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Verses about animals - for a holiday in kindergarten and not only

These cheerful verses about animals can be studied by March 8 in kindergarten or at home, and it is possible to create on their basis the small scenario for a holiday or a carnival. Even kids will be able to remember short poems about animals, and the suitable suit will add an image. The good decision for any holiday!

Important meeting or What to present to mothers

Everything in the wood rustles, sings -
the Holiday mother`s comes!
needs to be discussed everything: we Will be
to mothers what to give?

Will tell fathers - monkeys:
- we Will buy mothers bananas!
That cooked all the year round
to us banana compote.

Will tell fathers - hamsters:
- we Will buy mothers hooks!
That day - densky to a night
to us sviterochka knitted!

Will tell - fathers - bears will tell:
- we Will buy - we will buy mothers of a cover! we Will buy
jars, korenye -
mothers let Cook jam!

Well, and hare on an edge
Rushes afar, having stretched ears.
Hey, billeting! Where you?

- I hurry to buy flowers!
why to give hooks?
Eh, you, bears, hamsters!

That mothers had a rest,
That as ptashechka flitted, we Will be
- we will love mothers! flowers we Will give
to them! So will drop down

to think much!
All for me at way - the road!
Behind a gift - the hour!
Wait for us with flowers of mother.


- Hare - hare, you where?
- Food to children to the cities!
- And what for? you will live There?
- I Will be on friendly terms with children!

the Mouse and hlebushka

the Mouse pads knocks:
- Where here hlebushka? - shouts.
- leave Me for the night a crust!
will be carried by me to children in a mink.

the Hamster

the Hamster, a hamster,
Behind a cheek a trunk!
There nutlets, there grain,
Will be it for the winter!

the Spider

the Spider on a branch
In a spider line - a section,
Spread wide pads,
of the Pad - a rastsarapka,
not to move, doze,
That bugs to grab, catch!
of the Pad - Tsapok as hooks -
Take care all bugs!

of the Birdie

Bread and crumbs
On a window -
Arrive, birdies, to us! Peck
, birdies, little by little,
I fly to clouds!

the Goat

the Goat - a goat:
- Me - me - me! I learn to do mental arithmetic
How many there will be two plus five?
of Me - me - me, forgot again!
Very much mother will be upset!
of Me - me - me - I run to study.

of the Kura

of the Kura - hens:“ To - to - to!
We demolished testicles; Ku`s
- ku - eat, to - to,
of the Child - a nevelichka!“



! Ugu!
Walk on a meadow;
Since morning sing everything there,
do not allow to Have a sleep to me.

the Gopher

the Gopher, a gopher - have a look,
Holds pads ahead!
is Watched by a gopher - where the enemy? whether
got into a ravine?
I is costed by it so all year -
Protects an entrance to a mink!
Will pinch, that look -
better, the enemy, do not approach!

the Bull-calf and onions

Goes a bull-calf across the field:
“Smells as onions delicious!
In a nose is tickled - I Will eat
, there is a wish for times“.

Kirill Avdeenko