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My life - sport!

It was 18 years ago. I was seven years old when I was brought for the first time into sports school on rhythmic gymnastics. I so wanted to act with a ball, a tape, maces, a jump rope, a hoop, to do beautiful exercises with these objects under music. But, alas, I did not pass a peculiar survey. I was plump, pigeontoed and to me suggested to be engaged in group of health. For me then it sounded as a sentence as the group of health did not promise any prospects. In it, girls for the general development generally went to be graceful, beautiful, exactly to hold a back, not to stoop. But I wanted bigger - wanted to become the Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics - and for me, then still absolutely the child, it became the purpose of my life number one!

However me was written down only in group of health, but not in sports section. Labor everyday life began. We were told that time in half a year competitions among all groups of health will be held (all there were 4 groups of girls age from 5 to 8 years, about about 50 - 60 children). And that only that which will win first place in these competitions - will be transferred to group on rhythmic gymnastics. And I by all means wanted to win these competitions, though understood that it will be oh as it is not simple. It was necessary to train, lose much weight, to stretch. I asked mother that she did not allow me to eat, remained after trainings and was engaged in addition, stretched and swung a house press. With the father ran in the evenings. Half a year flew by very quickly. And here my first in life competitions. Girls - gymnasts from the same school were judges. Exercises were the most primitive, but they needed to be executed with a 100 percentage accuracy and not to make a uniform mistake. My competitors managed it better, than to me and I was only 5 - oh. But strangely enough, I did not break from the first failure. I at these competitions was noticed and noted the certificate of honor “For the Will to Win!“ . For me it became special incentive, and I began to prepare for the following competitions persistently.

my work did not remain unnoticed, the following competitions held among groups of health, I won, and I was enlisted in group on rhythmic gymnastics. I was more than 8 years old. My many coevals by 8 years already received children`s categories, and I began to study only exercises. I was not considered as the perspective gymnast and everything from - that I was plump also not reversible by nature. But then my first trainer believed in me, it is rather in my rested character and in ability to achieve goals. Still there were also some natural data: an extension (I sat down on all three twine), flexibility, good coordination and reaction.

As I late began to do seriously gymnastics, I in the first years very hard was given work with objects. I needed to make up for lost time time. Trained much. The schedule was very rigid. Since morning in school, then run home, always had also run on training a snack. Trainings on average were for 4 - 5 hours 6 days a week. Home came crawling just flat-out, did homework, ate and to sleep. Already six times a week. On Sunday at us was output. Generally this day I prepared for school or visited opera and ballet theater (for me it was the real holiday!) . The ballet is very similar to rhythmic gymnastics - the same graceful movements under music, only in gymnastics exercise becomes complicated presence of a subject. And sometimes on Sundays went to library and listened to plates and cartridges from muzyka, looked for a suitable melody for exercises.

In general, a rhythm of gymnasts very difficult and everything depends on that, how successfully she will be able to plan the day. When I became more adult, I began to find time and for a small lunch dream after school, it allowed to carry out training more effectively. And in general I want to tell that systematic trainings taught to appreciate me each free minute.

When to me was 10 years old I began to speak on city, and then and at regional competitions. In general, at heart I am a person - the fighter, but as experience of performances was still very small, generally at competitions I did not show all it is capable of. But I did not give up, and came to the hall and corrected the allowed losses and mistakes at competitions.

my trainings, as well as trainings of girlfriends on command, happened approximately as follows: each training begins either with warm-up, or with choreography which on time, can take from 20 to 40 minutes. Choreography includes the kneading exercises for feet, knees strengthening exercises on an extension, flexibility, “raspryzhka“, generally, is a peculiar complex of the “warming“ exercises which train the gymnast for work with objects. Then there comes directly work. At first, besides, there is a warm-up, repetition of elements from exercise, working off of sheaves, and then runs begin. For training the same exercise can repeat both 3, and 10 times. Everything depends on your concentration, on quantity of the made mistakes and losses of a subject. If losses of a subject were allowed, then each loss is fulfilled at least 20 times but only then you become on new run. Will allow to take you a new subject if the trainer accepted at you exercise and it is completely happy with your execution. If he knows what you can make better, then you will repeat this exercise so many time, will not show everything yet on what, it is capable today and will not correct all remarks of the trainer yet. For training we managed to work 2, and sometimes and 3 subjects. All trainings or exercises on an extension and flexibility, or pumping (power exercises for muscles of a stomach, legs and hands), or exercises on acrobatics come to an end. Still weighing before training was obligatory - control of weight is my most unloved procedure as I was never a thin girl.

was Sent by days, I much, trained much, and gradually turned from an ugly duckling into the real gymnast. Here and in my asset the first diplomas and the first medals appeared! I one by one received categories and by 12 years I was entitled the candidate for the Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics. For these two years I tested both bitterness of defeats, and delightful minutes of victories. In 12 years I became the champion of the country among girls of 1978 of year of birth. Repeatedly became the champion of area and city, and literally within two next years I by all means was in the three of leaders. For me it was the real triumph, peak of my career. I visited all country, spoke at open international tournaments in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova. In 13 years I executed the category of the Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics and reached what, apparently, was unreal for the girl with my physical data.

