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The feeding mother and crib: what to choose?

What means to put the child to bed? It is the whole improvisation. In December frosts, being afraid that Max will freeze (all - 3 months), decided to take the kid to us in a bed. Since then - and to us 5 months - he sleeps only with us, and any attempts to shift sleeping in a bed come to an end with a shouting. It is necessary to lay down with it again nearby, to feed and further according to the old scheme: fills up - I shift - again wakes up. Even if it turns out to shift, then in 10 minutes wakes up in the bed and demands to return immediately it back.

arranges to Sleep with the kid me not really, get enough sleep all but me. On any change of position of a body by my husband I wake up: I am afraid that in a dream the senior will incidentally touch younger. Sweetie pie sleeps samoletiky (handles in the parties), and it is a minimum minus 65 cm from a double bed. The husband sleeps so as if he one in a bed. It is useless to awake - to ask to move: in 10 minutes will occupy the won territory again (such feeling as if he is afraid that “babayka“ will get out from - under beds and will drag off it therefore all the time moves to us). As a result remains to me at best centimeters of the 30th space.

And so, I sleep all night long on one side. You know, to tell that it is inconvenient, - nothing to tell. I love when comes the half-seventh morning, at the husband the alarm clock calls, and it leaves for work: means, at my order all its area. I just hate days off! The husband, naturally, stays at home as he speaks, “sleeps off“. He - that yes, sleeps off, and I? Sometimes I lie at night and I think:“ Rather summer - I will also expel you (husband) to sleep on a floor“.

But till summer it is far, there is a wish to sleep now, and I thought: from some pleasure just like that there is a very expensive crib (hardly the husband persuaded her to buy, having reasoned with the fact that it from environmentally friendly material also is ideally combined with our sleeping set). Solved: time the child wants to sleep with mother, he will sleep with her, but only in the bed. And as our sides do not fall (and what we only such grandmas for it paid for!) I should get up on a chair and to climb at the top.

In the next night feeding when just cut down me specifically (I think, mothers understand me: in such state it seems, as standing you will fall asleep), and to me was so laziness to get out from there, I was switched off near the kid. In two hours woke up from wild body pain, lying on one side with the turned-in legs. The body ached and was eager to adopt the normal provision. Independently I could not get up absolutely. The only thing that I could, - so it to reach the toys hanging on a mobile, to break them and on one to throw in the sleeping husband that it pulled out me from this bed which is ideally fitting into an interior...

A now morals, expensive: who plans to buy a bed and thinks what to choose, buy with the falling sides, and that you will be as I to jump all night long. Though let by such method, but the child accustomed to sleep at herself in a bed again!