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I do not want in a garden! And if together with the father - as for work?

Ya mother of two remarkable peanuts. Long time considered herself very skillful, could always find approach to the kids, fast settle all problems, reach compromise and with humour to get out of any dvoynyashkovy situation. But at us there came the turning point: children went to kindergarten and in few weeks flatly refused to go there, and at first one refused, and then and the second supported the brother.

, it seems, began with

Ya preparation in advance: we walked on kindergarten platforms, always only positively spoke of it, our mode almost completely corresponded sadikovsky, kids were able to eat, to put on, go slightly to a pot. The most interesting that they constantly communicate and among themselves, and with peers, are able to share. I very much liked to visit once a garden, and I thought, children in it will be similar to me.


As well as it is necessary to

, we few weeks actively prepared for the first visit: constantly discussed that they already big (they were 2 years old), will go to play and sing to children in a music hall, all will eat and dance together. We bought beautiful things and accented - in a garden, we descended in group to get acquainted, look at 2 times at group, cabins. And here at last took medical certificates and went to yaselk.

In the first day I agreed to leave them for 2 hours, but I was called in an hour - kids arranged revolt and paralyzed normal life of children`s collective, could not calm them at all. To explain what there was not pleasant to them, children could not. Or perhaps also did not want. The next three days I went to group together with them - for 2 hours, till a lunch. Then they began to go without me there.

Every morning began

equally: as soon as they saw the prepared things (I displayed everything in other room in the evening in advance, and in the morning only brought to the nursery), terrible hysterics and cries “Began I do not want in a garden!“ which were followed by a raskidyvaniye of the prepared things. It was very difficult to bring together two in such mode. I offered the most treasured toys which were not in open access, and were given only periodically, candies, tasty cookies, campaigns in nurseries and park with roundabouts after a garden - helped for a while. Soon crying was started over again, and the brother of the brother supported, more than ever. In a garden sobbings with throwing on a floor, an upolzaniye on the street and so forth began. I was in despair.

We tried not to go to a garden few weeks. But it did not help, crying repeated. One child in general refused to eat in a garden. They did not go to bed, called me almost every day that I took away them. If I could not come, they sat all quiet time on stools, even without approaching the beds.

As usual, the decision came unexpectedly. Our father works at plant, they have no dining room, and he hires every day a lunch in a bag. I thought up to sew to children of a bag and to send to a garden together with the father. I sewed bags when children were in a garden, they did not see them. I told that the father earned a lot of money and bought them bags for their successful work, without them it is impossible. And the subject of a garden was beaten absolutely on another: it is not simple to play with children, namely to work as the father. After “good work“ (ate and slept in a garden) surely enlist money, and it is possible to go in shop to choose something tasty.

to us had to rise a little bit a bit earlier to leave together with the father. At the same time in bags of the child bore the whole riches - screw-drivers, hammers, calculators (the grandmother brought about the works broken), notebooks, old phones and purses. Kids though somehow distracted from crying, every morning we thought what with itself should be taken today. After work we came into shop and bought a chup - chupsa, bread, a roll, kefir and is proud all bore it home in the same bags. When the father came from work, surely asked whether earned money much that was bought, and praised, of course.

the second bags Soon appeared. Also there was a pleasure. Whims disappeared, and I sighed quietly. No, I all - very skillful mother. Won against the whole two men, though small. And bags very much were useful to us for games in shop, campaigns on a visit. I specially made them on buttons and lightnings that kids studied and developed small motility.

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