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Our records: an otucheniye from a pacifier in 2 days and successful schooling to kindergarten of

to my daughter now five years, call her Lizunyashk. I am single mother, and not always to us happens easily, but our life is interesting and various. The newborn daughter was ill much, and our father somehow was slowly dissolved in space and time. And later disappeared also from documents. I, as well as at any mother, have hundreds of baizes about the kid. Here some of them.

As Lisa threw a pacifier. Lisa was an iskusstvennitsa therefore she fell in love with a pacifier from the first days. Fell asleep with it far more quietly and if, having woken up at night, did not find a pacifier in a mouth, the small handle rummaged on a bed in search of this important subject, and the pacifier was set up into place, giving an opportunity to the child and mother quietly to examine dreams. If suddenly the dropped-out pacifier was not found safely - mother who rummaged under a pillow, in a blanket and bed-sheets was immediately awoken. So it is possible to tell that we had a serious soskozavisimost.

At last we decided that it is time for us of this habit to get rid. Tried to hide - it is not filled up, promuchivshis a couple of hours, returned a pacifier into place. And then at me the artful plan of an otucheniye from a pacifier ripened. Having stocked up with in advance just the same pacifier just in case, I imperceptibly scissored a pacifier tip a cross crosswise. It seems and the pacifier is, and it is impossible to suck. When dream time has come, the child thrust a pacifier into a mouth, and... With surprise took out back. “Ouch - ouch - ouch! What mouse! Gnawed through Lizunyashina to a nipple“.

Nearly an hour we is amicable with a sad look cursed a playful mouse in every possible way. Then, which - as fell asleep with a pacifier full of holes in a hand. Day two still we abused a mouse, and later about a pacifier just forgot. And the magic mouse, by the way, still lives in our apartment, and Lizunyasha is glad to it now as she now gives it the dairy teeth, keeping saying:“ Here to you tooth dairy yes rare, and me give radical yes strong!“ The mouse does not bring!

As Lisa was going to go to kindergarten without tears. that we should go to kindergarten we knew always. Mother should have worked therefore we began to prepare for this important stage in the child`s life in advance. Lizusha was about ten months old when I decided that it is time to accustom her not to be afraid of foreign people and on slightly - slightly to give freedom to mother. And the girl it grew at very “mamushny“. And as differently, we spent the most part of time with it together!

Having bypassed schools of early development, I defined that place and that tutor with whom to me it would be most comfortable to leave the child. Loyal to my opinion, with understanding of the kid belonging to desires. (Thank you Galina Anatolyevna!) In the first two months of occupations I constantly was in one room with the baby - at first took active part in games, and after just knitted socks.

At last day when I could sit on a stool at a door came. Lizulka could always leave and check: whether on the place mother?! And I always was on the place God forbid not to frighten the kid. In a month began to go to the room of expectations, and after - and to a hairdressing salon.

in general on preparation for a garden about eight months left, but it was worth it. When my child went to kindergarten, he had a complete idea of the one who such tutor that mother can temporarily leave, but will return soon. Lizusha did not utter teardrops. Absolutely quietly allowed me to leave, actively played with tutors and children. I increased time of the absence too gradually. From two hours before the lunch - the first week, and about the whole day - the second.

Any business has to be to the child in pleasure, especially such important as a visit of kindergarten. It is very healthy if at you it turns out to improve good relations with the tutor, then you will always know what disturbed your child during the day, and will be able to work on that the childhood of your kid was happy and joyful in common.

As Lisa learned to read

. it is well-known that all small children study in game and what only I thought out to convince the child that reading - interesting game. Well did not want Lizunyash to read in any way though that she knows all letters, I did not doubt. We learned letters and sounds from the cradle, considering bright pictures between a dream, feeding and walks, and sometimes and during it.

the solution of a task was Helped by toy Carlson. It very much was pleasant to the daughter, she joyfully hooted, representing a motor and rushing with it on rooms. Until Lizusha slept during the lunchtime, I low pulled ropes on which I hung up the bright letters drawn on sheets of paper. As if attached linen color clothespegs. At the beginning of a way a ringlet from a brelka attached Carlson so that went on a rope with letters. And at the end put a doll - it was the Kid. When Lizushka woke up, to her surprise there was no limit. In the afternoon Carlson at us flew on the room, collecting letters - bed-sheets and putting them in syllables. This day the daughter learned to put two sounds in a syllable and to derive from it pleasure. Now she very much likes to read, reads freely and it is not necessary to force her.

Mother Lizulenka