I Want to add

that competitions among gymnasts are held both personal (individual), and group (earlier it was speech of six gymnasts, five gymnasts on a carpet at the same time today). Personal exercises are carried out with five objects: a jump rope, a hoop, a ball, maces, a tape and / p (performance without subject). Performance is followed by music. Still very important attribute of the gymnast is her bathing suit (recently it is authorized to gymnasts to act both in short skirts and in overalls), a hairdress, a make-up and compliance of all this with a subject, music and the composition of exercise. And group exercises can be carried out as with one subject, for example six balls, six tapes, and with combined objects - three balls and rub jump ropes, four hoops and two couples of maces. When on the platform there are six gymnasts, all of them as one, have to be in identical bathing suits, with identical hairdresses and with identical objects.

I my performances were not limited only to individual (personal) too. Still absolutely young gymnast I very much liked to watch how to a carpet there are six almost identical gymnasts and in a step do one exercise. This type of performances very much captured me, it allows to reveal to the gymnast for all 100 percent and to prove, first of all, to itself(himself) that she is capable of something. And I was suggested to be tried to be become one of “gruppovichek“. To try - because not each good gymnast is capable to act in group exercises and to be the real gruppovichka as here, except individual skill, still the spirit of a collectivism, ability to feel the partner`s elbow is necessary. It is necessary not only train and act as everything together, but to live and breathe all as one. Only then it is possible to reach the highest point of skill in group exercises. And for me it everything was so close that at the first meeting I was chosen as the captain of our national team on group exercises. I want to tell that with little girls we ate not one pood of salt. All of us were very different up to that were from the different cities, respectively, all were pupils of different schools and trainers, and everyone was the best in the city or club. It was the national team of area in group exercises. Everyone the gymnast was a personality, and in group exercises you have to personal push “I“ the background, and put “team“ in the forefront. To us to achieve positive results in the business, first of all, it was necessary to learn to be team in the true sense of the word.

In 2 months prior to competitions in group exercises us was collected on collecting and process of creation of composition began. It is one of the most important points on which future result of competitions depends. The composition to us was made by the head coach of our area, trainers of all girls, the choreographer and, of course, ourselves made a direct contribution to composition. On drawing up left about a month, and then working off of composition began. In such days we trained more, than had a rest. We had an aiming only at a victory, but to win - it is necessary to train without feeling sorry for forces much. And each of us gave all the best not for 100 percent, and on everything 150 as all of us understood, one business - to bring only itself, and another matter - to bring all team, all little girls on command and all those people who put in us heart and soul when they train us and wait for the return return (results). The mode during the precompetitive period was very rigid, the weight and our physical state was especially rigidly controlled. Trainings were on twice a day, with a lunch break for rest. We came to the hall by 8 in the morning, and left in 9, and happened and at 10 in the evening. On average trained for 8 - 10 hours a day. There were both tears of fatigue, and disappointment when fulfilled one difficult element the whole training, and as a result and left the hall, without having fulfilled it to perfection. Approximately one week prior to competitions we carried out indicative trainings with delivery of group exercise before all trainers and gymnasts of our area, we were given the last parting words and wished good luck! Oh, as it is necessary for all gymnasts during competitions!

Each competitions always cause surge in emotions, and each of us copes with them differently. One before competitions are absolutely quiet, and others endure the real stress.

But here remain

only a few minutes to an exit to the platform, all of us in identical bathing dresses, with identical hairdresses, are made equally up, we give the last parting words each other. We are ready “in fight“, are ready to come to the platform and to show all are capable of. To show our work and to fight for prize-winning places.

is Declared that the national team of our area is invited to the platform. The first chords of music sound and we take the place on the platform. Here also our composition of 4 minutes began (individual exercise about 1 minute 30 seconds). Each successfully made element, each unmistakably made transfer, add confidence. To us the right for a mistake is not granted, otherwise all our work to the seventh sweat will go to waste. If exercise cheerful, we have to smile (and it is necessary to do it as it is possible more naturally), to move to a step to music, i.e. we should not show to judges what work we should execute quite so, but not differently our exercise. And already last transfer, last element, last pas. Our composition is finished and now the last word remains for judges. To express with what nervousness we wait for the announcement of our estimates hard in words. We stand, having undertaken for hands and as though, we wait for a sentence in court. Quite often after the announcement of estimates there were tears of bitterness, offense that not all made what they were ready for, but happiness tears were even more often!!! I repeatedly as a part of group team of our area became the silver and bronze prize-winner of the championship and a cup of the country! It was the appreciation of our work!

10 years of trainings Later, I am very grateful to the parents that they brought me on gymnastics and supported me at all competitions, to my first trainer that made out in me the gymnast, to my all subsequent trainers, choreographers, the accompanist and all little girls with whom together trained and acted, and especially to little girls on command - to “gruppovichka“!