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“Day of a balovaniye“, or Shopping with children - and with pleasure of

“Buy - and - and! It! And still this! Well, only this and all, all right?“ What mother did not come to confusion, having heard such words from lips of the child. And as ill luck would have it all the brightest and attractive quirky merchandisers (that all life so to be called it!) laid out at the level of the child`s eyes. But also most there is a wish to twist that doll (whether long ago itself a child was) in hands of wons, to press buttons of wons of that speaking phone...

of Feet, no, it is necessary to get it together and to go to buy what came for. Only what is written in the prepared list. And at once sense of guilt: the child SO wanted, he SO asked, and I am a mother - the echidna... When I once again forgot a purse on cash desk, beating off requests of the daughters - stair-steppers (years 3 - 4 were it) to buy the nonsense which is carefully laid out around cash desks, at me one idea which was very useful to permission of similar situations ripened.

It is known that the best way it “is impossible“ to tell the child - it is it “is possible“ to tell. It is impossible to buy at the request of the child? It is possible! But only in a certain day. Children immediately christened this day in “The afternoon of a balovaniye“. Really, this day the child is INDULGED, that is grant his desires, buy to him what will be chosen by him and not that parents consider it necessary to buy.

Day of a balovaniye - not the tool for a manipulation. There is sometimes a temptation: “you will clean the room - you will receive on the date of a balovaniye“, “behaved badly - you lose Day of a balovaniye“. No! To indulge - means to indulge, without any conditions. As usually requests of children are reduced to toys and something food, at us is stipulated that we buy a small toy and a delicacy. Big toys “are ordered“ by holidays.

Day of a balovaniye “is celebrated“ by

on Wednesdays (most far of days off when and so come the way of children some gifts and delicacies - on trips, on a visit, etc.). On requests to buy something in other days usually we answer:“ Yes, of course, on Wednesday there will be a Day of a balovaniye, and you will be able to buy this thing“. Here it is very well shown whether really the thing so is necessary to the child. Happens that he “bears“ idea about purchase all week, remembers where it was on sale, conducts me in THAT shop, in THAT department. And quite often “well about - about - very necessary“ the thing forgets at once after an exit from shop.

With a growing of children of a condition of Day of a balovaniye changed a little. When they began to understand the price of money, we just began to stipulate the maximum sum of purchase. Is still slightly more senior than steel, and there was an opportunity to accumulate money is already smooth transition to pocket money. But the main thing remains invariable - “balovaniye“, that is the unconditional, not depending on will of the parent purchase of the desirable, pleasure of expectation and responsibility for own choice.

of Medvedk