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As we tested Reyma: experience of testers

Everything began with the fact what at the end of September I read in news on 7e that Reima takes children in team of testers of clothes. Not especially hoping that we will be chosen, filled a form on Facebook and forgot. There passed 2 months, and one fine day I was called and reported that my son is taken in “Team of testers of Reima“ and it is necessary to approach behind a clothes set.

Received a set for testing:

All measured

, all just!

By then the winter set of regimentals at us already was (a last year`s jacket of Reym, a cap Didrikson last year`s, semi-overalls of Kerry, boots of Superfit) therefore first planned to use serially both. But the farther, the more became attached to Reyma. And not because we are responsible testers but because this set of clothes really perfectly protects the child from bad weather.

18 children from Russia and Belarus of preschool and younger school age got To team of testers of Reima. Testing of a set of clothes consisted in weekly performance of tasks within 3 months and providing photoreports with responses. Children built snowmen, did snow angels, rode ice-boats, represented animals. And parents photographed and loaded a photo into Facebook. Someone wrote about trips to mountains or abroad, and someone actively performed tasks near the house.

in general I was very happy with the tested clothes. The child never froze, did not get wet, pure went. But on some trifles there is a wish to pay special attention.

of the Mitten (not from Reyma) at us were also last year, but their child refused flatly to carry - they too difficult stretched on a jacket, and then gradually slipped. To hands in them it was inconvenient. Also it was unclear how not to lose them (an elastic band, as to usual mittens, not to sew!) .

the child got used To Reima mittens quickly. Though did not learn to put on them independently, but very accurately directed process, trying to obtain convenience to hands. On a wrist there is a special flypaper for fixing - thanks to it mittens do not fly, and it is very important for us since the child adores pottering about kindergarten in snowdrifts. For me there was also opening an existence of a flypaper for mittens on the overalls - now our mittens always on the place.

Since the child adores snowdrifts, it is very important that snow did not get in footwear and under trouser-legs. Reyma on this case has straps which stretch on a footwear sole. They are made of silicone therefore quite strong and do not get wet. Of course, the child is not able to pull them yet, but tutors in our kindergarten responsibly approach clothing of children on walk and help to cope with the difficult moments. Generally, snowdrifts with Reyma are not terrible!

Strong water-repellent fabric, bright coloring, reflecting elements, easy, warm overalls with qualitative lightnings. The winter in Reym is a continuous pleasure! The only thing that saddened testing - it is envy. It is a pity that Reima have no adult clothes, but there is a wish to hope that sometime it will appear!

Elena Polyaeva