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Maslenitsa: the recipe of pancakes - festively and unusually

Recipes of pancakes and pancakes enjoy special popularity for Maslenitsa. Of course, if a farewell to winter is celebrated by the big company, pancakes will go any - the main thing, it is more. But if you celebrate Maslenitsa in a close family circle, try to prepare an unusual dessert - pancake cake. As - the culinary blogger Irina Chadeeva tells.

Chocolate à cake; la Suzette

Ya very much I love pancakes of “Syuzett“ (or as they are called still, “Crepe Suzette“) - in sauce with an orange dried peel. And not so long ago the thought came to my mind to make chocolate pancakes with such sauce. So in my repertoire chocolate pancakes in the well-known apelsinovo - caramel sauce appeared.

the Only problem which haunted me is what to sit down and quietly it is almost impossible to eat them. Especially in case we prepare not for two, and, say, on four. Pancakes quickly cool down, and at heating in sauce on a frying pan all the same there all do not find room.

the Decision turned out

simple - to do pancake cake! As pancakes develop one on another, they cool down much more slowly, and there is a chance to manage to bake the whole mountain of pancakes while the lowermost still remains warm. I coat them with orange oil, and then I caramelize the remains of this oil on a frying pan and I water a pile. Well than not cake?

the Specified quantity of products - for 4 small portions, so if you the fan - is enough only for two.

That the cake was higher than

, bake small pancakes and if you have only a big frying pan - safely double quantity!

Orange oil. For it 100 g of oil are mixed from 50 g of brown sugar. It is possible to take and usual, but for chocolate pancakes I try to take aromas more intensively, here and took sugar brown, and liqueur - not favourite Cointreau and more cognac Grandee Marnye.


It is added 2 tablespoons of orange liqueur.


Is shaken up and slowly when beating we pour in juice of a half of orange.

we Will set aside

aside, but not in the refrigerator!

Dough. For the test we mix: 75 g of flour, 25 g of icing sugar, 1 egg and approximately ¼ part from 250 ml of milk.

was Mixed? We add 50 g of the kindled chocolate to homogeneous mass.

Once again we disturb



It is added in the small portions milk. Then dough will be very smooth. We allow to stand half an hour.

Now pastries. We bake as usual. From such quantity 10 big or 20 small pancakes turn out.

Ready pancakes is generously coated with orange oil.


Is collected in a pile about a plate, in the warm place.

It is decorated a ready pile with a dried peel, and we pour out the remained oil on a frying pan and we bring to boiling. Big white bubbles have to turn out, sauce will thicken. We water cake - and at once on a table!