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Shootings of children in advertizing and cinema - how to begin career? Secrets of success

Many modern mothers dream that their child appeared in advertizing or cinema, or on a cover of the magazine. How to make the kid a star? Questions 7i are answered by PR - the director of children`s model agency President Kids Oksana Abdukhanova and a casting - the director of advertizing and cinema Olga Dimchevskaya.

- With what age the child can begin with

“career“ of model?

Olga Dimchevskaya: - Children are ready to be removed from their birth, I had a casting for kids of 2 - 3 months. Once we did advertizing for the Ministry of Health, so there was absolutely little girl - two-week! The plot was as the child is born - and the doctor does not beat buttocks that she began to cry as it was accepted earlier. Parents brought the child on shooting, and there already gave it to actors. Somehow it was necessary to remove own daughter at the age of 7 weeks, but the husband resolved only houses and at me on hands.

Oksana Abdyukhanova: - can Become model since the birth as there are casting and offers for absolutely small - advertizing of baby food, diapers, cribs, carriages, medicines etc. But the most suitable age for a start - with of 3 - 4 years. it is simpler to nobr to explain to the child At this time what you want from it. Besides, the kid can already be trained at schools for actors, models that very much simplifies film-making process.

Many western stars began with
the career in a cradle: for example, Drew Barrymore acted in advertizing in 11 months. The smallest Hollywood star was 4 - summer Shirley Templ, on the Russian open spaces the young actress Katya Starshova, the Button from “Father`s daughters“ which became famous in 6 years is known.

- What children are most often necessary on shootings: floor, appearance, age?

O. D.: - cannot answer this question unambiguously: everything depends on desire of the client. Usually a floor is not of great importance, but by experience I can tell that among absolutely small children - about one year - prefer boys, explaining it with the fact that they “are more able-bodied“, is more hardy.

Appearance also depends on the client`s wishes. Children with clean light skin are most often necessary - to such remains you will not impose a make-up. Still it is necessary that eyes were big. And, of course, the most important - character of the child: as the kid reacts to foreign people, his sociability, cheerfulness. The child has to look happy - in advertizing all are happy and always smile.

the Age depends more often on what product is advertized and what plot at a roller. I can only add that the teenage age - with 12 - 13 and to 15 - is not really popular years, such children are removed seldom.

“The main thing that the child was not afraid of foreign people, liked to play and open something new. Well and of course, was smiling!“

O. And.: - Need both boys and girls, but with girls it is simpler: mothers and fathers see models of daughters, but not sons much more often. Appearance is demanded, as a rule, European, but there are orders and for ethnic children (mulattos, Asians). The main thing that the child was externally attractive, lovely. At girls long beautiful hair are appreciated. Boys should not have “soldier`s“ hairstyles too - it complicates change of an image. The child`s weight as children with an excess weight carry non-standard clothing sizes is very important and are, as a rule, not really photogenic.

- As usual look for children: through model agencies, the Internet, acquaintances? What way of search brings the best result?

O. D.: - Differently. Sometimes it was necessary to arrange “the street - a casting“, that is to look for children directly on the street, in parks, game rooms, in shops. In general you look for everywhere! Actually, it is very difficult to work with children, and it is a lot of - many kids it is necessary to watch before you find the one whom it is necessary. Recently search on the Internet yields the best result: you post the announcement of a casting on the websites where mothers live, and you wait for a response.

- As long there passes the casting? And shootings?

O. D.: - the casting for the child takes a little time. It is important that the child has a sleep, ate and was in good mood. By experience I can tell: it is the best of all to bring the child sleeping, to leave with someone in the car, to get in a queue - and not to awake him at all! If to wake the child whatever sociable he was, it will be difficult to induce him to do that it is necessary.

Shooting usually occupies with

one or two days. If the child absolutely small - till 5 years, then is usually put 2 days - just in case.


On shooting considers regime of little “actor“: when he wakes up, eats, sleeps in the afternoon and lays down in the evening. Kids are released to take a walk - that vanished. At shootings there is a doctor, before shooting he examines the child to be convinced that it is healthy. Often invite clowns or the special person that it occupied the child. Generally, when remove the kid, everything turns around him.

O. And.: - the Casting happens different, as well as shootings. There is casting on a photo, and happens that the child needs to be present and process is dragged out at several o`clock. Shootings can last hour too, and several days, weeks and months can if it is about the movie.

- whether some receptions to force the child to do what is necessary according to the scenario Are? Or mother has to provide the necessary behavior?

O. D.: - About - about - oh, receptions weight! And it is the most difficult question, perhaps. The main thing - for the kid everything has to be game. Happens, devices and the camera are hidden that the child was not distracted by foreign objects. Happens, hide mother - and either the second director, or a casting - the director works with the child. On tests it is already usually clear how to communicate with the little actor to receive desirable result.

O. And.: - Of course, receptions are how to make laugh the child, or, on the contrary, “to make“ him serious. But, as a rule, it is dialogue - experience of the photographer, operator, model or actor is important. Mother just has to nothing except how to accompany the child. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens a problem in children`s model business: for some reason it seems to our mothers that they know better what dress the customer what hair to do the stylist has to advertize as to the photographer to remove, and - to pose for model. But we work on it.

From memoirs of the actress Judee Garland, best-known girl - the actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood who played Dorothy`s role in the movie “Wizard from the Country Oz“ (1939): It seemed to
, shootings did not stop for a minute. Subsequently Judee remembered:“ We with Mickey [Mickey Rooney is the partner in several movies] acted day and night, worked very hard when we began to be ready to drop, we were pilled some or entered stimulators, and we three more days in a row did not leave the platform. Then we were carried to hospital at studio... Doctors gave us strong sleeping pill, and we failed in a deep sleep. In twenty four hours we were awoken, we accepted stimulators again and started to next three-day, without breaks, shooting“.

- whether Often kids are removed together with mothers?

O. D.: - No, unfortunately, it is not frequent: instead of mothers remove actresses. Sometimes, when there are scenes where the face of the adult is not visible, can remove also the real mother - we will tell if the child does not want to sit on hands at “artificial mother“.

O. And.: - Happens, but it is very rare. For roles of mothers and fathers usually take professional models or actors. And it is correct, in my opinion: everyone has to go about the own business.

- As you think why some mothers so want that their children were removed in a roller or the magazine? What purposes at them?

O. D.: - All mothers different, but more likely this desire to see the child on the TV because even after a casting many mothers ask tests of the kid.

O. And.: - several reasons why parents are interested in model business Are: satisfaction of own ambitions and desire to be proud of the children, showing a photo in magazines on class reunions and to girlfriends; desire to develop the child in all directions including in model business. There are those who get to model business incidentally - and often much tries to obtain; and there are also those, unfortunately, who wants to earn from own children.

- How many the child - the model can earn - and whether it depends on age?

O. And.: - it does not depend On age, it depends on the fee and the contract. Can earn model from a gift, a toy to hundreds of thousands of rubles for the project.