possible to meet flypapers and ties.

the Size G - figurative pillows is selected under growth of future mother. Usually it is of 160 - 170 cm, though also models up to two meters long meet. The producer is obliged to specify length from edge to edge of a pillow, without length of ties (if they are available).

a pillow it is important to look after correctly - then she will not lose the valuable properties. The pillow on which you sleep all night long has to be pure therefore do not allow to luxuriate in it to the house favourite - a cat. Do not leave a pillow under bright sunshine that fabric did not fade. You should not use the bleaching means when washing. It is also best of all to erase a pillow or a pillowcase from it not usual powder, and to nurseries - and properly to rinse. Surely iron a pillowcase from two parties.


For feeding


of the Pillow which future mothers used during pregnancy will be perfectly served and after the delivery. Almost any “small letter“ can be adapted for comfortable feeding of the kid, but it is the best of all in this regard horseshoe U and Page. Often on the ends of a pillow there are ribbons which allow to tie a pillow around a waist, having put it on knees when mother sits. The kid lying in an elastic nest will be exactly under a breast. In this situation it is possible to feed or communicate with the baby long enough, at the same time mother`s hands will not be tired.


If a pillow rather big and long, from it it is possible to arrange “nest“ for two: mother encloses a pillow under a back, on one of a perekladinok of the child. It is so possible both eat and to sleep - without fear to press down the baby in a dream (it is one of the most widespread fears of young mothers).

Such pillow can be used also instead of a chaise lounge for the baby. Of course, so far it is rather small independently to change position of the head and body, and under continuous mother`s supervision. At the expense of a loose elastic filler the beloved child can be placed not strictly horizontally, and in situation when the head is above legs - it will help to avoid vomiting. When the child grows up and will begin to sit down, the kid will like to have a rest in a mother`s pillow in situation semi-sitting. Only do not force an event and do not put it while it is not ready yet.